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  1. Should be up to date. If something changes, poke me, as always. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  2. Main post will be updated today. Also, thank you for all the PM(s), but unfortunately, I won't be able to answer them all. It's close to 90-something messages and judging based on a quick look at some randomly selected few, the questions and feedback is mostly overlapping, so what I'm gonna do is to read through all of them and then post some answers to them here. However, consider that it may take me up to 4 - 5 months to get to it and read it all, maybe even longer. All them PM(s) related to recruitment, please, come back to this topic, once I'm finished updating it and we'll have a new and fresh Discord link for you to join in the main "intro" post. Once you join our Discord, poke our recruitment officers there and they'll most likely schedule a meet-up with you and guide you through all the steps necessary to join our team, if you prove to be a good fit, of course, so best of luck! Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  3. Discord join links have been included and old recruiters have been edited out. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  4. With the upcoming changes coming, I feel like this topic will go bazinga! Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  5. We're currently reworking our web-site and other changes happening as well. If someone's still interested in joining and want to speed up the process, please, make your first step contacting me on Steam @ https://steamcommunity.com/id/t3h3th32/ If, by any chance, you get an error message, claiming, my friends list is full, contact LionHearted @ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198394779559/ Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  6. TTT, lower your shields and prepare to be boarded. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  7. Answered. In the meantime, I wish you best of luck. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  8. Ahoy, we still are, but it takes quite a bit of time nowadays, as we're drawing near to 50 - 50 capacity, but feel free to ask your questions down below. I'll try to give you a prompt answer. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  9. Indeed. Trials are nowadays happening inside Team Battles 7v7 environment. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x
  10. Thank you. You'll definitely see us around derping. We still are recruiting, but you'll need to get your hands on more T10 ships, which are a bit more competitive in TBs. Check some YouTube tutorials for that. Cheers, ~t3h'Pâr4d0x