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  1. hgbn_dk

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    This from a game I just played. a mediocre defeat and I still made a profit without any boosters. Would have made profit even without premium
  2. hgbn_dk

    kitakami which resource become available for

    Only want it if it comes with a torpedo reload booster
  3. hgbn_dk

    Opinions on W. Virginia 44'?

    It's okay in ops even though the accuracy of the guns is a bit of a hit or miss.
  4. Just use random ops to clear it. I did that
  5. hgbn_dk

    3 x Satan Boxes and got this:

    Got this from the last free crate
  6. From my experience so far it seems that bot teams somewhat get sorted depending on the human team. If you have more DD's and subs on your team you'll get less BB's and CA's on the bot team. Might be a random fluke, but this is what I have experienced so far. Yesterday I had a human team without any BB's we still won because there was only 2 BB on the bot team rest was cruisers, destroyers and subs
  7. This mode is still fun to play even though I might earn less XP and credits. It was obvious on day one they would nerf the income. So no real surprise, besides that its really only a nerf to BB income. Since you'll get a plus 40 % bonus for all other classes. No big deal
  8. hgbn_dk

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    Besides that Bots are using their hydro and radars in this mode. Might be why you can't hit them
  9. hgbn_dk

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    Wanna buy a tinfoil hat? think you need one. Must be on your end- I don't have problems hitting with DD torps don't play subs myself. don't launch torps when spotted then the bots will evade
  10. hgbn_dk

    New auction

    Lol true whales already have the rare boats they put in auctions
  11. hgbn_dk

    So tired of YOUR RANDOM disconnections

    Do you want to buy a tinfoil hat?
  12. hgbn_dk

    First battle in Asymmetric battles

    Ops is not that bad if you prepare to do the critical tasks yourself. Think my win rate is about 80-90 percent in ops or about so. Can really see the difference I do if I choose to play a CV instead of BB's or CA/CL's those matches is much harder to win in my experience.
  13. hgbn_dk

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    Like the fact that bots use radar in this mode. Makes the DD gameplay more spicy..
  14. hgbn_dk

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    Long time since I had so much fun in this game. This is how Co-op should be
  15. hgbn_dk

    Asymmetric Battles

    Absolutely like this mode. Please make it permanent. This is how Co-op should be