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  1. AtairiastosGR

    Black screen

    Same, i remove all mods, reset game settings and running good for me
  2. I take Siegfried...and no see more bad ship....lost R.P.
  3. AtairiastosGR

    Ranked Season 17

    This season I see this thing every day: ...I have tested ships that do a lot of damage .... dd and only to spot ... nothing to work.....probably the game is making fun of us....
  4. AtairiastosGR

    Is the Puerto Rico gonna

    The ship has only beauty and armor, its weapons are a disappointment and it is very bad. i test in 15 battles and i didn't even find it interested anymore.
  5. AtairiastosGR

    Ranked Smolensk stats.

    Smolensk player in the ranks.... goes to a point to have shots, waits for someone (bbb?) To spott for him (After dd has fallen), smokes and farming...farming, nonthing to help team..no radar..no close to help other with hydro.......another rank braker. :D
  6. World of Smolensk :D
  7. AtairiastosGR

    moar clan brawls plz

    Clan Brawls is very good and best mode... need more from that
  8. AtairiastosGR

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    Dont play like "see first mmMon and after try to play like this" only for info nothing more, but it is wrong to play totally lost teams in row.
  9. AtairiastosGR

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    Not use, only see some times for why win 1-2 and lost 8-10 in row...
  10. AtairiastosGR

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    For 3 days in row i have this MM like this and stuck in rank 10>11>12>11>12, is no rank system
  11. AtairiastosGR

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    The worst rank system ever see in game.............MM bad my team avr xp 1300 enemy team 1900+...see one bb my team avr damage is 40k, enemy bb 80+, this is no rank, is random battle to farm steel..tokens for lucker or unicum players...?
  12. AtairiastosGR

    Ranked matchmaking - thank you Wargaming!

    Again one image from ranking system and I think about stopping the game, what is the reason to play,. Since the gifts like steel and the rest are just for the lucky ones, I have no reason to play the game,.
  13. AtairiastosGR

    Ranked matchmaking - thank you Wargaming!

    I just got tired, I have no reason to go on with this game. Get to the 4th and then push you at 8-12...and blind to be a victory you will get it!
  14. AtairiastosGR

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    It is fun, if i say play today Rank and I see the result: 11 Loses and 2 Wins.... CVs back more dds killer in the first minute and farm xp... newbies player with rental ship farming damage from 20 + km with Yamato or with bb rush for cap and hope to win... Enjoy