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  1. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Good luck to you too :) Thank you for trying, but perhaps our paths will cross again at a later date.
  2. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    We don't have a minimum tier for the simple reason people can grind through very quickly with FreeXP. Which is why we normally imply a rule of a minimum of 500 random battles to keep a standard. For now I intend to enforce that standard.
  3. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Yo. Sorry but you currently don't meet our requirement of a minimum of 500 random battles. You're free to come back once you reach 500 random battles :)
  4. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Bumpity bump.
  5. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    PM sent in-game.
  6. Hello, you're welcome to join us at RBMF, we're just a small European clan mostly made up of british folk. You'll find us messing around most days at almost every tier. If you're interested feel free to join us :)
  7. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Bumpity bump :)
  8. Valentine's & French camo

    Was curious about the new french camo so bought some. French Revolutionary Camo - 200 of these for £29.98 +30% to credit -3% to detectability range by sea +4% to dispersion of shells fired at you by enemy ship +75% XP Valentine's Day Camo - 200 of these for £29.98 +100% to commander XP -3% to detectability range by sea +4% to dispersion of shells fired at you by enemy ship +100% to XP earned in the battle I consider the Valentine's camo better value for money, unless you really need credits.
  9. Aigle in the shop

    Although not announced on the news page, I can confirm we do get these missions. They have already started and are in the game now. So, for the people with a lot of spare time out there: Yes, you can get this ship for free.
  10. Aigle in the shop

    As stated, the premium french destroyer Aigle (eagle) is in the shop.
  11. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Looking for players with Tier 10 ships to compete in the clan wars! Please send me a message if you're interested :)
  12. Musashi - Opinion

    Probably with High School Fleet camo.
  13. Musashi - Opinion

    what are you on about? Is this bait or is this just some sarcasm.
  14. Musashi - Opinion

    I'm seeing quite a few comments on freeXP so I'll just share a couple more of my own thoughts. 1. If you have 750k freeXP lying around, and you don't want to spend it on a tech-tree branch. Then get the Missouri. It's a great ship with incredible offensive capabilities for a battleship. And the credit earning is beyond belief, it does put a smile on your face when you get a fantastic game and make over 2 million credits. And if you already have the Missouri, then get the Musashi. Again it is a fantastic ship, mostly because it is at a tier that it doesn't belong at. Yes you will spend more time camping or sailing slowly around the back, 14-15km from enemy ships. But the sheer power of those 460mm guns simply doesn't care lol. And you will still be making credits and can rack up commander XP. 2. FreeXP these days is very easy to absorb IF you are a premium player. For example after researching the Nelson I dropped down to just under 240k FreeXP. Then in december we had the double XP week... and then the triple XP week. During those times I played all my tier 9 and 10 ships every day with premium camos, signals and special signals. With all that combined, if I had a good game. I easily made 11-12k FreeXP. A great game? 15-16k FreeXP. And if you were lucky and had an insane game. 20k FreeXP. By the end of December, I accumulated about 1.3 million FreeXP. However, the thing is I had the resources to do that. Premium time, consumables, flags, signals and a lot of tier 9 and 10 ships and time to do it. A lot of people don't have this. I think it is fair to say, gathering FreeXP is a variable. The amount you can get changes for everyone. So I wouldn't be surprised if say, all you had was a tier 8 ship and no premium time, signals, consumables, camos and a lack of time meant that you getting 750k freeXP could take a lot longer... To gather 750k FreeXP in a short amount of time is not accessible to everyone. So saying "FreeXP is easy to get these days" isn't strictly true.
  15. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Still looking for folk to join, especially if they fancy some clan wars battles :)