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  1. Ulvesnutepostei

    warned for team damage. torpedoes

    Your torpedoes, Your responsibility
  2. Ulvesnutepostei

    How much none converted ship XP do you have?

    Only 5 million atm
  3. Ulvesnutepostei

    Just met a guy in random and got a new standard for wooster players

    So Woosters can get in and out of Mountains, nifty feature
  4. Ulvesnutepostei

    Twilight Battles: A Guide

    Suggested a shrinking map mechanism some while back, never got any feedback on that then ...
  5. Ulvesnutepostei

    Tell us the truth WG.

  6. Ulvesnutepostei

    Overchicken blue tracers absent

    It was quite a fuzz both With Yamamoto and Halsey so if you been around for year or two this is quite common knowledge tbh ...
  7. Ulvesnutepostei

    More clicking, yay!

    Seriously ... you compare email spam possibly containing a virus with an xtra click or two to receive goodies in a video game? Stop smoking your socks
  8. Ulvesnutepostei

    More clicking, yay!

    No irony in making a thread now and then rather than spamming the forum With whining threads about an xtra click or two to get free stuff … quite a huge difference actually
  9. Ulvesnutepostei

    More clicking, yay!

    Just get the **** out already, how many useless threads are you going to start?
  10. Ulvesnutepostei

    Let's meet and play

    Like the title says ... are you fed up playing alone or maybe your normal frind(s) or clanmates are unavailable? So post in this thread if you wanna team up with someone!
  11. Ulvesnutepostei

    EU server down?

    Relax, they are just changing hamsters ….
  12. Ulvesnutepostei

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Even though it was an embarrassing defeat I finally got the last AA acheivement to end the Honorable Service campaign