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  1. Nuumit

    MM's new balancing failed

    I think the balancing has gotten alot better, and so far I have no complaints about it - ofc some situations where me as the only t5 and 1 in then enemy team end up in massive t7 fleets seemed a little mission impossible, but still...much better than before. I say Hat's off to the balancing/dev team.
  2. Nuumit

    enough with the cyclones. they suck.

    I think cyclones bring fun and exciting tension to the game - but i wish it wasnt just cyclone, there should be snowstorm and fog too. So its either cyclone, snowstorm or heavy fog that comes.
  3. Nuumit

    [Suggestion] Ranked Battle system

    do the math? you should read again above - i did write, looses half a star for loosing and did write i wasnt fixated on 5/2 - suggestions are flexible you know, as they are suggestions. But nice you did show some maths and seems interesting - but still stick with my system
  4. Nuumit

    [Suggestion] Ranked Battle system

    again with the xp - thats another thread... (So where would you set the limit... 101 xp from the rest? 151 xp? 201 xp? ... At some point some ppl will complain about just missing the limit, then the limit gets extended and then some elitists complain and it goes on and on....) I dont care how much xp there is from first till last, because there will allways be a discussion about how xp is gained (yet another thread), im talking about what/how much u get according to placement - as their plan is to make it enjoyable for everyone - even for not elitist players, and we cant really do anything about afk's/botter's. If they change/fix how xp is gained to everyones liking...hooraay, so we can get rid of those "damn bad players"(sarcastic), and botters. Lets just say there is a player who gets "carried" up the ranks all the time, maybe not as good as the rest top 6 but mostly at bottom - with my system that would mean the top 6 would have to play 2000 battles (just an example number) to reach rank 1, and the "bad" player usually is at the bottom, he would have to play 4000 battles..... if im usually amongst the top 6, fine with me, I wouldnt feel bad that the "bad" player would have to do double the amount of battles to reach my rank. And to get rid of afk's and bot's; thats for another thread. But hey, I like the suggestion SDGsteve brought up - "allow teams to create their own 7 players"!, there must be a thread about that - if not maybe create it. Idle detection sounds good too, for those afk's - so they dont get xp, credit or stars.
  5. Nuumit

    [Suggestion] Ranked Battle system

    So gaining xp isnt user participation? How xp is gained will allways be a discussion and nobody will ever be satisfied with it - I will leave that to another or someone elses thread and I believe there is allready one about how xp is gained. This is about how you gain stars and what-not - if they have to use other than xp witch is allready there (how xp is gained is another discussion), they would have to implement a third system I would imagine. Mine takes into account that everyone on the winning team gets something and not overpayed. Giving overperformers 2 stars is a bad idea and it can give a whole set of other problems. underperformers... - I still stick to my orig. post. - some players can be in a streak of bad luck and such.
  6. Nuumit

    [Suggestion] Ranked Battle system

    Thats actually similar to my suggestion - then it would just be like, top 6 gets a star and bottom 1 gets a half star. I wouldnt mind that, but I rather see if it was 5/2 then - top 5 gets a star and bottom 2 gets a half star. And personally I wouldnt mind if I only get half a star for being bottom 2 - I wouldnt be happy of myself to be amongst bottom 2 and that for me just means I didnt do better. Even in a good teamplay. I really dont like the idea, that the one that underperfoms doesnt get a star - as u said even in good teamplay some people gets to be bottom placers, and I wouldnt be happy to get nothing even if I tried my best but still got outperformed, or I was unlucky to get torp spammed by dd's and carrier's.
  7. We see alot of idle'rs in battles and I have seen my share of those afk'ers, carried players, etc. So, I have a suggestion when it comes to ranked battles. Rank (star) system by XP placement. WINNING TEAM: 1. Top 4 xp'ers on the winning team Gets a Star 2. Bottom 3 xp'ers on the winning team gets a Shell-symbol (or what-ever symbol/half star) next to your actual rank,and you have to collect 2 shell-symbols/half stars and they convert to a star. This way the workhorses of the winning team gets more credit than those that "barely" did anything. LOOSING TEAM: 3. Nr. 1 xp'er on the loosing team doesnt loose a star - like in S4. 4. Nr. 2-4 xp'ers on the loosing team looses "only" a shell-symbol/half star 5. Bottom 3 xp'ers on the loosing team looses a star. Or, It can go as allways on the Loosing team - everyone looses a star except the Nr.1, like in S4. Hope it was explanatory enough. What do you think.
  8. Nuumit

    General Feedback

    It's getting ridiculous with how easy you get incapacitations of modules - rudder og engine! Testing in PT at the moment and I have not even played much as Im about to quit the game due to frustration - a ship upgraded to minimize incapacitation of rudder gets constantly engine incapacitated and vice versa - and usually with first shots that hits you ship. Of course you repair and then are immune the next couple of seconds, but then you get incapacitated yet again with third or fourth salvo hit. I know there is a captain skill that reduce incapatication but thats not even an option to choose for many destroyer drivers if you want to be equal or have a slight advantage - or dont want to make those near suicide torpedo range run, as many choose the concealment expert skill. And to get incapacitation of engine from a frontal hit, or rudder when wheelhouse cabin or actual rudder is not even hit, is abit ridiculously too high.
  9. Nuumit


