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  1. If its the Royal Navy Destroyers missions and containers then why a camo for the comonwealth Haida and not the RN Cossack? in game it is a seperate line, but if they group them together then i agree with PeterBrooks_1 let us use RN captains in comonwealth ships and vice versa, maybe with a higher retraining cost? I love the Tier VIII Cossack and dont mind the matchmaking sure you are never top tier ( or even seccond top ) but doesn't matter if they cant see you :D
  2. sneakyscotsman

    Jean Bart – a Tier 9 in the Premium Shop?

    I really dont have an issue with WG selling whatever they want ,it's a business afterall but the prices are creeping up and up with every new ship. What would be nice would be the ability to try out premiums on a "firing range" as you can in Warthunder, i've got a lot of premiums from containers (last christmas was unbelievable almost every container) but half of them i dont play , would hated to have spent £65 without trying it out.
  3. sneakyscotsman

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Finally got it back up and running. I have really tried to like this and to a certain extent the CV part is OK (i'm not a CV player) my biggest gripe is the new AA for all other classes, PLEASE WG GIVE US THE OPTION OF FOCUS FIRE!!!! the new mechanics of simply choosing a side of the ship to buff AA on is the most dumbed down ,boring, non engaging way you could possibly have done this. If this is whats coming why even bother with any player imput for AA at all just leave it to AI. I've got the CV test , the normal test and the normal client and the CV one is the least played of them due to playing in games with 3 CV's a side and basically no input for AA. BORING!!!!!
  4. Commander! We invite you to take part in the second stage of testing the updated gameplay of aircraft carriers. We have re-sent your login and password to the test server. Everything worked fine for the first stage but now when i try to update the client to the latest version then all i get is the reply from support was pretty unbeleivable for a company wanting people to test their product: Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Customer Support Team. I understand very well how you might be feeling regarding this case. Unfortunately commander I must inform you that we do not support the Teste Server. In such situation, the only thing I can suggest is to check our forums: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/485-public-test/ Also you will be able to find all the information regarding this topic on the following link: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/public-test-0711/ If you have any other questions, feel free to come back to us. Have a really nice day. Apart from the fact that all the links point to the latest test servers NOT the carrier test srevers its not realy the response you would normaly expect from SUPPORT Oh well back to the normal server i guess, im not wasting my time figureing out wargamings issues
  5. sneakyscotsman

    Halloween - Terror of the Deep

    Finding the subs fun but a bit repetitive if they were in game it might be different with the need for more strategy, also need to be able to fire deck guns manually when forced to surface. It might be nice to not loose oxygen at the same rate when at periscope depth as opposed to fully submerged.
  6. sneakyscotsman

    Did you get a Bonus Mission from the Great 8 Containers?

    I usually buy some containers (after getting a ship every four to five containers last Christmas) but these are way over priced so won't be bothering. For the price of 12 I can get 10000 doubloons and 11250000 credits.
  7. Agree with Asthaven, ships need to be able to focus fire AA on the squadron they want not just a vague port/starboard choice. I actualy found myself turning to broad side TB's and ignoring enemy ships. I was also getting shouts for fighter support from differing points on the map, all as urgent as each other but unless im missing something i can only call in fighters to my squads current location. It's also too easy to slap DD's about with rockets when they are hiding in smoke (as long as they fire ) simply scattering them in the rough area usualy gets some hits.
  8. It was only my opinion but, Ok let me re-phrase that in the context of this particular game the graphics are substantialy better with regard to the AA than they were before the update. With regard to gameplay ,yes i would agree 100% it is the over riding factor, but BF2 gameplay was a lot better than BF1( a hell of a lot IMHO ) But after going back to play it you think meh its ok but...... Unreal tournament was excellent in 1999 (you dont know Fraser Boyd by the way? mate of mine, pro as well ) on release but so was the mk3 Golf hell so was i at a spritely 30 yrs old but it's not about what we want unfortunately, im trying this out but im sure no matter what i or the majority say what will be will be. By the way don't tell my wife i know nothing about games FFS i get enough grief with the amount of time i play as it is. started on a commadore 64 in 1982 at the ripe old age of 13 LOL thanks for making me feel old. Just a final thought I dont play CV very much at all and although this is better from a non cv capt. point of view I dont think this will make me play them much more maybe drop in on the odd game but thats about it. , but i can see why people who play a lot in CV's are Pissed
  9. Just decimated a Midway with HE from a worcester in next to no time, to be honest i think the driver was so focused on his planes he didnt notice what was happening. He may have been new or maybe his first outing but the carrier just sat in one place till he burned down. Its only the first full day so lets see how it goes, my first outing wasn't exactly spectacular :D Still dont agree with Dybcor that " Good player in CV should decide the tide of a battle , its simple smarter wins, dumb sheeps loose, simple" sorry but that attitude helps nobody, I understand that if you put a lot of time/effort into one type of gameplay and it is changed beyond recognition it sucks, but reading some of the coments in the forums you would think WG are sacrificing some peoples first born. I do agree with philbill that CV play will not be near as decisive as it was but it may get more players to engage in the CV ? only time will tell. Why is everybody saying carriers must sit still? If you go into map view you can move all you want no matter what else you are doing with your planes. OH by the way the new AA graphics look AMAZING!!!!
  10. The only thing i did not like when playing in a Worcester was the new AA selection thing, i saw a squadron of bombers and fighters on my right but couldnt target the bombers only which side of the ship was to get the most protection, desimated the fighters but hardly touched the bombers
  11. Again just first impressions from a VERY rare CV but frequent cruiser player, from the CV side as has been said AA is pretty fierce but not much in the way of indication of heavy/light ,full squad to smoking wreck in seconds. But from the other side i much prefer the old way of selecting a particular threat to focus fire on as opposed to just saying port or starboard . Quite enjoyed the torpedo bombers but it would be nice to be able to see where the torps went if the squad is wiped out even some sort of replay just untill you get your eye in. Would agree with JuneauEu on 2 points the dive bombers reticule is too far forward you think its on target but when you drop in you need to speed up to hit the mark, and the response of the planes to directional commands is simply bad A/D or mouse controll lag so much i was looking at the front of my planes at times. BUT to be fair as a Beta i enjoyed my first outing in the CV. My only other gripe is (and this is personal) it would have been nice to try all the ships with enough credits etc to actualy service them between battles, played a battle in a Ranger and had to go out in a half arsed Worcester due to lack of funds to even put all the modules on it. There will be better CV players not having to do this but WG manage it on the public test server ok. again it is FUN :D
  12. Just played my first game in carrier and i could go to the map at any point and set a course for my CV, just press M then set a course then M again and back to active squad oh and AA is pretty fierce
  13. Well the first issue is sitting waiting on a match with 38 carriers 1 battleship and 1 cruiser in the que lol
  14. How do folks miss this ? been on the loader for over an hour
  15. sneakyscotsman

    British Destroyers: Consumables - Discussion Thread

    I have the Acasta, Icarus, Jervis and Cossack. I really like the Jervis and Cossack not so much the other 2. I do have a 19 point commander which really helps i suppose, they do take a bit of getting used to compared with other DD's but the quick reload on the smoke (premium) means you're only without smoke for 30 seconds. You do have to be vigilant with regard to radar due to your speed but the aceleration and maneuverability are really good and with concelment expert you have 700 meters to stealth torp in the Jervis, 1km on the Icarus ok its 0km on the Acasta but 4.5km in the Cossack (i know its prem). the fire chances seem to be pretty good and im ok with the rate of fire although the travese speed isnt too good especialy on the Jervis but overall I'm enjoying them.