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  1. CptMinia

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    Obvious to say, the USS Black. In my opinion a very strong DD which is very good in map control thanks to the good detection, speed and guns but to top it off is radar! I've yet to play any other ship in ranked, but I believe Musashi and Jean Bart are also good choices and I think Alaska or Kronstadt wouldn't be bad either. Preference to Alaska probably. I think it's a bit obvious that premium ships stand out a bit more than tech tree ships, but I'd probably throw in some recommendations such as Fletcher/Chung Mu for DD. Donskoi/Buffalo for CC and Alsace for BB.
  2. CptMinia

    Massive updates everytime!!!

    Set it administrator permissions then.
  3. CptMinia

    Increased hardver requierements for game?

    Hello Note, as far as I am aware there is no more support from WG for your GPU. And it is weak, I think there is a possibility your GPU is not only struggling with the game but is also compromised by the fact the game is no-longer designed specifically for a GTX650. Though I'm surprised to see noone has asked you if you have any crash logs, re-installed drivers and at what resolution is your monitor? There can be other reasons for what you're experiencing, but even if the reason is not your GPU it can hardly be called a waste to upgrade from a 650... Regards, Minia
  4. CptMinia

    Update error message on boot up

    Try running an integrity check, you can do so in the "settings" option on the game client.
  5. CptMinia

    Dual monitor launch issue

    Hello, I don't understand what you mean by "middle bottom between two monitors" but I assume you mean the game itself, not the client, is invading your other screen? Please make sure your display settings are both according to your monitor specifications and your game's video setting is set to either full-screen or borderless with the correct resolution for your primary monitor.
  6. CptMinia

    sound issues in game when using discord

    Make sure your playback devices for both discord and WoWS is the same device, so either select them both to your speakers/headphones or set them both to use any third-party audio software.
  7. CptMinia

    Various bugs and no answer from support

    Hello. Update seems to have gone fine for me, this option sounds particular but I'm a bit confused. Do you mean you can't see the buttons to enter those pages or does nothing happen when you do? If you can be a bit more technical with exactly what you're doing and what isn't working then maybe I could help a bit more. As for support, considering it's a new update, a lot of announcements and gamescom is on it's possible they're a bit swamped and will take a bit more time to get to you. Kind regards, Minia
  8. CptMinia

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    Not a lot that can be said really, doesn't look terrible but I can see limitations if the only way to force a sub out is with depth charges. Then again their play looks relatively limited at the moment. Though I'm curious to know how much more damage torpedoes do in homing mode, if I understood right they do more damage if you get consecutive hits in homing mode? But I don't really know, not been watching the stream much because I found it a bit cringey really...
  9. CptMinia

    Research Bureau In A Nutshell

    Moved topic to the relevant sub-forum. Regards, Minia
  10. CptMinia

    CGD Global Cool Down

    Hello, I've changed your text colour so I and others using the dark theme can actually read your post. Interesting stuff, I have noticed this strange behaviour in the past but I thought it was just because I lock my guns a lot and because I'm forgetful I mess up when I switch to torpedoes... so I've always assumed that was the reason for torpedoes not firing. Also not particularly sure why you've tagged us moderators for this thread, not exactly like we can do anything about it because, well we're moderators. We're not WarGaming employees. I'll be happy to pass the thread on to hopefully get some answers, but I can't promise anything. I'm curious though as to why do you think this particular problem arises from the delay with single-fire? Are you able to replicate this problem? Have you contacted customer support or published a bug report? Kind regards, CptMinia
  11. CptMinia

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    @CaptStevSmith There you go, I've added your poll and to reply to the question. Yes, I will probably be resetting multiple branches to get my hands on premiums and freeXP.
  12. WoWS is not an fps, it is not a first-person shooter. I get where you're coming from, but it's not an FPS. Otherwise, I mean yeah, there are far grindier games to play than WoWS. Look at Heroes and Generals...
  13. For looks, I have to go Yamato. Always loved her. But favourite to play is a bit harder to choose, I think the LoYang, Harekaze, Atlanta/Flint are right there in my heart. They're just so much fun.
  14. CptMinia

    Troll Players

    Hello, I'll be locking this thread since there is nothing constructive to talk about here and we've already had several of these threads in the past. As for whether players who purposely troll receive any sort of punishment, all WG can say is yes or no. They will never give details because they are not allowed to publish account information of other players, that includes penalties they have incurred as far as I am aware. Kind regards, CptMinia
  15. CptMinia


    Hello, Thread locked, the announcement has already been made on the forums since the 14th and we already have a thread for submarines so, you're a bit late.. Regards, CptMinia