    I was on my fuso, got 1/3 hp left, then a cruiser sailed into me and kept sailing into me even when i tried to turn away, he kept sailing into me and my ship started to get constant damaged until i lost all hp and sunk - my teammate sunk me by sailing into me and he didnt get get any penalty for it. Only after my ship sank he sailed backwards. This must clearly be a bug - able to sink teammates like that without getting any penalty.
  10. Nuumit

    Suggestion: Last Man Standing Mode

    Yeh yeh, it slipped my mind what last man standing really is - been away from fps games for too long, haha, but you lots get what I meant. Im just abit tired of modes with capture areas - where when you start to have fun, some dude just gotta capture...even if rest of the team tells him not to. Oh well, at least im not writing if they are running out of idea's - instead im putting up one Here's maybe how a map for that mode could look like - its just a rough quick sketch. Black area's are mountains, White area's obviously sea and Grey area's are dd only passable shallow waters. And as said before - if people dont like the "team deathmatch" mode they can just NOT join. ;)
  11. Nuumit

    Suggestion: Last Man Standing Mode

    @UserextCV-would be useless primary target?... I would'nt even consider it as primary as there is no points to collect by sinking it. The point of this mode is not to have a point scoring system. And I did say teams could start behind mountains, and if opposite team gets close on your CV...bad team play would'nt you say? DD-would be useless as it cant rack up damage?... what??? how many times have you yourself been sunk by dd's!!! If you end up being the last one or CV against large fleet... then I would say your team did'nt do well! - as seen before so many times in other modes. @elastionPlay a BB(no other class is viable)?... What?? Thankfully not everyone just wants to play a BB just to be the toughest. Camp as far from the enemy as possible?...Is'nt that what most BB's are already doing? and would you camp far away alone while the rest of your team fights behind some island where you cant hit anyone? Mostly we know or have an idea on where the CV's are but mostly you cant get to them, maybe because there are other ships in the way?! And if you worry about that they would be easy targets for the opposite CV, then I would say your in a bad team play where the cruisers AA support does'nt get utilized properly. If the concern is about dd's wouldnt be able to get close - then maybe we shouldnt be using same old maps. How about making maps where only dd's can get through, like shallow waters surrounded by mountains, create choke points, more mountains instead of small island, etc... Think about new map designs instead of old ones - this is'nt supposed to be open waters battle. @TomaszuJerzy The point of my suggestion is to have a mode where there is no cap areas - its frustrating enough that sometimes you end up in a bad team play and/or one ship decides to capture right away before the battle really has begone. But maybe if there was a match-over timer for example 15 minutes, then the very last 2 minutes could activate cap area. ********************************************* To all: I know many people was frustrated about matches being a draw - I personally did'nt really care. Just accept sometimes its a draw, like in so many other games. And if you dont like matches to be a draw - then dont join. Instead of thinking old maps and play-style you are used to, to base on your reply, why not come up with constructive ideas on how those problems you mentioned could be solved - stop whining and think
  12. Last Man Standing Mode: As the title says, you fight till last man(ship), without capture areas - just simple ships against ships. And of course to prevent it from being an everlasting match if there is only 2 left or someone hiding about, there should be a countermeasure to prevent it. The main idea is to let ships fight it out. My suggestions: 1. The match starts with everyone can see each other, no matter where or how far they are. To prevent the long range battleships to shoot right away, everyone could start behind some high island(s) I think this could bring up some interesting tactics. 2. Match starts as normal, where you have to look for the enemy, and no other restrictions, and no capture areas. The only difference is that there could be a 10-15 minutes timer, and when the timer runs out, everyone on the map gets revealed - then the chase can begin. To prevent some fast moving ship hiding/running from a slower ship for eternity is to set a match-over timer. I know there will always be some runners, trying to stay alive until the match timer runs out, nothing much to do about that. And personally, i do not mind if the match is a draw. 3. Match could start as suggestion 1. or 2. but in this match the ship's are able to re-spawn after 30 seconds of being sunk, and rejoin the fight. In this match it's down to how many ships each side can sink before match timer runs out. The side with most sunk ships wins after timer runs out. And to "prevent" camping, re-spawn points could be random spots all over the map. That's it.
  13. Nuumit

    Premium Shop: Signal-flags

    I guess this is a suggestion to the signal-flags pool in the premium shop. Personally, I would love if it was possible to buy 10x or 25x of each signal-flag type. Just annoys me a bit that the signal-flags I usually need the most to use in Ranked battles as a destroyer, isnt available to buy. I would be buying more signal flags if there was a pool where all flags was available - maybe divided in groups of 3 different flag types in numbers of 10x to 25x of each flag, just so more signal flags are available in premium shop.
  14. Nuumit

    How would you describe the launch of WoW?

    Hahahahaha Vanhal(Alpha tester), ur comments to rise higher than others amuses me...'but only once'... - rly??!! muahaha - i bet u have ur next smart comment on the making up just for this!?
  15. Nuumit

    How would you describe the launch of WoW?

    I bet it's been said, havent checked as i just got on... anyway... I would describe it as...WRONG homepage and forum!..."launch of WoW"?? - This is WoWS(ers meh loves the graphics)!...this isnt world of warcraft ... really wanted to troll on this ^^