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  1. They are so super I can't celebrate the anniversary enough. GJ WG.
  2. Would you buy it if you had 6000 doubloons and 165k free xp?
  3. Molotov. -Guns: they are fantastic. Great velocity and accurracy. Preferable turret lay out. Potent. You can easily punish broadsiding cruisers with 20-25k AP salvos. The only reason you might wanna consider buying the ship. Another benefit of playing the Molotov is that it teaches it's owner positioning and survival skills due to its fragility. You will have great games with krakens and dev strikes. And you will have full frustration games by losing 95% of your hp by a Bismarck salvo from 18km without even firing your guns. And Murmansk is a Murmansk. A very good ship but I dont see a point buying it while you have a Marblehead. So, enjoy your Molotov.
  4. What is the compensation for buying the Ishizuchi again with 50% discount. Are we going to have full doubloon value like we did in the summer sales? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know what the compensation is if you already have the ship? We are spoiled after the 50% summer sale full doubloon compensation.
  6. What if you play in your "free time" ?
  7. I agree with you there. Still nothing justifies calling people fool who want to spend money as they wish.
  8. How dare you call someone who spends money as he/she wishes a fool?
  9. Thank you. I thought Minotaur could be great as an attacking midfielder. Agile and fragile with a great attacking potential. I think wings need pace :) lol. Don't think 11 CR7's can carry a team. Need defenders too :)
  10. Hi Guys, Goal Keeper(GK): Hakuryu - Unique playstyle Left Back(LB): Z-52 - Defends like a boss with hydro Righ Back(RB): Gearing - Great team work. Assists attacks when needed. Center Backs(CB): Großer Kurfürst - A fantastic brawler, does not let the torps pass with hydro. Yamato - Team needs a defender with great strike ability. Defensive Midfielder(DM): Des Moines - Great zone control. Punishes any sneaky DD's Center Midfielder(CM): Hindenburg - Does the heavy duty Zao - Punishes opponents with long range strikes Left Wing(LW): Grozovoi - Fast, sneaky attacker Right Wing(RW): Khabarovsk - CR7 Striker(S): Shima - Great positioning ability with the best striking power ever. What do you think?
  11. Just completed all 5 stages. I already had the Emden from the Santa Boxes and I thought I would be compensated in doubloons but I wasn't. What a dissappointment.
  12. In which of my post am I asking whether a ship is good or not? Besides, forums are places to ask others their opinions and thats literally what I am doing here. Why would one care about what you take yourself as a problem? And last not but least, as a sugestion: Dont post, just to post. Otherwise you appear as a person who has opinions without any knowledge. My personal reasons only bother me. Only I can decide what for me a valid reason is. Sorry for this negativity. I think I have an allergy to nonsense.
  13. There are some reasons for one to want to skip a ship or two. In my case: -I prefer playing high tiers -I have limited time and wouldnt like to lose time grinding a boring ship. (ie. La Glassoniere was horrible) I was thinking of skipping the german bb line and asked a friend about his opinion. Then decided to play and totally loved the whole line. Thats why I am asking to the comunity for their opinions so that I dont miss a fun ship.
  14. If the Scharnhorst was offered I was going to buy for doubloons. I would like to thank WG -without sarcasm- for preventing me spending more.