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  1. Two battles this morning in which there were two subs per side, both losses, other 3 games were wins Subs were detecting me and firing on me and I could not detect them Not good game mechanics whatsoever
  2. pzkpfwv1d

    Examining my Port, I find ......

    Well I can not seem to make to num bers of ships in port tally to the actual numbers of ships, so I am probably miss counting somehwere but here goes Port says 438 ships My tallies say 128 destroyers including 39 premium ships, 164 cruisers including 73 premiums, 115 battleships including 51 premiums and 26 aircraft carriers including 9 premiums so probably missed or missed counted on destroyers and cruisers Will have to run a spreadsheet again for exact information
  3. pzkpfwv1d

    Examining my Port, I find ......

    I will have to make a more accurate list as well, however, I agree with the fact that my CV's would make interesting oil slicks, did not even take them out for the snowflakes this year
  4. pzkpfwv1d

    Examining my Port, I find ......

    Examining my port I find that I have a large complement of ships but not every ship I want
  5. pzkpfwv1d

    Here we go: New monetization scheme for rare ships

    Not sure how Kamakazi and Fujin will perform but might take them out for a spin again
  6. pzkpfwv1d

    Critical failure

    problem solved, driver update needed for graphics processors
  7. pzkpfwv1d

    Critical failure

    I do not understand it either as it was working fine on Sunday 6th February and just will not work since Monday 7th February
  8. pzkpfwv1d

    Critical failure

    I have had multiple critical failure messages when trying to access the game I have done a full delete and reinstall and I am still getting the same message I have also done a check and repair and tried to launch in every mode possible and still get the critical error message before the game even exits the game centre
  9. pzkpfwv1d

    The "wonderful" (......) F. der Grosse...

    First yesterday, actually got a citadel on the Yamato at 28km using french T10
  10. pzkpfwv1d

    Roadmap for 2022

    My thoughts exactly
  11. pzkpfwv1d

    Roadmap for 2022

    Invincble or a sister ship at T3 or 4 Lion or a sister ship at T5 Renown at T6 seeing as Repulse is a premium Or maybe bump all of those down a teir and add courageous or glorious as designed at T6 Or maybe bump the first two down and insert Courargeous/Glorious at T5 One of Hood's cancelled sister ships at T7 (Anson, Howe and the third cancelled ship) Not sure what ships to include for Tier's 8, 9 and 10 though
  12. pzkpfwv1d

    Roadmap for 2022

    Finally the other half of the British Fleet is arriving
  13. I have been away to the game due to internet failure, for some time, I now can not get certain sections suchs as armory. However, the old fig in the engine config - Hardware Accelleration from auto to false is not in the engine config anymore, can anyone tell me where it has gone or what to do to alleviate the problem before I contact support who are or have been in the past absolutely rubbish and virtually not worth talking too
  14. pzkpfwv1d

    Kremlin suddenly useless

    I have the same with Kremlin, however, the worst T10 BB in the game is the Grosser Kurfurst currently after the skill rework, she only has 19km range instead of 22.8 as it used to be, now tht is a big nerf and makes GK ver situational
  15. pzkpfwv1d

    Which Armory Ship to get from the Ones Leaving?

    I would choose none of the above Asashio and Asashio Black are good in the right circumstances but teribble against a pure gun DD Lenin, OK for stealing a quick cap but not that good Haida, not player her that much T61, the rate of fire is a bit MEH against other DD's