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  1. Hello, Necromancing is a forbidden art, as such I have placed a magic seal with my other-worldly powers on this topic to prevent the dark aura from spreading! Kind regards, Minia
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    T10 Russian CV - Nakhimov

    Hello, Topic cleaned up. Folks keep it on topic, controversial political history does not belong here. End of. Regards, Minia
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    chat banned for want!!

    Hello, Topic locked. Regards, Minia
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    The gospel of Femennenly

    I never stated miscommunication was WarGaming's only weakness, my point is in reflection to the involvement of Mouse and Chobittsu in the Yukon debacle. Not WarGaming as a whole. Put it simply, my focus and attention is on Mouse and Chobittsu. Not WarGaming, I have no expectations from them anymore. I plan to just enjoy what I can and keep taking part in the community groups and activities that I feel comfortable with. However it would be nice if WarGaming surprised me. I am aware, but I can't entirely agree with you due to prior experience. It's really a people problem, it's not just a language barrier. It's also a regional barrier, a culture problem, a social problem, a mindset problem. Working with an international team brings together people from all sorts of backrounds and what some people consider normal in one place may not at all be acceptable in another. People's behaviour and ideas are all different and when you bring people from all walks of life together you'll find that they can't always agree or even respect eachother. Now I don't doubt for a second that there are such problems within WarGaming. But are they limited to WarGaming? Not at all. But I think there is more to it than just this. I just can't be bothered delving into it, I have neither the sources, knowledge or experience specific to WarGaming to get a good grip on it and frankly, it's not my job or in my interest. I just want to keep reading LittleWhiteMouse's reviews in the future. Regards, Minia
  5. CptMinia

    The gospel of Femennenly

    Very well written. It is pretty much what LoveZeppelin said. Any major suggestions is never going to make it into the game, realistically the most they can do in a short period of time is very minor changes. For example the "demount all" option for signals, which took months to make it in. A lot of suggestions are raised but ultimately no suggestion is as simple as "add or change this". I think a lot of suggestions are made by people who have no experience or knowledge of how much work has to go into developing and implementing community suggestions. This is what made the Yukon a golden opportunity for Mouse and Chobittsu. To keep this on topic, there is also a hint. An implication in Fem's video that communication between regional teams and offices with developers back in StPetersburg was complicated. Every suggestion that has a chance to get to the table has to go through a series of lines of communication and as we know, communication is not really there at WarGaming.
  6. CptMinia

    The gospel of Femennenly

    Hello, So I'm going to break my silence because frankly, this topic and the attitude that some people have expressed towards LittleWhiteMouse and Chobittsu makes me uncomfortable and angry. It is evidently clear that the situation between Mouse, Chobittsu and WG has been caused by the continuing issue of lack of communication at WarGaming, this is undisputed and is a fact which has once again resurfaced following previous and the latest acknowledgement from WarGaming that they have to do better. This is a repeating theme and we need to keep in mind that WarGaming invited Mouse and Chobittsu to have a voice in the project and to my understanding there was no contract or term of employment. This was one of WarGaming's regional offices reaching out to two of the NA community's highly appreciated members and this, despite WarGaming's poor reputation that they've built up themselves, is a golden opportunity for any respectable member of the community, regardless of region. Reading Mouse and Chobittsu's posts over on the NA forums as well as listening to Femennenly's video. I think it is somewhat fair to say that the communication for a period of time was not only an issue but was simply not present. The understanding Chobittsu and Mouse had was that they would be pitting a well-developed idea and plan to WarGaming regarding a ship for Canada day. This was their understanding for over a year, but according to WarGaming this was not what was asked. I really must stress this, how would you feel if you worked on a developed project for over a year only to then be told near the end that it's not what was asked of you? The blatant lack of communication as well as respect for the project is not just disturbing but surprising, were there not monthly meetings between Mouse, Chobittsu and WarGaming were apparent problems could be raised? The most likely scenario I can run in my head is that WarGaming just listened to Mouse and Chobittsu in one ear and out it went in the other, falsely leading Mouse and Chobittsu to believe that things were proceeding normally for a period of time. But at this point I am just theorising, however another fact besides the apparent lack of communication is this. WarGaming was leading this project. They are responsible for running the project efficiently, respectfully and keeping involved parties informed. They have failed and this time they didn't just let the community down once again, they hurt Mouse and Chobittsu. I do not believe Mouse was naive or didn't expect to encounter any issues or disagreements with WarGaming. She and Chobittsu were given an opportunity, a really good opportunity in concept and I believe WarGaming had some goodwill about it at first. Unfortunately their execution was bad and this time it's worse because they have damaged a major component of the community and that is the volunteers and contributors and they have done so by setting a fire on Mouse's lawn, one and if not the most highly appreciated community member we have globally. Her reviews and activity spanning over the course of years is a trove of treasure and honest critic and the way WarGaming first tried to handle the fire was nothing short of fascinatingly hopeless. I am referring here to the suspicion that is Gneis being put under the bus. It is a repeated practice in the gaming industry that shows a lack of understanding and professionalism in hopes of a quick resolution. This is something that Mouse was quick to rebut. Mouse and Chobitsu are to be pitied and respected. This whole situation has made a lot of people unhappy and has been tiring to follow along with and talk about for all sorts of members of the community. Players, Volunteers, Moderators, Community Contributors and WG. However there is hope to a positive ending that would open up the possibility for the rebuilding of trust that has been damaged or lost from this now that Sub_Octavian is clearly making strives to find a way to open up said possibility with Mouse and Chobittsu. One being, the latest announcement that WG appears to be serious regarding the offer of adding a brand new Canadian ship for release in 2022 with a permanent camo and flag based on Mouse and Chobittsu's design. Obviously though, this would just open the door to rebuilding broken relationships. To mend them it will take time, months of it and a big change of WarGaming's internal communication amongst different offices and deparments. I don't envy Mouse and Chobittsu, I pity them. But they have my respect for willing to get involved and take on months of work to develop a concept for the Canadians amongst the World of Warships community. It's just sad that the potential of this project was and never will be realised. With kindest regards and my utmost respect, Minia
  7. CptMinia

