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  1. AshGear

    Iron cross missions

    Hey fellas I've tried looking for the mission box in the store but it seems to be gone.. aint that a bit too early ?? Been away for awhile but i dont remmember things were getting removed from store this quick. DId i miss out? or is it comming back? or else i guess i can just use them tokens on flags :( BTW: im talking about the perm camo on german Tx ships with the iron cross theme
  2. @Salentine Id rather not post it here, since i dont wanna be part of ruining other peoples games on the live server... Reason for being in doubt, is that the "bug / unintended feature" could just be lasy programming or lack of feedback from beta testers during testing phase, that have resulted in it being live on the server. I sincerely hope that its not meant to be a mechanic accepted by WG dev team.
  3. I've sent them a ticket, but dunno if its all ready a known issues they are planning to fix but i sure hope the general poppulation dont find out about it anytime soon...... Shouldnt take long before s*** hits the fan..... Btw dunno if ive sent the ticket in the right place due to the amount of random topics u could send a ticket about... there werent a dedicated bug report forum or link. I sent it in under mechanics and Shooting & Penetration
  4. Like the title says, can someone point me in the right direction? I''ve looked around but couldnt find it :)
  5. Hmn from what i understand from wows wiki page patch 0.9.3 is coming the 8th april is that correct? Also thx for the feedback fellas it makes the choice more easy for me :) about the thunderer… I've all ready own yamato for max AP dmg output the reason i mentioned the Thunderer HE ability was because i own Andrew Cunningham and im missing a boat for him to use he's ability's in. And they rely on your fire chance settings.
  6. Hello again wows forum dwellers So update comes tommorow, and thus the race to get JB and Smolensk is rawning near its end. To my understanding reading what WG said they will both get removed in patch 0.9.3 I've reached enough coal to be able to buy any coal ship at the armory, and its also gonna be my first coal ship. And im having a hard time figurering out which one to get, since i wanna try something new gameplay wise. I only have 3 TX ships. The Yamato, GK and Haku i play on a regular basis, i dont play T9 or below maybe im missing out? So at first i thought about getting the Thunderer because i also own Cunningham from the RN event, and i dont own any RN ship. I've read that he fits nice on a Thunderer or conquerer. But then again i all ready own 2 BB's and have no cruiser for CB Then i thought about gettin the Smolensk, but i dunno if she's any good after the IFHE change. Plus ill contribute to the all ready boring HE spam meta which i dont really enjoy, i guess the same could be said for the thunderer. There is also the Yoshino which i find interestning but from what i seen, she behave like a bad hybrid? The two other options i thought of was the Georgia og JB, but then again why get a T9 ship? but the gimmicks on those two looks fun.. So help me out guys and make my choice easy :D
  7. Ill rather take a rusty spoon and dig out my eyes then playing random battles atm... god its boring lol... ill might do some of the dailies and then gonna go play some Starcraft 2 / Star wars BF2 while waiting for next season Buuu huuue Hope WG soon implement an alternativ game mode lol
  8. In my experience i did not find people unable to read the maps or go for the buffs, maybe its because i played in rank 6/7 most of the time i dont know… Anyways i dont see that being a reason if the mode should be an option or not, if a player dont play the objective in arms race, he wont do it in random battle either.
  9. Im afraid u misunderstood my question directed to you. I've asked you if u found the waiting time for standard random battle mode was extended during the last couple of weeks we had season 15 running with 7vs7 arms race mode compared to normal waiting times. I've asked that question because if u didnt, i dont see any reason why they shouldnt try to make it a permanent game mode. I didnt ask u if you found the waiting time long 2 years back for the arms race mode, when they first releasede it. PS: English aint my main form of writing, so im sorry if i didnt make it clear enough in the first post.
  10. @dfens_666 Hmnnn what your pointing out aint quite the same as my own observations, maybe because it was ranked and people fought harder too obtain rank i dont know…. i wasnt playing 2 years ago, so i cant relate to your own experience. Anyways i dont see the harm in trying to allow this game mode as permanent for a periode of time, since people who dont enjoy it can just play standard random battle all along like they done this entire ranked season. I hardly touched random battles during season 15.. so i wouldnt know if the waiting time where on regular basis longer then it is now that ranked season is over?? its the only logical reason i see for not implementing this game mode
  11. Greetings wows community. I've been playing only ranked for last couple a weeks, and recently posted about how i enjoyed it. Ranked arms race 7vs7 have personally for me made the game much more enjoyable again, and it was a nice change compared to the standard random battle gamemode. Imho this mode need to be permanent for players who dont enjoy the standard random battle mode. Gameplay wise i found that Arms race offered alot more action, less snowballs effect games and overall more fun gameplay then random battle. People tend to be more team player oriented, and you had a feeling you could change the outcome of the battle mostly because of team size and overall smaller maps to navigate trough. In random battles u often face silly flanks where u find yourself extremely outnumbered due to a bad spawn or u simply get priority targeted by 6 players at once due to the gamemode having 12 ships per team and are deleted instantly like in eve online mass clan battles... while i dont post here often, I've think i read about billion post of people being sick of random battles because of the above mentioned issues.. so i hope im not alone Today i played maybe 8/11 matches of random battle and i quickly turned off Wows to go play something else or watch some streaming... i haven't felt that urge the last couple of weeks with arms race.. Random battles quickly reminded me of how boring the 12vs12 large maps meta is.... its just not for me imo.. So i thought to myself… this is a huge multiplayer game with a large playerbase and only one competitive game mode besides clan battles... most other game titles with this pvp minded setup offer alot more game modes then what Wows offers. What are your thoughts guys? PS: Added new option in poll.. forgot to say the game mode should be open for ships of all tiers, of course with same restrictions as their is now.
  12. Allright thx for the replies guys, im a bit sad that ill have to wait 3 months to avoid the messy and often chaos of random battles..... guess ill just have to adapt.. n pray i dun get primary targeted by 3/7 ships in the first few min of a match Hah :D or lose 4/6 team mates in 2 minutes…
  13. Hello fellow captains. Can anyone be so kind to tell me how long a break there is in between ranked seasons? My reason for asking is because i prefer to play ranked battles instead of random battles. I just recently came back to play Wows since taking a break from 2016 to now…im having a ton of fun and i find that random battles are a mess and i prefer the ranked battles both for both balance and gameplay wise, im a bit off investing more time and resources in this game if the ranked seasons have a huge interval.... ive read somewhere there can go 3/6 months between the ranked season, is that correct? I know i could play clan battles... but trying to get a match going in my current clan is a nightmare :D
  14. AshGear

    My New Mexico setup advice

    Point taken, but am a carrier player myself, and I know from first hand, that a New Mexico can decimate a entire tb unit.. with upgrades ofcourse. Im also tempted to get that range increase, but in my experience, the dispersation gets really mean at 16+ or is it just my bad luck lol? EDIT: Im getting that rudder now I take it its worth it vs tb and dd´s
  15. AshGear

    My New Mexico setup advice

    Hey fellas, wondering what to do with my modules and stuff... Right now cant figure out whats best? going for more gun range or going for aa. Is it worth it going for the AA? or should I focus on range? also, what are your thought on the modules 20% more rudder swhift time or fire/flood -15 repair time?