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  1. Have been disconnected several times today and seen this 3 times
  2. Others than me who feels being pickled in a jaw here??
  3. Problem is if that CV is on your team and he decide to focus the DD's instead of more valuable targets. And yes I hate being perma spotted too.. Another bonus having good AA
  4. agree but anyways
  5. You can't rely on team play in randoms.. Usually the only ships moving forward is the DD's
  6. Agree to some extent on this, however only problem is that unless you kill his planes he will still go after you again and again.
  7. Think 4x is good, now you don't have to fear a CV driver early game dedicated to delete you. After all a DD's shouldn't be the main target of a CV
  8. So typical none owners moaning OP of every Premium ship released..
  9. I'm looking forward to use both Baltimore, Cleveland and the new Kidd in T-Viii training room clan battles..
  10. XP equals credits.. Cap points is good xp so I have not seen it earn less than the others
  11. Just like the other premiums at T-VIII
  12. I have 22% contribution to capture and a 8% to defend caps in my Kidd. If that is not team effort I don't what is
  13. Totally agrees, same reason I have roughly 19.250.000 elite XP never to be converted... It would cost a fortune in doubloons to do that.
  14. aahh okay