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  1. Some interesting info around the world

    New american cruiser split confirmed for 0.7.5 https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/us-cruisers-changes/
  2. Client crash

    Same issue, sent support ticket. WG replied to me in russian... thanks, and seemed to think my computer was the problem when clearly I am not the only victim... Someone forgot to feed the hamsters.
  3. What is the point of the karma number?

    It's pretty useless, I myself am currently sitting on 144 karma. Which is funny seeing how I don't consider myself an amazing or particularly kind/polite individual. Then again I tend to remain pretty positive and encourage my team in any situation no matter how small the chance of a win might. As long as there is a chance, never give up :) Maybe that's why I get complimented every now and again.
  4. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Bumpity bump bump bump.
  5. Is Yamato still worth the grind?

    Only stinkers in the line would be myogi and possibly Izumo. I know it was bad, but it has been buffed quite a bit now.
  6. Wait what? You thought, because you did NOT get to buy the special offer due to a fault that may have not been their own, that you would be compensated the 1,500 doubloons from the offer? That is what you are saying...?
  7. Asashio.. Please shelve

    Akizuki is good and fun. Harekaze is good and even more fun. What's the trend? Small, fast loading guns with good torps. Asashio is not at all that which is good to see. But I wonder why they've limited its capabilities so much. Well either way I will probably still buy her. But I doubt she'd be as fun as the harekaze.
  8. Azur Lane Collab

    I look forward to this since I'm trash. Also traps are not gay if you don't know its a trap.
  9. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

  10. Hello, we're an english speaking clan who tends to play casual and also compete in clan battles. Unfortunately I don't believe we have any swedish folk, but we do have players from the UK, Germany and France mostly. You'd be welcome to join us if you wish. Below is a link to our clan recruitment page. Hope to hear from you soon :)
  11. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

  12. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Good luck to you too :) Thank you for trying, but perhaps our paths will cross again at a later date.
  13. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    We don't have a minimum tier for the simple reason people can grind through very quickly with FreeXP. Which is why we normally imply a rule of a minimum of 500 random battles to keep a standard. For now I intend to enforce that standard.
  14. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Yo. Sorry but you currently don't meet our requirement of a minimum of 500 random battles. You're free to come back once you reach 500 random battles :)
  15. [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Bumpity bump.