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  1. HotshotJimmy

    WG its time you fix the "shells are landing short" bug

    I concur, just finished a match after a couple weeks away and suddenly all the shots are falling short when I'm aiming where I used to. Not impressed with another [edited] update from WG.
  2. HotshotJimmy

    PSA: Fix for problems with opening Dockyard

    Just getting the WG spinning wheel of death, nothing showing other than the X in the top right corner. Can exit back to port and re-enter still nothing so I actually haven't seen anything (supposedly a skippable video?) I will assume i'll be missing out on things with this issue?
  3. HotshotJimmy

    More sharing in clans

    Ah did not consider that. Yes I was a little naive in that thinking. Rather sad we can't have nice things to help those who are around us haha.
  4. HotshotJimmy

    More sharing in clans

  5. HotshotJimmy

    More sharing in clans

    Do you think ship XP sharing would be available in Clans? It would be handy to be able to share credits, XP, Commander XP in a clan I think. Personally I have a ridiculous amount of ship XP on my Minotaur thats never going to be used for anything. It would be useful if we could share this out to others in our clan. Might also encourage those in clans to take part more in clan battles or to complete the Naval Battles for those more casual clans. What's everyones thoughts?
  6. HotshotJimmy

    WG killed AA boats

    I am definately shooting more planes down in the my Minotaur, Conq and Kurfurst. One chap at the beginning of the match was like hey guys i'm gona wreck in my CV. Never got hit with anything the whole match. I sold all my CVs lol.
  7. HotshotJimmy


    You know its a bad time out on the waves when the "Good luck and good hunting gentlemen" man has been banned from chat till Christmas Day calling too many people moon faced assassins of joy cleary (among other colourful things)... So far i'm finding the campaign ok but ye the player level is atrocious and I should know better than playing late at night. Lack luster Christmas in my humble opinion.
  8. HotshotJimmy

    Consumables and AA not working

    Na no replays so I am betting that was it. Oh well at least I know for next time
  9. HotshotJimmy

    Consumables and AA not working

    Ok all thanks for the replies. I'll keep an eye on it ^^
  10. HotshotJimmy

    Consumables and AA not working

    And just to add insult to injury I exited the game so now I can't check the detailed match analysis to see if all my AA modules had been destroyed or not...dam.
  11. HotshotJimmy

    Consumables and AA not working

    So if you have no weapons that are affected by a consumable that consumable cannot be activated at all? As in you press it again and again but nothing happens? Well B, no matter how many times I pressed the Y key the consumable would not activate (ie timer, initiate sound etc).
  12. Good evening all, I just quit a match with the HMS Hood where my defensive fire consumable (Y) and AA in general would not work. Now I am aware of the P button that can switch AA and seconadries off but this was not the issue. I have logged a ticket with WG but I wasn't recording the match. So my question is has anyone come across this bug with any of their ships? Basically a consumable not working even though you are pressing the corresponding key and/or guns of some sort not working? Because of this bug I was an easy target for the carrier once he realised I was defenseless. I am well aware of the old bug making guns useless whereby no matter how many times you click you cannot fire but I though this had been fixed. If it is making a comeback they better patch it quick. Kind regards, Hj
  13. HotshotJimmy

    Ship Detection Changes on the PTS

    Well I think that depends on their hardware or is it actually coded there is a delay?
  14. HotshotJimmy

    Worth checking LULZ

    Pop back into the forums after a hiatus on WoWs. See the first post... watch the video. Leave for another year or so. Man it was bad when I stopped playing but if this is the average that is pretty bad indeed. I miss my Minotaur too
  15. HotshotJimmy

    Bots - there is a plague of them

    They know how to; Aim Move Focus fire 1/3 of the player base only knows a 1/3 of those points