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  1. Ulvesnutepostei

    Who is responsible?

    If you dont want or cant handle games to change go play tetris ...
  2. Ulvesnutepostei

    400 ship club

    Hizen is my 401st ship
  3. Ulvesnutepostei

    Thanx for nothing and good bye

    Cool story bro, smell ya later
  4. Ulvesnutepostei

    Mega Containers

    398 and counting ... with the 5 ships i got today i only miss Flint from the list of possible drops
  5. Ulvesnutepostei

    Mega Containers

    20 Mega Containers and got: Benham Neustrashimy Indomitable Wichita Siliwangi 2000 gold 180 premium days many dragonflags and some other riff raff 5 ships from 20 containers is not bad for 22450 gold spent
  6. Ulvesnutepostei

    Twitch drop ships.

  7. Tbh the dispersion on this ship is just wild, if you hit it ... it will sink
  8. Ulvesnutepostei

    WG the badest gamecompany to balance

    When the analogy is so poor you have to explain it as you go you prolly shouldn't use it tbh
  9. Ulvesnutepostei

    Shimakaze 20km Torps... the return?

    We are creatures of habbits, breaking the usual pattern is often successful ... lets see, where did I put those long range watersnakes
  10. Ulvesnutepostei

    Reintroduce old Campaigns please

    Bingo @ForlornSailor
  11. Ulvesnutepostei

    Reintroduce old Campaigns please

    Why dont you put a sock in it if you dont have anything to contribute but acid ... and if you do some research that particular campaign was payable when it was active Besides I have 368 ships and have done my fair share of grinding, I have been here since the beginning but was prevented from playing the game, infact prevented from playing anything for about a year for reasons I'm not gonna share with you ...
  12. Ulvesnutepostei

    Reintroduce old Campaigns please

    Like the title says, I'd like the oppurtunity to do the "Steel Monsters" campaign seeing as I was unable to play the game the periode when this was introduced. Seeing as it was a purchasable campaign it cant be that hard to reintroduce it again in the premium shop? Any takers? @MrConway