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  1. hgbn_dk

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    No one force you to play in co-op. Play random if you like. Personally I have 370 ships in port 243 T-V-IX and 37 T-X and plan to play co-op and scenario's to go trough all eligible ships.... Simply a Mather of value on my own time spend in game. Not seeing myself locked in for the entire patch playing all ships in random.
  2. hgbn_dk

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    Normally you can unlock ships during the entire patch and get first win only bonus on them. Can't imagine they change this
  3. hgbn_dk

    How and when does 30% discount voucher drop?

    I'm usually getting them when I just spend a lot of money in the premium shop. Haven't spend much this year so no voucher for me. Coincidence or just the pattern ???
  4. hgbn_dk

    Artic camos for Scharnhorst and Edinburgh

    T-IX and X special camo was available for doubloons only at the Christmas patch last year.
  5. hgbn_dk

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    Would be great to have it build in.. But I would rather see them make citadels impossible to over pen for every class. IF you sail broadside to anything you deserve to get punished
  6. hgbn_dk

    New Russian Event is a Letdown

    Why sell a ship which become a premium???
  7. hgbn_dk

    New Russian Event is a Letdown

    Why am I not surprised at all.....
  8. Probably just a error only giving the 25 x 3 x xp bonus missions you usually get when buying a ship in the premium shop
  9. hgbn_dk

    New Russian Event is a Letdown

    A lot of money for a lot of paper.
  10. hgbn_dk

    New Russian Event is a Letdown

    This is just a bad joke WG 9 containers 5 5 tokens 1 10 and and 3 15.... And no I wont use any money on this either....
  11. hgbn_dk


    I would like to see a replay of this
  12. hgbn_dk

    European containers.....

    To be honest don't see the reason why you can start the grind in any new line at T-VIII or IX don't make any sense at all
  13. hgbn_dk

    Some info new player here

    I plan to just use the free xp I got when WG saved me the lot of it by pricing a single boat for 2.000.000.... never going to happen
  14. hgbn_dk

    European containers.....

    Exactly RN BB the only " early" access event that felt good. I saw Östergötlands first day in the patch so someone spend a lot the first day
  15. hgbn_dk

    European containers.....

    Yet it still feels like gambling... Because of the huge difference in drop chance..... Make it a fixed amount in all containers... Or simply make some missions that unlock T-V and IV and offer the rest for money