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  1. sneakyscotsman

    PTS - General feedback

    When i play CV the camera follows the attacking planes as normal but after the drop doesnt cut straight to the remaining squad but keeps focused on the ship im attacking , its almost a chase view of the ship its only for about 3-5 seconds but makes it very difficult to miss flack when you are 1/2 km away from the action.
  2. sneakyscotsman

    Are you still enjoying the game or you are going to uninstall?

    I used to spend a fair bit on this game and was giving WG the benefit of the doubt to try to work out this mess, but it just gets worse Anyway i havent played for a week now and thats probably it for me,sad really but ive found other games to play that seem to be out of the BETA testing stage.
  3. sneakyscotsman

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    Still no RN CV's unfortunately
  4. sneakyscotsman

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    collection just gives the usual alternative cammo for the British line agreed it would have been nice to been given access to the British CV's so as we could have at least tried them.
  5. sneakyscotsman

    Haku 8km torp comedy.

    This just sums it up, according to Sir_Nelson testing the Giulio Cesare whilst all the CV rework stuff is going on is ok because the Giulio Cesare IS NOT AN AA SHIP SO IS NOT AFFECTED BY THE CV REWORK....... really from a "senior game designer" ? Obviously everything in the garden is rosey.
  6. This makes perfect sense to WG they change the CV torps so that they go all over the place then give 2 chances of floods one at each end of the ship just where your new CV torps will go if you as much as breath on final approach lol you couldnt make this up
  7. If we buff radar enough everyone will forget about the CV's
  8. sneakyscotsman

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    Completely see where you are coming from, i was just using your quote but it wasnt very clear sorry You see WG thats how you comunicate with people
  9. sneakyscotsman

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    I realise that English is not your first language but i was not reffering to you i was asking why WG want feedback on something that is not available so if youd like to draw your neck back in (scottish colloquialisms) and stop being abusive it would be much appreciated ...thanks
  10. sneakyscotsman

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    LOL so why ask for feedback
  11. sneakyscotsman

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    Ive got the update but cannot conect to the server it just tells me my email or password are wrong .... they arent ? never mind im logged in now for some reason
  12. sneakyscotsman

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    Ive got but unable to log into servers. it was supposed to be live for me yesterday at 16:30 GMT but ive been unable to log in at all
  13. sneakyscotsman

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    Unfortunately I don't think there is a solution as they are 2 completely different game styles and and you either like one or the other. WG will not go back on this rework anyway in my opinion, but the hotfix is pleasing nobody.
  14. sneakyscotsman

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    I'm one of the people who WG are trying to Target with this, I never played CV`s as I didn't like the RTS style, and to be honest I was beginning to enjoy the CV`s (only up to tier 6 so far). It did screw up my DD`s and I was a DD main, but only played a couple of times due to the permanent spotting. Unfortunately this hotfix has managed to kill the CV gameplay as well. Ryujo was unplayable my torps were all over the place (think I might have shot down my own squadron with them 😂), can't get near anything with bombers so it's back to buzzing DD`s with the rockets, so nothing sorted and nobody happy. If T10CV`s were OP then Nerf them but not this blanket approach, all it means is AA cruisers every game.
  15. sneakyscotsman

    Public Test of Update 0.8.1: Round 2

    THIS ^