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  1. Clan size so we can move them up from other groups and then we'll get working on the goodies.
  2. The fact that it works for all gun reloads is a reason I have it on my Bismarck. Close quarters expert and dreadnought awards go hand in hand on that ship
  3. Minotaur against an Enterprise. No worries
  4. Ye just watched the video, that seems either pretty bad or pretty lucky, it doesn't really corellate with my experiences of this ship. Most die from torp runs
  5. I've had issues with Lions in game but Conqs? They just sit at the vack spamming their crap. Its one reason I stopped at KGV because what's the point. I can get around 7-8k salvos from my Mino but if they run away you need to start the grind on them all over again. Ye it could probably be nerfed but just from my experience it seems a rather boring and unexciting ship to play. For those playing it, is it really the monster people make it out to be?
  6. I don't know what it means but I did an update of my graphics driver recently and I've so far not encountered any crashes. It might bave just been a coincidence but i've found that NVidia throws its toys out the pram if my drivers are more than five seconds old. Worth a look I guess.
  7. Just for a second I thought we were discussing cruisers but then I realised its about the BBs. I personally always use priority target nowadays but it seems a good strong captain.
  8. If they did another timed event for the captains I'd not have a problem with it, or if they suddenly sold him in the shop for 99p and a packet of quavers i'd probably have a grumble about it for 30 seconds and then i'd be ok and get the f*** on with playing the game. This game is unbalanced but thats why its still bloody good fun and a special captain in ok hands will always be trumped by a good player with a 10-12pt captain. No hypothetical situations please, you know in a random match anything goes and having JD can add or detract from that so really is it unbalanced in a normal match when you take all the other ships, their captains, the players skill level, the modules they have loaded and RNG into account? Nope. Now going back a bit; Did players have the opportunity to get JD fairly? Yes Did everyone get a JD? No Should it really bother people? Thats up to them Does it bother me? No Does it bother me i've missed out on things I wasn't around for at the time? At the time yes, but not after that has passed I will say this though, we've done seven pages of back and forth and for the most part its been civil which from my experience of reading is rare on here
  9. The balance in the captain department as you put it will always be unbalanced because as im sure we are all aware not everyone has or uses a 19pt captain so with that in mind as has been said this captain doesn't make a massive game changing inbalance to a game. I mean christ your ship could still detonate and blow ol' Dunkirk's hats off and then what am I going to do with my turret traverse. It isn't a big deal and as for your last part I don't begrudge it. I just think that if we give in to the whiners all the time it'd be a pretty sad place. Not to mention if you want a perfectly balanced game go shoot your friend in the exact same ship as you from equidistant starting positions several hundred times and let me know how "fun" it is. PLAYERS HAVE HAD THEIR OPPORTUNITY AND THAT TIME HAS NOW PASSED. What is so hard about this to grasp
  10. And there will be other captains to be against the current captains so there is no "permanent disadvantage" just the I play RN but missed the special Dunkirk campaign people and I bet there are alot more Non Nikolai or Kami R players out there. I got the point mate, its just one you don't like and I will respect that.
  11. No because not everyone would have the chance at getting that. Those who owned WoWs at the time had the chance to get Dunkirk. That's the difference.
  12. Well this is certainly a can of worms And this is what I was trying to say earlier in the topic. If anything I could have played devils advocate and said that the bigger smoke is a big bonus to concealing BBs but WGs taken care of that teamplay once and for all. I dno lads. I've read through all six pages and if I really really squint alot I can see why some are peaved now but I just feel that this isn't as big a problem as its being made out to be and my point still stands. It was a special event in relation to a film of said event and it is a one off and probably won't be repeated. There was more than one way of getting him during the event and if after all that you were still out of touch from civilisation for two months in the desert with no wifi then there wasn't much to be done.
  13. Fact? Got some figures to go with that fact? Do you have an image showing the same player playing the same ships twice one with the captain and one without? No two games are ever the same so this skewing you talk about is utter pish and not really fact at all also added to that is players select their own skills so some of Dunkirks abilities might be used differently to another players captain. I'm not talking about Segal, this chap wants his Dunkirk captain as he wasn't around at the time of the event and basically that ship has sailed (pun intended). Its not just "my special toy" either as i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one out of the thousands of players who have the captain and use him on a regular basis. My opinion has zero value as does everyone elses but unless you have evidence for this so called fact then your own opinion is one i'd like you to kindly keep to yourself.
  14. I would rather it was a bonus for playing the game more than having to buy more game which it was so I have to disagree, it's not wrong in my opinion. I could use the argument that other games also do this but you'd retort by saying that doesn't make it right so I feel this difference of opinions won't be settled so as the saying goes I agree to disagree on this one. Those who have it and those who don't will mostly like not see eye to eye on this topic.