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  1. This season is a very mixed bag for me... Joined late PC broke down.. 2 days of gaming reaching rank 8 with a 67% winrate. Thinking oh boy this is going easy.. Third day lost every single match, should have stopped playing when I lost rank 9... but thought hey I can turn this around and reclaim lost games.. Stupid me ended at rank 12 that day.... Can only blame myself for being greedy.
  2. 0 point commander?? everybody have a 19 point commander in the Anthony. All XP earned is elite commander XP so it is not lost.
  3. I like this it was a challenge to get the five stars mostly lacking the AA kills to get there. But that is pure RNG. BTW I think most of those which fail the team part is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of targets lose focus and panic.
  4. If notser is right then the secondaries gets buffed on German BB's along side some cruisers... Guess they seemed forgot to mention this too
  5. T VI is probably the most balanced Tier in the game. Don't think WG will ever restrict ranked higher than T VIII. They have a business to run and get no income from premium ships past T VIII.
  6. Shinonome P2W???
  7. Considering WG's view on effort and reward nothing comes as a surprise
  8. Hope for Perth tomorrow or at least sometime during the sale... More realistic guess would be Molotov
  9. First try five stars Team Ryujo New Mexico Cleveland Cleveland Leander Duca D'Aosta Nicholas DD made a good smoke trail on the first wave so the entire team dealt the first wave virtually escaping intact. I was in a Cleveland. Might be luck but I think this scenario is far easier than Defence of New Port. Good job WG I really like these scenario's something different than the normal matches
  10. Which is working as intended... Missouri is a reward ship.
  11. Same reason why my 19 point Baltimore skipper usually drives this ship
  12. I have always been a grinder, think you only cheat yourself skipping through lines with free Xp. It gives you so more satisfaction when you reach your goal, knowing you earned it and not bought it. Before Christmas I usually used free Xp to upgrade the ship I was grinding with the various modules. Now I save my free Xp you'll never know when they launch another free Xp reward ship. When the French cruiser line was launched I tried to "time" how long it would take me to reach my first goal the Tier VIII, not using a single free xp point to upgrade modules etc. ( Was Saving up the free XP for the Missouri) 2,5 days with intensive gaming only playing French cruisers and I had the Charles Martel and a 14 point commander. I had beforehand saved about 23.000.000 credits up so I was ready for the launch..and had enough doubloons ready to buy premium camo from tier VI. Better players than me would probably could do this even quicker with fewer games/ time used. So I don't know if free xp is a large factor in seeing high tier ships short after launch of a line.
  13. Missouri is worth every single free xp... That ship simply prints credits
  14. Still WWII tech as you call it
  15. 1946 sorry 1947