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  1. The ARP Kongo's are not exactly genuine premiums and the silver can mount camo, which the ARP's cant. But it looks good in port to see all of them. I have turned the ARP feature of so they are just plain grey.
  2. I actually prefer Bretagne over Kongo, but both are good silver ships
  3. Can only agree. Giulio Cesare is absolutely the best buy overall in the shop right now. It plays more like a cruiser than a BB and is incredible fun while doing so.
  4. How can you give any advice on a hear say only??? That ship is actually quite fun to play. Granted its not the strongest at T-V but it is not the worst ship either
  5. WG, stop releasing broken ships

    Are you basing your opinion on a you tube vid or have you played the ship yourself???
  6. Tighter grouping of shells from same turret?

    Problem is small targets. you make more space between each turret. Try look at the 3 turrets combined in the big circle like a shotgun volley with 9 buckshots if you tighten the pattern of 3x3 of these shots you make the likely hood of misses greater. Simply by making the combined area of those 3x3 shots smaller in big circle.
  7. Tighter grouping of shells from same turret?

    Think its a bad idea and will cause frustration when you get bad RnG. Simply instead of one or two hits in a volley every shot miss.
  8. Marketing proposal for WG pt.2

    Boris how close is you to a one year ban on the forums?? lol
  9. Premium shells in WOWS

    Only IF I can get a 16 inch mk.23 for my Missouri
  10. Special Flags - usage indicator

    Think he mean Dragon, Ouroboro etc. flags. Just like some who enters a match without camo because they ran out out a special camo by pressing the battle on tab.
  11. Injustice and unjust

    But he do look like Gandalf though.. Less wild hair and beard
  12. Injustice and unjust

    When I am getting frustrated and having a losing streak I retreat to co-op playing my low tier ships. It recharge the battery so to speak. No frustration or stress of any kind, just fun and easy mode. This way I also get my low tier ships out on a regular basis.