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  1. No problem... sometimes it *is* warranted Always opened to good match strategies .
  2. I would say above average, but not Unicum. The strategy is sound. for your edit 1- lemmings (to me) is where everyone heads without thinking of the repercussion for the battle. Which leads to what the OP brought up. which I was giving my opinion as to why some might be heading there to explain it. 2- I am a very aggressive BB player, I hate sniping and I hate staying at the back. Do I believe they should be between me and the enemy ? if you are a T8BB and I am T6, then yes because you're more tanky. if you are a cruiser, no... I want you alive as long as possible to help the team win and defend against CVs if any. Plus you'll get focused by every BB on the enemy team... I'd rather be the one focused, provided I have support not to get flanked/torped. I hope that clears things up, and BTW you came up pretty rudely on that. I don't think that was warranted.
  3. To OP: Personally, I love heading where your BB went in that game, assuming I have the speed to do it. I get an island to my Starboard and that insures that anything coming at me arrives from my bow (which is preferable for most BB). The strategy is not good if there are enemy carriers, but otherwise it makes even a WarSpite in a T8 match perform adequately (Even more so with a Dunkerque) Going center or to north-east ensures I can get overwhelmed from both sides and the bow, especially because of where BBs usually spawn on that map. Now I can only speak for myself, but I hope that explains why some of your BB decided to go there. Then the lemmings followed because they didn't want to be alone as a BB on the other side. Good luck.
  4. Francois424

    So, why don't you play Carriers?

    My reasons : - Lower Rewards - Cannot pick my squadrons like I can pick my Ammo in WoT. - Everyone should have # of planes/squadrons like IJN, it's the most fun of the two. National flavor could be torpedo/bomb accuracy, plane hardness, plane defensive/offensive power, plane speed and/or range. - Click and twitchy fingers style of play, much like Command and Conquer of old and other games of the likes. - Very bad interface IMHO. I personally feel that you should not be able to do manual drops. Much like every other ships, you aim correctly and press the "fire!" button; the rest is RNG. That would instantaneously balance some of the skill involved and allow WG to more easily balance the DB/TB hit rate and damage output by improving/nerfing them. CVs should have full control of their secondary armaments, and be able to be controlled like other ships (switching between Tactical mode and ship mode, full control in ship mode, otherwise automated).
  5. Francois424

    Question to DD players: Are you "good little soldiers"?

    I don't follow lemming trains ever. I do my best on the other side until I die.
  6. Francois424

    HMS Campbeltown Review

    Well done sir. My record is 97,524... but that was in PvE.
  7. That sucked so much on NA. I wanted to purchase the Mikasa so bad, had to wait a very long time and it only was made available to a contest, then only via PVP missions (not PvE, because [edited] you PvE players!). I got lucky, and I got mine. I really wish they would unify the regions for vehicle releases. It always make your customers unhappy, WG.
  8. Francois424

    Will the RN cruiser make high tier battles worse?

    They really wrote themselves in a corner with the HE/Fire spam mechanics. I mean it's okay when you have maybe 3-4 ships (over tier 3 anyways) that can effectively do extremely well using it, smoke or not, in your entire line of ships. But when you start having DD's and some Russian cruisers that adds to it, and then are looking at more and more lines of ships in the future that could theoricly do the same, it starts to be something to be concerned about. And this is where the corner is. What do you give the RN cruisers ? What do you give the German DD's, then the next nation, and the next ? IMHO it is good that they are stopping and having a serious look into a new mechanic that outta fix this problem for a good long while before they have to nerf 10-25 ships because of the other mechanic. I do not envy WG right now, not one bit. And I don't have any suggestions. I do know that "Monowire bullets" that ignore armor no matter what to inflict damage is a very dangerous road to take, but I believe that it's probably a very good one if properly implemented. Of course if even battleships cannot deflect these AP shells enough, the pitchforks and torches will rampage thru everything once again. It's hard enough to "Tank" as it is, and that's without the aborted nerf of the next patch, no need to make it even more irrelevant. Still looking forward to the line, personally, even if I feel I might be in the minority now.
  9. Francois424

    Do IJN Destroyers really need yet another nerf?

    I just don't want the gunboat part of Gameplay on DD, sure I'll defend myself with guns if I can, but I prefer the stealth torpedo runs approach. I seriously hope the new branch keeps that a definite possibility. If not it's wait for the possible submarines... I was rather fond of IJN Torpedo destroyers, such a shame.
  10. Francois424

    Wait for me

    ... ... Wow.
  11. Yet you *still* could never buy one. Contests are contests, I have a fulltime job and many others do as well. And not everyone visit the forums. Selling it > anything else. It's fair for everyone. Still, good luck on getting the König Albert, it's a really good BB when not uptiered,
  12. Having been shafted on NA for the Mikasa (never could buy, ever), I don't want revenge on you guys. I hope you get a chance to purchase her Good luck.
  13. Francois424

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    Fire is just stupidly annoying. I'd rather be hit by a partial penetration of equal damage and be done with it. As for cruisers, I agree. That's why of annoying RNG making 11/12 shots miss and the 12th one killing a cruiser outright, Dispersion on BB should be same as cruisers but damage gets reduced with range. That way cruisers aren't insta-deleted (unless they are stupid and come to <10km broadside on to a BB) and BB have good accuracy but need to come closer (Fixes the camping too, would you look at that !?) As for cruisers hunting DD's it's all about RoF, shell flight time(arc) and HE damage of said shells. Also having agility helps with that. So for a cruiser to be effective, it needs high RoF, good agility, low-arc shells, good HE damage. Having a long duration radar (as opposed to more charges of lower-duration) would be better. The fact that there is no CV anymore does not help cruiser feeling useful either.
  14. Francois424

    Nerf BB range if you want BBs to tank and fight

    I voted no, but I have a better alternative. The further away you are, the less damage you do. It might not be realistic with RL ballistic laws, but Fun+Balance > realism. So if you are a BB sniping at 22km, you may do 4k on a citadel. I you close to < 10km, you do full damage. Also if this becomes part of the game: it fixes insta-deleting cruisers while keeping the alpha of the BB at closer range (Cruisers will still want to stay further away) It allows for BB dispersion to be improved and the RNG lottery effect (well for T2 thru T6-7) to be curbed (adding to the fun). It also makes BB move forward (or enjoy your 50 hits games with sub-50k damage at tier 10). I know WG wants to stick closer to RL mechanic, but it simply isn't working too well at the moment, and it's not only caused by heavy repair fees, everyone fears a random citadel shoving half your health away from 16+ km. I think it's a sensible suggestion. G'night all.
  15. Francois424

    1y release - it´s finally time to nerf CVs & save the balance

    Only bad BB players complain about Carriers and Torpedoes and asked for nerfs. I will admit having asked for the "Commit circle" to be expanded threefold back in CBT (remember how good CV where then? it was an honestly good suggestion) but never the kind of nerfs that befell the poor CV players. Agreed on the L2P. Torpedo soup was never much of a problem... even as a BB player.