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  1. ?????????????
  2. Yeah okay English is not my first language
  3. you mean appreciate???
  4. Let's agree to this.. Bonus is never multiply the percentage of the figure shown it is always plus... 200% first win bonus is XPx2 Plus the original XP figure Free Xp is 5% of the ships XP plus read plus not multiply 200% from new year camo is another 10% to add = 15% free XP total so if you earned 1000XP in a battle non premium account you will get a total of 150 free XP without flags Then you can add bonus flags on top of that... Get my drift??
  5. Your argument is only valid combining other XP bonus camo's into the mix.
  6. I know free xp is 5% of the XP earned. IF your ship then is equipped with a stock type 5 camo you still get 5% Free XP , a reduction in chance get hit and a slight concealment bonus. if your ship your ship is equipped with the New years camo which gives you +200% bonus on the Free XP which will be 1,5% total you lose the concealment and harder to hit bonus but that is all you lose, Right??? . How should putting on free xp bonus flags on top of that reduce the free XP??
  7. and you are just talking to stay alive...
  8. You can finish the ARP task with a stock line, Kongo, Myoko or Atago.. Shinonome you get when you complete the Honorable Service campaign for free
  9. only + 3000 hit points difference I noticed
  10. Just buy the Alabama. Same camo
  11. I don't see Jack Dunkirk as a huge achievement. I would say the exact same whatever the reward had been... Everybody was on equal terms to get the reward.. People chose to play the event and they get the reward. If you don't play the event you get nothing.... No matter what came in way.
  12. You missed the event end of story. To bad.
  13. This looks just like a renamed Alabama... If the only difference is the name and maybe the paint job I'll be passing on this. Already have the Alabam
  14. That's different... just a principle I have...