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  1. Greek_Patriot

    Symmetrical MM in 0.7.4

    Symmetrical MM would have a point if the players in each team were about the same as a matter of skill. Since WG did nothing to improve the quality of the players in each team, the symmetrical MM is basically useless. What is the point of a symmetrical MM when one team has unicum players and the other team has all the potatos? Besides: Even the so called "symmetrical MM" that WG claims to have in 0.7.4 isnt symmetrical at all. Unless you can symmetry the fact that one team has normal cruisers and the other has radar cruisers, or one team has AA cruisers as for the other team has none, while playing with CVs etc. Bottom line is that the MM is and will still be a total trash.
  2. Greek_Patriot

    Steps are being made - Matchmaking !!! Still needs work.

    The point is not to make all players go to 50% WR but to balance the MM so that the excellent, the good, and the potatos are equally distribute in the teams (something that isnt happening at all now). I totally agree with EdiJo, but i dont think that WG will do something like that. Like all the changes they make, they will just try to make all the players go to 50% WR at some point and they wont really bother fixing the MM as they should. Dont expect much. Its easier for an alien ship to land on your house rather than WG doing someting that really improves the MM of the game...
  3. Greek_Patriot

    Destroyer imbalance.

    You are not the only one with this. 9/10 battles my DDs either are stupid or afk while the enemy DDs are really good players. As for the MM most of the times its 4-5DDs, 2-3 cruisers and the rest are BBs. So when you have the potato DDs in your team that die in the first 2 mins then the game is over before you even have time to play. An excellent MM engine provided by the geniouses in WG.
  4. Greek_Patriot

    Steps are being made - Matchmaking !!! Still needs work.

    Its more likely for a meteor to fall down on earth and kill everything than WG to make a decent MM. Up until now one team has the good players and the other has the noobs/potatos. I really dont believe that this will change not even a bit. Its better to have potatos vs potatos etc rathen than having unicorns vs potatos in 90% of the games. At least with that everyone would have a decent change of playing with equally skilled players
  5. Greek_Patriot

    Matchmaking Chart

    MM will never be fixed. The same goes for that crap called rng. If you like to play something more realistic then dont bother playing this game. The game is 50% MM, 40% rng and 10% player skills. If you like to fool yourselves about something else please do. But dont try to convince the rest that you are right and they are wrong. If RNG was to be removed and MM was to be made balanced then 80% of the players would uninstall the game cause they are total useless. Since WG relies on potatoes to earn money this will NEVER improve. Simple as that.
  6. Greek_Patriot

    Noob protection

    I agree. But it will not improve unfortunately.
  7. Greek_Patriot

    Battleships are reduced to targets

    Depends. If you team has the noob DDs (which is more likely to happen) then by the time you reach the enemy DDs they will have a party with you cause your DDs would be dead. But i agree the overpopulation of the DDs isnt the biggest problem of the game. The MM in general is problematic. But i stopped hoping that it will improve.
  8. Greek_Patriot

    Noob protection

    Its not luck. Its RNG friend. Which to be honest is the same thing cause noobs depend on it for not dying. If the rng was to change OR be removed completely then believe me 70% of the player will uninstall the game. The result of that? Less money for WG. That means that RNG will NEVER be fixed, or removed! EVER!
  9. Greek_Patriot

    What is wrong with some DD Captains??

    Not only WG has made the MM a total crap, but in almost every game your DDs (by "chance") are total noobs that dont even know how to sail. The result is that they die in the first 2 mins leaving your team without DDs and no spotting of course. This makes win a dream unless the rest of the ship types can carry the game. Most of the times it doesnt. So lets all say thanks to WG for that.
  10. Greek_Patriot

    Battleships are reduced to targets

    BBs cant carry a game anymore. Its not like they are reduced to targets but rather that the other ship types can carry a game. Specially in the last few updates. How can you carry with a BB, when every team has 4-5 DDs and only 2-3 cruisers (that suppose to hunt the DDs)? Buffing a BB isnt the solution. The solution would be to FIX the f mm. But this will never happen. So dont bother complaining about it.
  11. Greek_Patriot

    Destroyer imbalance.

    I completely agree. Your team usually loses its DDs in the first 2 mins as for the enemy team doesnt lose a single DD. Furthermore wtf is that thing with 4-5-6 DDs in every F.. game? I said it once and i'll say it again. The game keeps getting worse and worse with each update.
  12. Greek_Patriot

    Buff Cruisers! / Remove Flooding!

    Crying about "nerfed" cruisers.. Nice joke. Please tell us another. Why dont you suggest they nerf the BBs more?
  13. Greek_Patriot

    Matchmaking Chart

    Cause MM as WG says is "balanced". Hahahahaha
  14. Greek_Patriot

    Matchmaking Chart

    Thousands of players complain about the MM but NOOOO its just me. Maybe if i start kissing their @sss like some or if im defending them at the forum then probably i'll get a better MM. NO THANKS.
  15. Greek_Patriot

    Matchmaking Chart

    MM is perfect! No need to change anything. Who cares about afk players in every battle, or less DDs in your team, or total idiots that die in 1 min, or lower tiers or less radars as long as new noobs play and pay. The MM is "balanced". If WG claims it is then all of the players that are complaining are just mad they are losing. I bet if WG says that the earth is the center of the universe most @sskissers will agree with them. It wont be the first or the last time they will agree.