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  1. Rank 1 for the first time

    Just got my rank 1 this morning about 15 minutes ago after a celebratory glass of whiskey. OP has made very good points, many of them valid and bang on. When I played the pilot season of ranked battles I was extremely disappointed, I saw the loopholes in the system and on top of that at the time there were no significant rewards. Same XP gain but you got some flags and credits for each rank up bla bla. So I ignored ranked season and kept ignoring it until season 10 since I desperately want a premium T9 DD, so the Black. And my god, some of the shocking games I got even up to the premier league. But, I committed myself frequently on mornings between 6am and 8:30am to play ranked and get some stars in. I set myself a simple rule, if I win, I keep going until I lose twice in a row. And I am happy to announce after 160 battles I have made it to rank 1 for the first time. So congratulations to those that have made, and good luck to those finishing the grind today!
  2. Bug in Cherry Blossom - 5 Star impossible

    Look at the Minimap, there are two liberty ships running away. Assuming they didn't get sunk after the screenie, then this is a bug. There should be a star for saving those 2 ships from the DDs that spawn at the start.
  3. BBV/CAV implementation idea?

    I asked the question to Sub_Octavian concerning the CV rework, he basically said although if the CV rework is a success it raises the chances of ships like the Tone and Ise being added to the game, but it is not a priority and therefore no promises.
  4. Salem?

    Wait for Bourgogne, it is most likely to be the next coal ship.
  5. NOT touching ranked ever again.

    Im sorry but ranked has been like this since... well forever... I played the pilot season and absolutely hated it and never touched ranked again until season 10 simply because... it isn't ranked. It is a noob grinder, any muppet can get to rank 1 if he is stubbornly committed enough and I'm sorry but that is not how it should be. Ranked should be taking player skill into factor and it isn't since clearly complete potatoes are getting into the higher leagues. I am ranked 2 at the moment and I don't normally check stats or whatever but in ranked I do and I'm honestly trying to work out how so many 600, 700 and 800 XP average players I find playing manage to get to the top 5 ranks... Only way I can see ranked making a recovery which will actually invite and interest more players really is to introduce a skill-based matchmaker. But with the amount of other projects and priorities I doubt this will ever become a reality.
  6. Server down Thursday 07:00 CET

    The server restart is every thursday at 0300 hours. It has been that way now for more than 3 years. The update times are announced early.
  7. Crashing

    First things first, disable mods or run the game in safe mode. See if that changes anything. Also run an integrity check which you can do so in the settings of the client, that will run a scan and replace any corrupt files of the game. Also can you provide an error log so we can take a look at it, it may give us an idea of what to look for. You'll find the error logs in your game files on your drive.
  8. Ise the BBV in Blitz

    It was answered in a recent QnA for the CV rework that if the CV changes prove successful then Ise and Tone will have a higher chance of being introduced into the game. However this is not a priority so no promises. But I certainly hope that they can be put into the game, and as soon as they do I'm buying them.
  9. Server down Thursday 07:00 CET

    They announced server downtime on Tuesday. Updates are generally announced on Tuesdays and Released on Thursdays.
  10. Anniversary Event

    That's a f2p game for you, it's very hard to start off so you spend a bit of money on it. Then when you got a decent amount of tier Xs, 19 point captains and a few premiums you don't need to spend any more on the game. I mean I got 211 days of premium time left, and I haven't bought any since christmas 2016 to 2017 because the christmas containers kept granting me 180 days and 90 days of premium time. On top of that I have 18 tier Xs and 17 19 point captains, so I basically have no need for doubloons, freexp or captain xp. So you don't need to buy doubloons, premium time, camos etc. You need a ridiculous amount of time spent on the game to be sustainable. And that's how f2p games make money, simply because people want to reduce that time, speed up their progress and therefore spend money. I certainly did lol. But point is, it would be very nice if WG were as generous as they once were with camos and containers. Right now I really wish they added more daily containers, from 3 to 5 I'd be happy. When containers were first brought in the game you used to get 10 signal flags for example, now it is 3. It's a bit rubbish really, especially when you get useless flags frequently lol.
  11. Anniversary Event

    Put it this way, if you kept playing the halloween mode throughout the event at the end you came out with a year's supply of premium camo. I mean I myself got over 200 of them or so, whereas a friend got almost 500... depends how commited you were obviously.
  12. Anniversary Event

    I don't really see that as a trick, it's not news that WG has become less generous with particular events. Operation rewards are disappointing, last year's christmas containers were nothing like the first year's containers. And the halloween rewards from 2015 were miles better than last year since you could collect a lot more halloween camos which is always welcome. But at the same time I can't really be frustrated about it, we still get fun events and positive updates consecutively. Yes I'd prefer a bigger birthday party than this, also wouldn't mind getting supercontainers and special flags for each tier 10 you have like we got last year. But I actually doubt that would happen again because WG, so no I'm not surprised nor tricked. I simply expect it.
  13. Anniversary Event

    There'll be some more news on the 17th I imagine. Lets not forget Halloween event is also coming up which is good :)
  14. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Nope, no trial period. Join and leave whenever you want to, we're just a bunch of nobodies who fool around every once in a while. Reason we ask for average stats is we want people who are already aware of the game, the mechanics and who have developed up to the mid-tiers and basically know roughly what they are doing. If you want to join you're welcome to hang around with us in discord. Or you can pretend you don't exist if you prefer. :)
  15. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Average statistics.