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  1. warsinger2

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships

    Hmm..I would also have not named the ship Ludendorff. Instead I would have named it (Götz von) Berlichingen, (Georg von) Frundsberg or (Franz von) Sicklingen while some of the names were also tainted by that regime the historical person was not. Alternatively Friedrich II., Friedrich Wilhem, Karl der V.. Pommern does not actually fit the German WW2 line up, you would also not name a Russian ship Siberia.
  2. warsinger2

    County class cruiser

    If you go strictly by bang for the buck or firepower by tonnage, most German designs are piss poor, but you have to consider easy access, maintenance, workspace, crew accomodations and the like. One side effect of only having 2 barrels in a turret as big as on Hipper or Bismark is the fact that the gun crews simply have more space and can move quicker which resulted in a higher theoretical and practical rate of fire. (one reason among other things why RoF was higher) of course the more you automate things it outpaces human interaction as seen in the late US cruiser designs. That was one design philosophy for the Germans, give crews enough space. On the Des Moines class 1800 people are cramped into the same space more or less as 1400 on the Eugen (and that one was considered cramped since the original design called for a considerably smaller crew of barely 1000). Considering engine space and 3 vs 4 shafts that even worsens the problem. Alaska and Guam by all means are no cruisers at all but an in between heavy cruiser and battle cruisers. Even more so for Stalingrad, that is a full fledged battle cruiser and does not belong into the cruiser bracket at all.
  3. warsinger2

    County class cruiser

    Prinz Eugen (improved Hipper) was considered to be a super cruiser by the allied nations and considered superior to most of their own designs. The loss of the Bluecher was considered to be due to idiocy more than a failure to the design.
  4. warsinger2

    Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    What does flooding add to the game other than being a nuisance and a meaning for torp spammers to rack up damage? It reduces more possibilities than it promotes and a game should be all about promoting possibilities especially in this day and age when hiding behind islands and HE spam even on T10 BBs is considered "elite" game play!
  5. warsinger2

    Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    Because it is just a small step that reduces threat to cruiser game play and promotes aggressiveness all the while not removing anything important. And I am pretty sure you also hated that one torp despite all effort and because of a silly cool down that killed you .
  6. warsinger2

    Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    No it is not it is one among several things that especially hampers cruisers, I am not sure if you like these games meta but I would like to see more cruisers than battleships sniping behind islands. This is just supposed to be one idea in the direction to promote more cruisers in game and it removes a stupid mechanic along the way!
  7. warsinger2

    Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    Drink Bleach? That is about the same usefulness of an answer than the one you gave? Yes R triggers the repair party it also is needed to extinguish fires if you haven´t noticed, in the age of HE spam even by BBs people are afraid to press R too early, knowing that after triggering it a single torp hit can spell your doom makes people even more reluctant to move forward, push and play aggressively. While BB can compensate, most cruisers can not, hence while people do not support. Only one among other reasons but it is important to remove the most obvious reasons that damage the game! By the way why are the beta testers the seemingly least productive and most trollish posters on this forum? Can we have a forum filter that filters out any kind of testers?
  8. In this day and age no matter which mode you play BBs are dominant, although cruiser can or could do fairly well but they are not allowed to, to live their role as support vessels, AA support, DD support, it is all meaningless because one single salvo can be your doom or in some cases 1 torpedo. While you can wasd try to dodge torps and shells at one point you know you will eat some. Now while even a Yamato shell to the tip of your bow might spell doom you are sometimes forced to eat one, even if it hits your citadel, 1 won´t kill you, most of the times. Now look at the torpedoes, depending on the hit location and timing a single torp to the bow can spill doom to your cruiser, First there is the initial damage, hardly migrated because no torp belt on the bow and a, at least felt 100% flooding chance. Now 1 single flooding according to the formula will add up to 60%+ of the ships health and it seems it bases its calculation on your 100% health pool. Together with the initial damage, that adds to a lot! Easily 80-90% HP in some cases (Cruiser health pool torp hit and flooding damage). While BBs always have a repair party and can recover, most cruisers do not, neither do most DDs but they got the highest chance of evasion anyways. I play DDs and I can probably count the numbers of times i died due to flooding on one hand. Now a BB can repair, a DD can evade a cruiser is in the middle of things. Sometimes you can evade them all, 1 hits if the timing is bad and given the seemingly 100% flood chance you look at 80-90% hp loss due to a single torpedo hit, now you are fu**** and it happens more often than you think. Cruisers without heal face several mortal enemies, BBs guns in general since they can insta kill you or severely damage you by citadel hits, other shells, fires, torpedoes and flooding. It is about time to make cruisers more playable, the reduced fire extinguishing time is one step, now remove flooding (for all or modify it) as well. It ties the game down more than it actually benefits!! tl:dr Remove flooding it is a terrible mechanic and serves nothing it promotes even more camping. Get rid of it now! Cruisers will instantly benefit.
  9. warsinger2

    Reporting system

    Dear OP you are one of 10 people that got forum blacklisted by me for being an obnoxious, terrible posters so that normally I do not have to suffer reading your "postings". The reason why I read this one is because of the forum function display post anyways button. Most of my in game colleagues got you forum blacklisted as well. You are also getting chat banned on a regular basis do you really think that is a coincidence?
  10. warsinger2

    Ridiculous accounts

    Because he can? We are talking about a series of accounts here with access to a rather large number of tier 8-10 ships despite having played only a few games. Maybe someone just wanted to see the ship fire maybe something else why even waste time talking about it when it is painfully obvious that those are no normal player accounts....
  11. warsinger2

    Ridiculous accounts

    Press accounts, test accounts, take your pick.... Sometimes it does not actually hurt to use your brain and draw some logical conclusions.
  12. The only reason for me to buy the boxes was to stock up on the rare flags, bought 5 boxes, got 10 hydra flags, 1000 doubloons, Bretagne mission (worst ship i have ever had the misfortune to sail), paint and a bunch of junk.....I was not impressed.
  13. Played 4 DD games yesterday and got 6 full health detonations. True story since I am incredibly trustworthy you will surly take my word for it. I am also absolutely not exaggerating or anything.......
  14. warsinger2

    French battleships talk

    Got the Bretagne and boy that thing is awful..... I find the 340mm dreadful and can only foresee them being menacing vs cruiser and destroyers when fired in vast quantities. Versus any half decently armored BB they suck. At least that is my impression based on playing Bretagne for a bit...
  15. warsinger2

    Instant chat ban needed

    This. 90% of these online warriors would never dare to raise their voice in the real world and insult people like that, that is the trademark of the immature, insecure, frustrated little man who feels secure and strong behind his screen. We all get angry, went our anger somewhere but usually the mature person does not feel inclined to insult people in chat or even send personal messages. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech this has something to do feeling the need to insult people from a safe distance. On the street or at a bar you also can not freely insult and abuse people without facing consequences so why do so in game? Ah yes because on the street you might get sued or earn yourself a punch to the face or both and it is so much safer to sit behind your desk securely at home and insult random people. So next if you feel the urge to personally insult someone imagine he was sitting across the table!