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  1. Roger_Kint

    Server issues

    I am having technical issues aswell. Can we have an update from a WG representative please?
  2. Roger_Kint

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    I have only one word to say for this: profiteering.
  3. Roger_Kint

    Weekend Highlights - The Prowling Prince

    Can you please extend the time of the Exeter event for a couple of days, if possible? Remember that KoTs is in the time table of a lot of players, as participants or viewers. I think that such gesture will be highly appreciated.
  4. Roger_Kint

    Recruitment Poster Contest - Win Big Prizes!

    User name: C0nsigliere Clan Name: Greek Naval Group Academy. Clan Tag: -GNG-
  5. Roger_Kint

    PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    What is happening with the update delay on the EU server?Can we have some official info of the situation please?
  6. Roger_Kint

    Disconnected from server

    We expect WG to compensate us for the inconvenience.
  7. Roger_Kint

    Disconnected from server

    Can we have any info from WG when the server will be up again?
  8. Roger_Kint

    Crowning the Winter King - Signups

    Team name: Greek Brothers Of Arms Navy (GBOAN) Team captain: OlotahoS Team members: giannhs42456 Trypio_sovrako brainbomb Mesiakaris Konstapa _TaxiDriv3R_ Sango_Winner Soundreamer OlotahoS _Maverick_13 Kakampouras7 GR_Tiger
  9. The milestone for the Grand naval battles was 12 millions at start.When we players reached it Wargaming raised it to 15 millions and now there saying we havent reached it so we cant collect the "secret" price.You are cheating your customers.You are cheap and low and as such me and my teammates will treat you from now on.You can forget any further money deposits from me and my teammates.You don't worth it..I didn't expect such low behavior from a company of your size.I ask from the players to quote to this topic so Wargaming can see the frustration of the game community about this.We are customers,we have been cheated and we have to take measures about this.
  10. Roger_Kint

    Shell & Ship Sinking Animation Feedback

    Greetiings. Improved shell animation.Just make more visible the shots on landing. The sinking animation makes it more realistik.
  11. Roger_Kint

    Weather Feedback

    Greetings.Like very much the weather effect and the ac.range decrease.Just keep the water dripping effect on camera only in binocular view.
  12. Roger_Kint

    Public Test General Feedback

    Greetings Interesting video and audio improvements.Weather additions give new prospective to game.Very good job.Only think that bothers is that at long range shots i cannot see my shots landing.