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  1. hgbn_dk

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    If they follow the pattern of previous years. You'll get a few expendable camo's, 1 SC per T-X ship played once and x amount of special signals per 1000 battles capped at 15.000 battles. I don't expect to see anything else, neither coal or steel. In fact I don't expect anything specific, that way I don't get disappointed
  2. hgbn_dk

    Soviet Submarine SPecial Captain

    Evin said on the stream the other day that they actually had asked but the price was way to high...
  3. hgbn_dk

    Gamescom codes (stream and others)

    Like Germans was ever Vikings you mean??
  4. hgbn_dk

    Gamescom codes (stream and others)

    No codes for today....
  5. hgbn_dk

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    Or it's the exclusive news announcement on the live stream at 17.00 o'clock
  6. hgbn_dk

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    OMG lol.... Speechless
  7. hgbn_dk

    The Best Combat Buff.

    There is no NTC.... and will not be
  8. hgbn_dk

    How did you do with the "French Whaling"?

    Then add the 20.000 coal and 1000 doubloons from the first bundles in the armoury and 750 tokens from the 15000 XP missions for Guëpard, Siroco and Baynard
  9. hgbn_dk

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    Didn't you get the memo that combat buffs for ships are off??
  10. hgbn_dk

    Idea for reimplamantation of the IJN Kitakami

    Like torpedo reload booster
  11. hgbn_dk

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    Since I cant vote on this subject my answer is no.. I will not regrind 4 lines just to get a single premium at T-X.. That's roughly in the ball park as 4.000.000 XP.. However IF the reward was getting premium status on the ships you regrind with no other bonus other than the premium status. Just so you could put whatever commander on it, then I would regrind all lines one at the time...
  12. Relative cost for me to get Benham was the Hill package and less than 1000 doubloons to buy the 4 containers I needed... Could have gotten it for free without buying containers on the last day of the event... But to be honest I'm burned out for now
  13. hgbn_dk

    80 K Free exp

    Next weeks directive gets even better then its 20.000 BASE XP for each class
  14. hgbn_dk

    Opinions on an accidental friendly torp

    See if the douchebag decide to shot risky fishy torpedoes is put on him/her themselves.... Deal with it
  15. hgbn_dk

    Opinions on an accidental friendly torp

    Guess who is the grade A douchebag in this thread??? Its certainly not me.