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  1. Ship Detection Changes on the PTS

    Well I think that depends on their hardware or is it actually coded there is a delay?
  2. Worth checking LULZ

    Pop back into the forums after a hiatus on WoWs. See the first post... watch the video. Leave for another year or so. Man it was bad when I stopped playing but if this is the average that is pretty bad indeed. I miss my Minotaur too
  3. Bots - there is a plague of them

    They know how to; Aim Move Focus fire 1/3 of the player base only knows a 1/3 of those points
  4. Remembrance

  5. New US Cruiser Worcester

    Hey, German humour is no laughing matter But thank you for making more people aware because if I have to hear another American prenounce it wrong there's going to be some teamkilling
  6. stop punishing good players with your stupid system

    So how good must you be to get chat banned alot? That small number beside my name is 190 so is that good or bad? If that's a good number then I must be appaulingly bad in game
  7. Russian

    These Russians get everywhere these days eh...
  8. Weapon lock bug

    Had it really badly the last 3-4 patches, however, with this patch at least I don't need to restart WoWs for it to be reset but ye it can be a real hinderance to close quarters shooting.
  9. How do I get my standalone launcher back?

    Its like a handicap really.
  10. HMS Hood crap

    This. You can sometimes suprise a DD with an AP salvo because of the fuse time but ye she doesn't turn on a dime. Fantastic speed for putting fear into Cruisers though and just watch as they bounce shells why you do max damage or the odd citadel in her. Hell I've had some good fights kiting Tier 9 BBs and still doing some punishable damage. Use that speed, long and thin hull to dodge shells. Torps? Just don't go near small ships and you'll be fine.
  11. US Cruiser Line announced to split up "soon tm"

    Worcester? Heavier Minotaur?
  12. Can someone explain this?

    Wonder if latency and ping etc come into it. Somewhere theres conflicting reports so you get the damage of both but only show one hit. I don't know. This certainly isn't the first time and considering they don't have a fix yet certainly not the last.
  13. WoWS available via Steam beginning Nov 15th

    Should be good, I already use Steam with WoWs
  14. Clan buildings priority

    Clan size so we can move them up from other groups and then we'll get working on the goodies.
  15. The fact that it works for all gun reloads is a reason I have it on my Bismarck. Close quarters expert and dreadnought awards go hand in hand on that ship