    The gospel of Femennenly

    Hello, Topic cleaned up. Please stay on the subject of this thread and remember to show respect and a constructive attitude in your posts. Regards, Minia
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    Stop Nerf CV's

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    Tutoring thread: BDA and tactics corner

    @GarrusBrutus @MrWastee Keep in mind, this is a top-tier game and perfect matchmaking for a Harekaze. I pretty much just roamed around the center cap blasting away any DD that dared step into my hunting grounds (I sank Akatsuki, Oland and Akizuki) while preventing the enemy BBs from being able to easily take a flank. Simply put, Harekaze is still a beast.
  10. CptMinia

    Azur lane PR4 Ships collab with WOWS

    Surprised they didn't bring us Ise... I'd happily see her in WoWS to captain my hybrids. Ultimately though, not excited with these new commanders and considering the last AL collab I doubt I'll be feeling cheeky about any bundle really. Which doubtless there'll be plenty of, especially the expensive ones containing all the commanders together for the poor souls who just want one particular commander.
  11. CptMinia

    Tutoring thread: BDA and tactics corner

    I'm being put on the spot now am I? Fine.. Honestly, it's been a long time since I've actually played Harekaze. And by long time, probably over a year? Point is I have little experience in how effectively she actually works in the current meta. If you guys really want a full analysis from my side then i'm happy to play some battles in her, try things out and come up with a conclusion. Here is what I can share from experience with her in the past. Harekaze is an absolute gem, make no mistake about it. Her statistics and abilities support and enforce the playstyle which I use particularly when playing American DDs. There's no quick way to explain it and of course some elements of a playstyle for one line can be used for others. With Harekaze I play a aggressively-defensive playstyle. If I recall correctly I used the 100mm guns with a survivability build that leaned towards a gun build. I do not recall running her with a torpedo build for the simple reason that her torpedoes are more than adequate as they are. With that in mind, using the old commander skills I recall increasing her healthpool, HE penetration, concealment and main battery gun range. The revolving factor of my gameplay with her focuses on aggressively defending key areas of the map, this not only includes caps but also angles of interest such as spotting availability, enemy flanks and high dpm HE support from teammates. My playstyle makes use of terrain, Harekaze can often be put in tight spots in open-water. The typical revolution of my playstyle is to spot, followed by torpedoes on vulnerable enemy ships with the intention to trigger flooding. This is then followed by either having the HE support I need to get long duration fires from friendlies or ensure spotting is available to smoke up and then start some fires myself. Then it's a question of rinse and repeat. However Harekaze crucially has a special advantage and that is the combination of her 5.4km detection with the availability of her 100mm/65 Type 98 guns. The same guns and shells found on Akizuki. This means that when played very well, Harekaze is always the first to engage another destroyer. She gets to decide when to pick a fight which is a strong fortitude to have. In fact it wouldn't be checked if it wasn't for her considerably low healthpool and mediocre speed. But this fortitude of being able to do a large amount of damage in a short amount of time can allow me to surprise enemy destroyers which either are in an engagement, have been engaged and lost their healthpool advantage or simply are destroyers which I can put up a fight with. For example Kagero, Benson, Oland, Z-23 when its Hydro is on cooldown and I can bully and permanently spot any DD thats detection range is higher than mine... which means every other destroyer in the game. So in that regard @MrWastee yes, Harekaze is a ship that fights dirty in the sense that she makes do with what she has. She is not a good destroyer to push flanks, but she is definitely not a destroyer I want to see when I'm trying to push a flank or cap. Her ability to do a lot of work in a short span of time is not to be underestimated. She can be a very devious little bugger when captained well. I have enjoyed her quite a lot in the past.
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    Non, je juste m'occupe de la section Anglaise normalement. Mon francais est pas parfait. C'est un secret.
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    Game disappear after restart

    Has the game actually uninstalled? Check your install location, should be in your "common" steam folder. If it isn't, I'm afraid you'll have to re-install the game. Regards, Minia
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    Bonjour, Déplacé dans la section française. Merci, Minia
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    Hello, Folks Yabba specifically asked all of you to keep to the rules. And well since some of you have ignored that call and people are complaining about a lack of moderation I guess I'll get my boot polish out. Topic locked. Regards, Minia