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  1. CptMinia

    My clanmembers are 🍆 and I'm scared.

    @Yoshanai Pot calling the kettle black eh? The Minia swears by pledge, in your darkest moment, in your time of need. The Minia will appear to uphold the pledge.
  2. CptMinia

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    Hello folks, Can I please ask people avoid posting if it brings nothing to the topic, thank you. Hello @GrazyC2, I apologise for some of the posts that were in this thread. Anyway please allow me to give you some advice and say that you need to stop thinking about other people, seems most of your posts is putting the fault of losing on your teams and not having credits for signals and upgrades. While not having signals or upgrades can be a disadvantage, your ship is still capable of contributing to any battle. If you want to get better yourself you need to start thinking about how you're playing and what you can do to improve instead of blaming anything but yourself. The core skills that make a player better is knowledge, situational awareness, experience, positioning and motivation. If you want to get better at this game, you need to put in the effort to learn and in a game like WoWS there is a lot to learn. This will take months, but work on the basics and understand them and you will see an improvement fairly quickly. If you are feeling motivated and want to learn and get better, I would suggest looking at educational and tutorial-like gameplay from Community Contributors on youtube. iChase in particular springs to mind with their "how to play" series. I would also recommend finding and joining a clan which is willing to division with you and put in some effort to guide you during battles. Do both those things and you should be improving both the theory and practical of WoWS gameplay. Kind regards, Minia
  3. CptMinia

    The Game is still crap

    Hello, Seeing how this thread is neither constructive or positive and just a conspiracy theory I'll be locking this topic now. Regards, Minia
  4. CptMinia

    EU server is $hitting the bed

    Hello, Sorry for the late reply. There were issues at the datacenter yesterday, this issue was resolved yesterday as far as I know. I'm afraid it was just one of those things that happen now and again. Regards, Minia
  5. CptMinia

    Graphics setting

    Now I feel old, back in my day games were locked to 24FPS.
  6. CptMinia

    Show off your set-up!

    Very nice! Not too many purple setups out there so good to see something a bit different too, but do get out of the kitchen when you can lol
  7. CptMinia

    Graphics setting

    FPS - How quickly a program is able to render images Resolution/Quality - The requested video settings for said images that are rendered. The higher and better the quality settings, the longer it takes for your system to render the images therefore the lower your FPS. Hertz - How quickly your display can refresh rendered images The higher the Hertz rating your monitor has the "smoother" your display will be as long as your system can produce the equivalent or more of the frames needed. For example one of my monitors is rated at 144Hz, so as long as my system is pumping out 144FPS or more then I am doing very well. But keep in mind that while my FPS may be higher I will NOT see a difference because my monitor simply cannot refresh the display fast enough. FPS in a game like WoWS does not matter much, you will barely notice a difference between the 80FPS limit of WoWS and 140. Keep in mind most monitors are 60Hz standard. FPS is a value which is far more important in fast-paced, competitive games like Counter-Strike were things like reaction time matters.
  8. CptMinia

    game center cannot connect

    Hello, reading off what you have said, it sounds to me like something is still restricting access or corrupting your files. If you've checked all your local firewalls and anti-virus applications and your OS and drivers I would now look at your connection and routing settings. Regards, Minia
  9. CptMinia

    Can i port my account into Steam?

    Hello, in-short yes. In long words, it is very impractical and while there is a way to use your WG account to login to WoWS via steam you will not be able to get any goods for WoWS from steam. Your account will still be treated and work as a WG account, not steam. You can modify the steam WoWS client to log-in with your WG account but that is about it. Honestly I don't know why people have done this, I can only imagine maybe because the WGCenter does not work for them. Either way, I don't see any benefit at all to use steam over the WGCenter or WoWS client. Regards, Minia
  10. CptMinia

    Public test registration

    Hello, Your best chance here will be to contact customer support here. Regards, Minia
  11. CptMinia


    Hello, no plans as of yet for any operation that was removed to return. As someone else mentioned they will return once they have been fixed and changed due to the corresponding game changes but currently operations are not on the table of priorities. All you can do right now is wait until such an announcement that work on operations has returned. Regards, Minia
  12. CptMinia

    Moskva compensate?

    Hello, Compensation for Moskva is you will get the Moskva replacement in the tech-tree, which will be the Nevsky. Regarding the camo and legendary modules, you will most likely keep them but no information on the specifics yet. You will get more information when the relevant patch notes are released. Regards, Minia
  13. CptMinia

    Show off your set-up!

    Someone enjoys music, that's for sure. Nice wee setup that :)
  14. CptMinia

    Show off your set-up!

    Sounds good, but this is "Show your setup". Pictures folks pictures!
  15. CptMinia

    Show off your set-up!

    I'm curious about your fan set-up there, what's going on with that?