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  1. woody_pysch

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Keeping playing the Fubuki when every match that day was 4-5 DD gunships, 3-4 Radar(or Hydro) Cruisers, a cv and maybe 1 BB. Ended up trying to torpedo myself at the start but even the Fubukis torps are too quick for that.
  2. woody_pysch

    Guide: British Cruisers

    As A brit I have to ask was this line designed by someone butthurt over brexit?
  3. woody_pysch


    Have played destroyers and torp cruiser a bit now and understand this thread. We had a similar situation where my friend behind me did what the guy who started this thread said, killed me and said "sorry for being such a [edited]" "no probs mate". [edited]
  4. woody_pysch

    Slow extracting and updates, FOR THE 3RD TIME!

    This is taking me hours the download took not long the extraction has frozen at 98% for hours. This is really crap.
  5. woody_pysch

    Stuck with NA identity somehow

    I somehow managed to end up NA instead of EU when installing. I downloaded the script file so I could go to EU server which worked fine. However since patch on NA which my game downloaded the launcher reset to NA. I reinstalled the script file however I am now running an older client version (probably newer) than EU so it wont launch. Is there an EU update file I can run, or a way to change my initial start up to lock to EU and avoid NA changes, or should I uninstall and reinstall from scratch? Thanks