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  1. hgbn_dk

    exeter mission part 2 bug

    Its 10 of both
  2. hgbn_dk

    [PSA] |Crown -> Florin| conversion possible next week.

    Isn't it this week it starts? Probably Wednesday when the new set of directives starts
  3. That to yes. If you have Furious.
  4. Problem?? You can grind it for free next patch.
  5. Would be easier if all info about one event was collected in a single article and not spread out on 2-3 different @MrConway @Crysantos
  6. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-081-british-squadrons/ Scroll down to how to obtain crowns and Florins
  7. Please read!! Only the first 3 weeks drops Crowns and Florins
  8. hgbn_dk


    With prober RNG on the drop rate... 314
  9. That's why you never buy anything else but the planned stuff before you're really close to the end of event.
  10. After we get that message when other use their consumables its easy to tell who on the team which have no clue.. People wasting hydro and radar from first minute....
  11. hgbn_dk

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    Edinburgh from one of the 10 I bought early. I did have all ships on the list it wouldn't matter which ship it was. so some credits and a port slot
  12. hgbn_dk

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    T-II Mikasa T-III König Albert/ Bellerophon T-IV Ishizuchi T-V Kongo and the versions of same T-VI West Virginia/ Arizona Tie Queen Elizabeth close on third T-VII King George V really hard to pick one at this tier, so many good ones. Ashitaka and Nelson just for the heavy punch T-VIII Massachusetts T-IX Jean Bart T-X Montana
  13. Just waiting for the Crowns to Florins exchange window to open and I got Implacable. Sitting on 2220 florins and 297 Crowns
  14. Next week at some time... You can't exchange now