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  1. I am not sure if clan bonuses will actually effect what you get but they might so if your clan has coal port, you might get more and if it has steel port you might get more steel
  2. Well with more than 250 ships in port, I have calculated roughly the following Approximately 6000 steel (might have enough to get flint then(will collect Jean Bart on 25th with 25% off coupon)) Approximately 96600 coal (will buy that new cruiser for 15k coal (will also finish dreadnought grind - currently 36/40)) With the additions that is a further 1600 coal and 50 steel, that does not take into account any ships which I might manage to get to the next level
  3. I have just done a rough calculation and for the ships I have in port currently, I will receive approximately 6000 steel and 96600 coal if I manage to play them all (lots of coop battles I can foresee), with Jean Bart at 228000 coal and current stocks of 106000 that will be added during update plus I am nearly through the grind for Dreadnought and I might decide to collect the new cruiser for 15000 coal and I might just have enough steel for the Flint after that plus the is the Prince Eitel Freidrich to add more spice Therefore, a potential 4 additional ships without spending any money whatsoever
  4. pzkpfwv1d

    [Leaked infos] Next rework..

    I thought that he had been sentenced to the Katorga not the Gulag
  5. pzkpfwv1d

    Code: Win Battles for Containers

    Thank you, however, the originator of the post should have noted that the code does not include the brackets
  6. pzkpfwv1d

    Code: Win Battles for Containers

    It now says that the code is invalid
  7. pzkpfwv1d

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Asashio Black again for me as well
  8. pzkpfwv1d

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    Another case of limited availability, not one single code worked for me
  9. Nobody was very happy with the CV rework and yet WG are still going ahead with this despite the fact that the rework needs a serious rework before it is fit for consumption The Russian Battleships all look very broad in the beam - probably they are going to have insane torpedo protection factors and very slow speeds or a speed boost to enable them to compete with other BB's due to the excessive bulges
  10. pzkpfwv1d

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Asashio strikes again in Random (I do not record Co-op games or class them in this category)
  11. pzkpfwv1d

    Special camo. and flag bonus codes

    They have expired already
  12. pzkpfwv1d

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    This thread has been discussed in the past and even a survey put out as to what battlecruiser's people would like to see in game The principal constructors of battlecruiser's were the Imperial German Navy and the Royal Navy, with some additional ships being constructed by the Japanese and Imperial Russia (imperial Russia is debatable though) (this does not include the designs that were cancelled due to the Washington Treaty but only actual ships that were completed and joined there respective countries surface fleets(although technically one could include BC designs that were converted in to CV's as well)). On a side note Scharnhorst/Gneisenau were actually battleships because they had heavier armour for there displacement than standard battlecruiser's Alaska's were never completed
  13. If it is the same as the PT you will get 100 steel for each applicable snowflake and 200 coal for the applicable snowflakes on the other ships
  14. pzkpfwv1d

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Just had a battle in Alabama and team mates who were already (bottom players on team list) dead accusing me of not doing anything for the entire game