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  1. hgbn_dk


    I would like to see a replay of this
  2. hgbn_dk

    European containers.....

    To be honest don't see the reason why you can start the grind in any new line at T-VIII or IX don't make any sense at all
  3. hgbn_dk

    Some info new player here

    I plan to just use the free xp I got when WG saved me the lot of it by pricing a single boat for 2.000.000.... never going to happen
  4. hgbn_dk

    European containers.....

    Exactly RN BB the only " early" access event that felt good. I saw Östergötlands first day in the patch so someone spend a lot the first day
  5. hgbn_dk

    European containers.....

    Yet it still feels like gambling... Because of the huge difference in drop chance..... Make it a fixed amount in all containers... Or simply make some missions that unlock T-V and IV and offer the rest for money
  6. hgbn_dk

    About time they fixed Operations

    Ops have more action than the giant camper fest in PVP
  7. hgbn_dk

    Some info new player here

    Or the enjoyment of free xp
  8. hgbn_dk

    About time they fixed Operations

    Personally I have 334 days of premium time left. To be honest I have my doubt renewing when it runs out. I'm paying premium and expect a premium service because of that.... However I only see service gets less and less. So if they want my money they have to improve the service otherwise why renew??
  9. hgbn_dk

    About time they fixed Operations

    If it could pave the road for more operations then why not??? And it have nothing to do with pay to win. It have something to do with feeling that the money you spend on the game benefits you and on't go into a bottomless hole called PVP
  10. hgbn_dk

    Blessing or a curse....

    Trying to get the best out of the current situation, quietly celebrating a keystone anniversary with some home made dinner and a glass or two of wine.... Cheers and stay safe guys
  11. hgbn_dk

    About time they fixed Operations

    Besides that its refreshing to retire to ops when PVP gets to frustrating
  12. hgbn_dk

    ZARA - How To Play It

    Just play it like a Pensacola know when to switch between SAP and AP and you'll be fine
  13. hgbn_dk

    About time they fixed Operations

    To be honest I wouldn't mind if some unnerfed or new operations became available for premium accounts only.. Then your premium time doesn't feels entirely wasted
  14. hgbn_dk

    Some info new player here

    If its business as usual you'll get both the replacement and Moskva..... But in these days that's the question. Business as usual or not?
  15. hgbn_dk

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    People are actually trying to help you here.... Might pay some attention instead of being a know it all guy...