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  1. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Recruiting as always :)
  2. I agree in a sense, it is not too much a problem at the lower tiers. Kongou, Nagato, Amagi, Colorado, Wyoming, New York etc can all be citadeled and take heavy punishment easily. A bit because I assume most people in the lower tiers are still new to the game but also because they don't have the armour schemes of higher-tier BBs. I don't mind german turtlebacks simply because A. All the superstructure burns beautifully and B. They still take some very hard-hitting broadsides if RNG allows it. But where I believe it went wrong was the lowered citadel on the iowa, missouri and montana. Now I know this was partially because they needed just a very small buff and for historical reasons, i.e the way their armour is supposed to work. But I believe gameplay comes first and I don't believe for a minute that they needed a lowered citadel. The player should be experienced and knowledgable enough at tiers 9 and 10 to know about angling and basic game mechanics. Something that is now relatively rare, it's why I now spend a lot more of my time seal-clubbing at tier 4. tl;dr Yes, the game leans more to the RNG and luck side of things than knowledge, skill and tactics and it's a bit of ashame.
  3. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    We are recruiting!
  4. Hard to Play with High Tier Destroyers!!!

    I had no problems with the Z46, pretty standard play style. Get a flood, set a fire and watch the counter go up. It's not the best dd to contest caps or get in close quarters. Personally I don't think its a stat problem, I think its a player problem. More specifically the amount of radar in this game is becoming mad. There needs to be a counter to radar, you can't really rely on teammates in random battles.
  5. Seattle range bug?

    I've realised my error, the A hull has a 15.7km range when range is upgraded. But the B hull does not share the same range. Is this intentional or a mistake? I really hope it is a mistake that will be fixed soon.
  6. Seattle range bug?

    So I researched and bought the seattle and upon upgrading it I noticed the range was 14.7km, which I found weird seeing how it is much shorter than cleveland? So I checked the wiki and found it lists the gun range at 15.7. Same for wows stats website. I checked my commander skills and upgrades but I have none that reduces the range. Any ideas? I am a bit lost.
  7. Summer Sale 2018

    This post has been edited due to being off topic.
  8. Azur Lane Collab

    These captains are quite over-priced... they cost the same as special/legendary captains... but you don't get the added bonuses. Yeah, fair to say I'm going to avoid this for now.
  9. That's not how it works...
  10. Fix T10 matchmaking.

    What I mean, is everyone goes A. And then they just sit there and all die... it's boring. It's in my opinion the worst map of the game so far. Apart from old Tears of the Cruiser....
  11. Fix T10 matchmaking.

    I agree with you entirely. But it's gotten to the point in which once I'm loaded in the game I will wait about 2-3 minutes before I actually start moving about just to see where I am needed and what I can do. And I also believe it is pretty evident that WG should try and solve this issue, we all know about it and we certainly hear about it every weekend especially. And since WG is trying to improve the matchmaker I would believe they also agree there is enough evidence to try and improve the situation.
  12. Fix T10 matchmaking.

    Well, this is pretty much just going to be another weekend whiney thread. So many games the past few days in T10 in which we just have battleships sticking to the borders of maps, destroyers who refuse to go anywhere near caps and cruisers that just seem to go off on their own and do their own thing... Honestly normally I refrain myself from posting these threads but these past couple of months have been so bad I have to wonder, what is WG doing about it? I'm pretty sure they used to say they didn't want people to constantly play Tier10 which is a reason for the low or sometimes impossible profit from T10 games. But these days with the help of flags (which you can now buy for doubloons... heh) permanent camos and premium time, you can even turn a profit while using premium consumables. It also doesn't help that the game has become a competitive ground that welcomes no skill. By that I mean it seems much harder these days to eliminate cruisers or score big hits on enemy battleships. There is no-longer the huge punishment you got for making simple mistakes. I would not encourage the complete banishment of new T9 and T10 players, but I feel like slowing the process of new T9 and T10 players and economically limiting the amount of battles new high-tier players can play is something that should make a return. Oh, and also if WG could either remove or completely fix the "Sleeping Giants" map, that would be great. Every f****** game is "Lemming to A and all die". It's a campfest on both sides and is no fun whatsoever to play.
  13. Some interesting info around the world

    New american cruiser split confirmed for 0.7.5 https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/us-cruisers-changes/
  14. Client crash

    Same issue, sent support ticket. WG replied to me in russian... thanks, and seemed to think my computer was the problem when clearly I am not the only victim... Someone forgot to feed the hamsters.