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  1. CptMinia

    A final question for moderators/CMs

    Hello, I'll try to help, though I have 0 experience with the steam forum or steam moderators. I didn't even know they were privateers. However if that is the case then you must contact @YabbaCoe. They should be your first point of contact as a privateer. I suggest sending them a DM through discord or addressing them directly in the privateer discord. @Karasu_Browarszky Thanks for the mention. Kind regards.
  2. CptMinia

    Lucky me...

  3. CptMinia

    Frankly suck at this sort of thing but..

    I shall see you on twitch.
  4. CptMinia

    What happens to the forum mods now?

    I concur with my fellow moderator's post.
  5. CptMinia

    Farewell and THANKS!

  6. CptMinia


  7. CptMinia

    Farewell Fourmites.

  8. CptMinia

    an farewell to all :(

  9. CptMinia


    Hello folks, Well it seems as though WG is dedicated to shutting down the forum servers and community, so I thought I should contribute once more by addressing my fellow forumites one last time. When I joined the moderation team almost four and a half years ago I didn't think that I would outlast the forums, I thought I would step down, quit, and then fade away as I moved with the times. I thought if I stopped volunteering on the forums it would be my own decision, but it's clear to me now that won't be the case. I do think this decision is silly, but I can understand why WG's attention is shifting entirely to its largest active platform, but I don't see the necessity in sacrificing the smaller community for it. Some of you will have seen me, or know me, perhaps personally. I have spent over 4 years volunteering for WG, through the forum moderation team, twitch moderation team, and discord moderation team. I was a senior moderator for twitch and more importantly the official discord and spent considerable time supporting it from its infancy, and while I am fond of discord the fact is it does not cater to the smaller and more slowly paced forum community; it is afterall a live chat and therefore sometimes moves too quickly to be able to contribute lengthy and well-structured posts. Though I do expect some users will join the official discord, I've already seen a few familiar names, I can understand if it does not appeal to others. But know that you are welcome to join the official discords, to contribute to the discord feedback channel and perhaps even join us in a voice channel for some battles. With that said, I would just like to thank those that made the forum an enjoyable experience and contributed towards that. Special notes to; @Benser33, @Wizard27_1979 and @Klopirat for their help in the QnA sections and in general. @Leo_Apollo11 and @T0byJug for their quality posts. @lup3s who for many years running has provided us with the seasion's greetings by taking it upon themselves to run a christmas lottery. And finally my fellow forum moderators who have been there to work alongside myself so we could support eachother, some of whom I've had the pleasure to meet and befriend. @Arty_McFly @floribe2000 @Excavatus @Gaso_ @Floppyz @Silentraz @Carnivore81 @Nadrick For those of you who will join the official discord, I look forward to seeing you there. As for the others, well, goodbye and thank you.
  10. CptMinia

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    This comes across to me as a silly, silly decision. But it is what it is. Gentlemen, ladies, I bid thee farewell.
  11. CptMinia

    Topic Deleted? Duck Dismissals

    Hello, Topic locked. Regards, Minia
  12. CptMinia

    Topic Deleted? Duck Dismissals

    And where exactly did WG blame the players? Please show me...
  13. CptMinia

    Topic Deleted? Duck Dismissals

    Not that I am aware. I really doubt such action has or would occur. It would not be in WG's interest to punish player progress due to WG's own mistakes.