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  1. sormy


    kada osvajate neki brod treba vam 3 mjeseca da ljudi igraju . dajte manje vremena da se nešto osvoji
  2. sormy


    napravite razliku izmedju tierova podjenako. ljudi su dali novac ne možete dati tier 5 vd tier 7. izjednačite tirove.matcmaker je loš totalno.
  3. tier 5 vs tier 7, or tier 6 vs tier 8. I beg you long in the game so, make the game as it should once. align the quarters. another chat is your disaster I'm even a ban on the word "bad player" that I told someone. please, please soon, people will not even talk to the chat, so sharp. nor to what people can quit chat. for normal words. until this time. you are so sharp .. I gave a lot of money for this game I'm not happy. ask people what you miss ... what's the game. so many bad players have never been so. sorry im not englishman but really  thats enough.

  4. u want something a  monkey


  5. sormy

    comunications chat

    if you say bad player is not good if you say bad this is not good. So what should we remain silent and not to say anything. your chat is too hard. I published on facebook and I publish more .. better to gauge the chat this has become too strict. Do not you say something normal. What should people suffer something (normally no offense). This is a shame ..
  6. sormy

    chat and ban

    the last time of ban people for no reason. I saw it. no offense without some bad words. my friends have told me that. and are unhappy.
  7. sormy

    chat and ban

  8. sormy

    chat unsatisfaction

    if people keep getting banned for non cursing words and non racial comments then i think the chat should be removed completely from the game. if someone calls someone a coward or a sore loser or something along that line we shouldn't get banned for simple comments such as this
  9. sormy


    You make the rules because you are smarter than people from vargaming.net
  10. sormy


    if here say milk is white.you will turn to black. it's you.
  11. sormy


    If someone says they are bad players cowards and cowards do not curse nor an insult. chat should be fair normally without curses and insults but if you're a bad player and it says should allow. It is no insult. that's why you have me eliminated chat in one day. shame !!!!!!!!
  12. deduction of points-new in-game chat- and other things I want to know what could have changed the game. what you liked and what is not. Recently, the points are deducted. it was not before. I want to know why. whether the ships assembled in ''premium'' to buy ??? what do you think ???. Penalties for chat what you think about it.We gave money and looking for some news in the game. always the same table.for many young people ships are expensive .what do you think about it .
  13. sormy

    reality or truth

    there is no need ,to close the deal. it was an improvement in the game and some things we all want in the game. but since coming bad people or comments we stopped all this.
  14. sormy

    reality or truth

    you're right I do not want to answer these people - we will destroy all this and I do not want to talk to bad people