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  1. CptMinia

    Transaction error

    Hello! I'll pass this on, but seeing how its the weekend don't expect a reply until Monday. Regards, CptMinia
  2. CptMinia

    Money back for faulty advertisment

    Hiya, moved to a more appropriate forum section. Also, can I please remind folk to stay respectful. Thank you. Regards, CptMinia *Takes moderator hat off* I'm going to need a gif for this... Right, I'm not a man of law but I don't think this would pass muster if I'm honest? At least not without a long and costly struggle. Also there is currently a refund option in the game, Arsenal to be specific, until the 27/03/2019. Could refund your ship for the full amount of doubloons it was sold for? Better than no refund lets be honest, although I understand if it isn't really what you were hoping for. Best of luck.
  3. CptMinia

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    Hiya, Removed the names of those in the screenshots. Please do not name and shame. Regards, CptMinia
  4. CptMinia

    kicked again from server tonight

    I know that there have been connection issues due to routing, unfortunately this is something beyond what WG can do really. Not sure if its still a problem at the moment, but WG is working on it. I'm sure they'll have more news at some point.
  5. CptMinia

    HMS Lion Upgrades

    Pretty much no benefit but the extra HE damage and fire chance really. It's a straight up upgrade though, all I can think of is you might get a few more overpens with AP on cruisers.
  6. CptMinia

    Map boarder

    If they stay in the border long enough they'll lose all their speed, so long as you have decent aim they're going to get punished. So no, don't think the border needs to do damage as well.
  7. CptMinia

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Hello! I've cleaned up the thread, please avoid provoking other players and negative posts, there is no need for them at all. Keep it clean guys! Regards, CptMinia. *Takes off the moderator hat* Right, now tipping in as a player... there are going to be good days and bad days. I think it's pretty safe to say the matchmaker does not take into account player skill, recent winrate and any other particular stats. The only player side details it takes as far as I know, is ship tier, class, and nation. I think it is entirely reliant on the ships and not the players. It explains why the gameplay may vary so wildly, some days you might have an 80% WR over 20 games which is great and other days you won't be able to get a single win. In which case do what I do which is brew a nice cup of tea and work on a motorcycle :P Point being, do something else you like. Alternatively, if you want to push through the struggle, meeting some decent and friendly players that you get on well with and which you can reliably play together is an option if you aren't already doing that.
  8. CptMinia


    @IrishAce Merged the two topics, please don't create a topic if there is already a thread made for it. Forwarded the server issue to staff. Regards, CptMinia.
  9. CptMinia

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Thread has been cleaned up. Please keep it on topic and constructive! Regards, CptMinia.
  10. CptMinia

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    I dunno, I haven't played british CVs. Been pretty busy on my end.
  11. CptMinia

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    I'm missing your point. Feel free to PM me and explain to me exactly what you think is wrong. Now keeping this thread on-topic please. Considering I have 200 RTS CV battles, and more than 70 of them at Tier 8+. I think I can share my opinion thank you. There is also the fact the new CVs impact every class, so considering I have plenty experience how the gameplay was before and after the CV patches, I am allowed my opinion. Forum mods still have to follow the forum rules themselves and you can find the way the punishment systems works there. As for red text and mod posts, we are allowed to use them and make them. So I can use red text when moderating this forum and keep to clear text when I'm just being a player :) As for USS Yorktown, we already have Enterprise in the game and considering CV rework isn't over. I really doubt we would see her any time soon. Keep in mind, I only get access to information regarding forum moderation. I get no clues or early announcements as to what comes next for the game. So if they announce Yorktown, I'll learn of it the same time as you. Now please, keep it on-topic folks! If you have questions about moderation feel free to PM me.
  12. CptMinia

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Yes, it would essentially be spam. And there is no rule about having to seperate moderation posts and player posts. Keep in mind I am a player, just like you. I simply volunteered and was accepted to help enforce forum rules when necessary. Now, back to keeping it on topic. Edit: Note I also changed the text colour between moderation and my own input on this thread.
  13. CptMinia

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    The game changes and moves on, the CV rework provides a fresh base to start over that I believe is better considering the issues that could not be prevented with the RTS mode. At least with this rework, there is a chance to get it right and I'm seeing it.
  14. CptMinia

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Well, I don't see it that way. Considering I had a 65% WR in CVs before the rework. Would hardly call that "getting my arse kicked." Yes I can, that's why we have different game genres... And you're relying on your opinion... which is to think that I haven't played against a good CV yet... to disagree with the fact I approve of the CV rework? Riiiight, okaaay. Well, that's a childish statement and I don't believe I'm that selfish.