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  1. Hi MrConway. Could you please explain the 35% sudden increase in the premium shop for Turkish players? Are you aware how inaccessible your products now?
  2. I am not being ripped off, never said that. What you are missing is you are comparing the prices from your point of view. €40.52 is still extreme with the current economy here. €27.38 was OK ish. Would you pay €144 for a Tirpitz? You don't need to, thanks.
  3. It's normal but before the increase they deliberately used to keep the prices relatively low so that they were purchasable. Now they are extremely expensive to purchase. I can clearly say that I will not be spending a single penny with the current pricing. Even if they make the summer sales campaign as they did last year. To give you an example the 100xPapa Papa flags used to cost 12TRY on Sunday and now it costs 16.5TRY Leningrad before: 75TRY now: 102TRY Tirpitz before: 150TRY now: 222TRY So, good bye premium shop.
  4. They certainly changed some policies. The prices are increased by 35% in Turkey in one day. I think they used to keep the prices low due to high Euro/TRY exchange rates but now it's back to where it is. It's impossible to buy anything from the shop if you are living in Turkey. @MrConway
  5. American Cruiser Collection

    ok thanks
  6. American Cruiser Collection

    How do I get that item?
  7. American Cruiser Collection

    I thought the collection was supposed to begin with the 7.5 What am I missing? https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/usa-arc/# https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/american-cruisers/
  8. Grozovoi in Ranked

    Nonexistent, In a fairly balanced season the only ship I saw once. So it may need a little love.
  9. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    So it's hard to define what is called a "star chaser"
  10. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    Well I still think that's not a major problem, I've had one or two frustrating games with "star chasers" but that's it. And the chances of getting those in your team is equal. High tier noobs is a bigger concern for me.
  11. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    This I know. As impossible as implementing a "perfect" evaluation system it is also impossible for one to perfect his skills towards keeping a star instead of winning a game. Those who master their skills towards keeping star can also master winning.
  12. Whats really wrong about ranked.....

    If the game knew who to appreciate correctly; top loser keeping the star would be no problem at all. So the real problem is not "top loser saves a star" but the XP valuation system.
  13. Prinz Eugen in my Port. Why?

    Thank you kindly for taking your time and responding to this post. As the OP and the mentioned veteran who received the Prinz Eugen for free and supposed to come back as a result; I have a word or two. I appreciate your good manners and efforts to bring back some players back. But objectively I must admit that the methodology you are using to do so is quite irrelevant. I am telling you this as a professional with an experince of 20 years and who works on service design to improve customer experiences. So why is giving away a T8 premium ship is irrelevant? Because you have no idea why I left for 3 months. Without knowing the reasons you can not create solutions. THAT SIMPLE Your company has no understanding of building empathy with their customers and finding important insights. Great solutions to problems come out from observing and understanding your customers experiences. Now after accidentally noticing that there is a PE in my port(That is another funny story) what WG sounds to me is a company that is trying to bribe the said veterans. Sounds funny? Totally fine, you need these funny stories to create innovative solutions. You need more qualitative researches not only the quantitative ones. As a great suggestion my friend @MrConway ; if you(WG customer relations department) had tried to get in touch with me via skype etc. and tried to understand what the problem would be it would have been much more effective than a PE. If you'd like to learn more about human centered approach and improve your customer satisfaction please feel free to contact me via pm. Who knows we might find ourselves doing business in the future :) Best, xeno
  14. Prinz Eugen in my Port. Why?

    Ok thank you for the info. Actually it's a nice motivation to uninstall and come back again a few months later. Haven't received any mails about it.
  15. Prinz Eugen in my Port. Why?

    After a 3 months long brake I re-installed WoWs for the ranked season. Just noticed by chance that I appear to have a Prinz Eugen in my port. I didn't buy it nor won in a supercontainer or smt. Can someone explain me why? Thanks,