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  1. Seatle downgrade...

    Seattle is great. Faster reload, heal, more HP, better AA, better radar... It's not an upgrade as other lines get from T8 to 9 but Cleveland is already too strong for it's tier. IMO if you perform well with Cleve you do better with Seattle. If you don't perform with Seattle you will most probably suffer Wooster. OFC there might be exceptions:
  2. This. Plus you don't lose 152mms but you do the 76mms. ManAA is much better for endgames.
  3. Guessing contest [up to 10k doubloons]

    How RPF(RL) was reacted by the community when it was first introduced. As it is now with the CV rework...
  4. So, how about some love for the middle tiers?

    WG thinks: people playing for fun can play any tiers they wish. For the competitive let's keep it TX.
  5. T-61

    This is the most influential reason. Even if you are a good player and sailing a good ship it's hard to carry when you are bottom tier. Wicked T6.
  6. Cruisers Update

    No! Please no body lock this thread. This is hilarious.
  7. Please put me out of my misery

    Yes it is. Yet another tip: Keep your priority target number as high as possible. You attract the pissed off BBs shooting at you instead of ur teammates. You have it as high as 6: you are the king. It is 0 but you farm fire damage: you are useless.
  8. Deepest Ever Water Torpedo

    Bugs happen:
  9. The Moment Premium Time Ends

    Hi Shaka, Thank you for sharing, very intellectual terms, they suit the situation perfectly. You are taking it a little too serious tho :)
  10. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    Not stopping till I get my well deserved hug. btw are you the security officer of the forum?
  11. The Moment Premium Time Ends

    No, you dont get it, I don't expect you to tho...
  12. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    lol You are funny mate :D
  13. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    With the release of T-61, the only balanced midtier will be polluted with another p2w ship. T6 ranked will be dominated by T-61's Edit: (reference added)
  14. T-61 finally coming - and get it a week early!

    This offer is designed for you and players like you who have tons of doubloons. WG does this on purpose. btw you don't get early access only but you get the T-61 itself if you spend 25k d.
  15. The Moment Premium Time Ends

    OTOH, with your sparkling intelligence you decided to comment on this stupid thread and keep it rolling. I have the right to share any silly and unworthy threads as I wish and you have the right to ignore them.