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  1. I just find it hilarious that RN BBs will have HE loaded always and only load AP if they go up against DDs long live those fuse times I say! It'll be interesting to see how they are used. Personally I can bet they'll sit back and HE spam anything that moves. Hopefully not though.
  2. More worried about the smoke nerf that might be coming atm. I'll still play all the RN ships whether its the Conq or the Mino.
  3. Interesting video thanks. Well we'll see how they do. It's all well and good having a BB that can hide at 11km BUT if they are spotted easily with aircraft and focused these ships are going to suck and suck badly because you'll be running away most of the time to get hidden. If their guns are good I bet I can make these things work
  4. 800 Mino games and counting
  5. There are a few of us in 5D that only play tier 9-10 on a regular basis. Personally I only play the Minotaur unless I need to do some sort of fire mission. Check it out;
  6. So ye I was a little deflated to finish off with a cracking game of 150k+ damage and 3 kills to then find I won 1mil (that seems ok) and 6 flagsa dn 750 free xp... The whole thing seemed ok but it wasn't a sterling finish by any mark in my opinion.
  7. Moving too fast?
  8. It could be possible that the person shooting at you actually isn't spotted but you are. Position is key to this because if you make sure you're not spotted by the enemy in other places of the map and someones smoke is obscuring you from the person you're shooting at you can shoot at him from open water and still not be detected.
  9. Well I play nothing but RN and you are wrong it works fine now, it is not bugged "anymore" , It was though because I was also one of the ones complaining about it but it has been fixed. Anyway why did you reply? I assumed you were buggering off again...
  10. RN Smoke is not bugged fyi. You get one last puff before it stops so you were using it wrong.
  11. I play the Minotaur and tbh I don't mind it. So no they stay.
  12. Medusa but yes it is an Omega Class Destroyer
  13. Well we will always have his videos and i'd be interested to see what he might want to stream but considering his talents for the oddball gameplay you kind of tell he was already bored. Sailing behind enemy CVs, alongside enemy Yamatos etc. But hey he's not dead, just changing his style and/or taking a break
  14. The Neptune did its damdest to make me hate it. Detonating, losing turrets, just generally being a bloody roley poley compared to the Fiji or Edinburgh BUT in its premium camo, whith the flags, the right winds of MM and jesus she is ruthless beyond belief. Raking in the citadels, throwing out torpedoes and watching that damage counter roll . Neptune was a love/hate relationship all the way to the Minotaur and it was dam tough getting that XP. I think it is more enjoyable now because I don't need to care too much about that. Best is the Minotaur don't get me wrong but Best/worst? Definately the Neptune for me.