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  1. From my point of view it would have been better with torpedoes. But it is what it is. The damage is on par with torps in a good drop anyways
  2. To be fair the historical ships don't have the airstrike.. only the rest of the paper extension have
  3. hgbn_dk

    Jingles on the state of Operations in WoWs

    To bad stats are not available in ops. I would sure like to see my own
  4. hgbn_dk

    Jingles on the state of Operations in WoWs

    Think 90% of my games the last year or two have been operations... Repetitive yes but more or less a non toxic chat and I can use all my T-VI and VII without facing double CV.
  5. hgbn_dk

    New skills (and changed ones)

    Looking forward to the secondary buff.
  6. hgbn_dk

    Economic signals

    The difference is probably economic signals you gains from various daily containers
  7. Must be on your end. My Camo named Combat looks like this
  8. hgbn_dk

    Kitakami is coming

    Only buying if it comes with torpedo reload booster
  9. hgbn_dk

    Historical Camo Idea

    Duke of York with Prince of Wales Camouflage Duke of York with Mediterranean Camouflage Tirpitz with Norwegian Camouflage La Galissoniere with Dazzle Camouflage Le Terrible with Dazzle Camouflage All above original alternative WG paint jobs previous available in armoury and for the Dazzle in premium shop they had a 4 ship dazzle bundle for Fuso,Furious, La Gal... and Le Terrible for sale a couple of years ago for a very short time
  10. hgbn_dk

    What a......

    I have 8 and only EU But the rest of my silver BB CA/CL CV fleet in tier VI and VII except Italian BB's is commanded by 19 points skippers and I had all silver boats in port T-VI and VII. Besides that Think Ops is the only place you'll get ridiculous numbers of citadels like this
  11. hgbn_dk

    What a......

    Don't paint everybody with the same brush.. If you take a closer look at the majority of toxic chatters you'll find they moan and complain because they were unable to be carried by the team. 90% is most likely the first one who died and use the rest of the match to complain and just be toxic. This behaviour is unacceptable for me.
  12. hgbn_dk

    What a......

    I play mainly ops and wish there was many more.. You'll be surprised how non toxic the chat is in ops. That's one of the reasons I prefer ops vs pvp I don't like playing and see personal attacks on others players in chat. Often spoken from the lowest scoring and first dead player Guys it's just a game and suppose to be fun . Besides that I enjoy my T-VI and T-VII in an environment that suits those ships. No CV's attacks other than those from your team. I'm still keeping the highest skilled commanders on my T-VI and T-VII ships.
  13. hgbn_dk

    What is this WG?

    You're probably right
  14. hgbn_dk

    What is this WG?

    Why no start plenty of players waiting??
  15. hgbn_dk

    Please return flags for achievments

    Agree. Maybe not more XP than silver ships except for the 21 point commanders that can be moved around the various premium ships. All premium ships T-VIII and below only have a plus 50% XP camo. So those ships will benefit the use of expendable Camo in most cases. T-IX and X Premiums and specials not so much. Besides that if you use the premium for a captain trainer for the line that you grind it speed up the training and earns more credits for upgrades, modules and the next ship. Or in my case mostly playing operations, clan battles and brawls. Random is so toxic that I hardly wanna play this game mode if I can avoid it and ranked is completely out of question unless its 1 vs 1. My current goal is to get a 21 point commander for each nation in the game missing only Italy, Pan euro, Pan American and Pan Asian atm. Personally I benefit by the new system given my preferred game modes. So no complaining here. probably different experience if I would play more random. At least everyone can get free flags out of the new system vs the old.