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  1. CptBerry

    [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Our recruiting is still open! Join our discord to say Hi!
  2. CptBerry

    Is it a bug or am I just an idiot?

    Sorry, I should have looked at this post first. But I tested this in a training room the damage output didn't seem to change. Maybe it just doesn't show up on the UI particularly well. But at least it's supposed to be like that.
  3. CptBerry

    Is it a bug or am I just an idiot?

    I checked in a training room to see if it just increased AA all around, but didn't seem to do anything. With fighter up, Def AA, planes in range or planes already being shot down. It always just goes straight to cool down and the damage output is always the same. At least I'm not the only one having this issue. So either this is a bug or MAA is meant to increase your all round AA but disables your sector AA. I don't know.
  4. CptBerry

    Is it a bug or am I just an idiot?

    I do but I don't have AFT.
  5. CptBerry

    Is it a bug or am I just an idiot?

    I can't tell if this is a bug or if I'm justing doing it wrong, but when I press O while in a cruiser i.e The Roon. instead of it selecting a side of the ship to increase the AA it goes straight to cool down. When I use it on battleships like The Missouri It works fine. Is this a bug, is there a captain skill or an upgrade I need? I can't seem to figure it out so I'm putting it here. I don't have any screenshots of this happening but if it is required I will try to get some. PS: Also the "New Improved" Autopilot has a bug for CVs sometimes as when I use it my mouse cursor gets stuck on the screen and I cant launce my planes, move with A & D and or press Esc, I have to use task manager to close the game to restart it, just throwing this one out there while on the topic of bugs. This could be a UI bug if it's not being caused by the autopilot.
  6. Always 1 short for clan wars ;-;

  7. CptBerry

    Warships Anniversary 2019 Bonus?

    Well, there will no doubt be a flag soooo.. yeah.
  8. CptBerry


    Don't forget the 4x4 torps.
  9. CptBerry


    The Next question is, what ship will they release next that has everything and spams HE at rapid reload speeds because WG definitely isn't running out of ideas no way?
  10. CptBerry

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Nothing amazing but when your st Louis dives mid in first five minutes and you manage to strap your team together to pull back the win, it feels pretty good
  11. CptBerry

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Now that the official video is out I'm just going to wait for the oncoming apocalypse.
  12. CptBerry

    CV Tiers

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/cv-rework-changes/ This should hold the answers you are looking for. But in short, they say having the gaps will 'benefit the matchmaking, Progression between the cvs will be better and that the gameplay should become clearer.' I'm just quoting here btw. I think they also say they wanted to have the alternative line to have a different play style, so the IJN current has AP bombs, the alternative probably won't, I don't know.
  13. CptBerry

    Mission Accomplished - RTB

    Always staying cheery!
  14. This is just how I feel on all this, feel free to just look past this post. This isn't me complaining about the rework so please don't take it as that. But it almost feels like they just changed to the old cvs as one problem was the big gap between new cv players and the vet cv players. And it feels like, they are taking that gap and trying to put it onto every other ship in the game. I know they didn't "just" change the cvs it was a while ago now and I know its not the same kind of gap as the cv gap was more of a skill gap, etc. Probably just me feeling this, doesn't really matter, etc. etc. Okay, I'm going to go hide in that corner over there.