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    One hell of a way for textures to break

    Furr Mark the GPU or something. You'll soon find out if the GPU is breaking. A lot of games don't actually stress the GPU by very much...

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    I want a SitRep on cash refunds for my Prem CVs... I have zero interest in the rework CVs but I own Enterprise, Kaga and Saipan.

    CV Rework Discussion

    Do WG even care some long time players quit? I suspect not as they've still got plenty of money out of those who have given up. I'm still salty about no cash refunds for Premium CVs. Clan mate tells me they've never offered cash refunds for ships however so anything that enters the WG ecosystem is theirs...
  4. They've basically laughed him off, much respect to Fara as he's been diplomatic and constructive throughout the rework WiP and I've liked his RTS CV content very much. Have a watch and read, see what you think.

    miliards of XP and even more of them?

    This wouldn't work in Ships as I believe the amount needed to get to 19 pts is WAY less than what it would need to max out the crews in WoT... Somewhere for the excess XP to go would be nice however as in WoT you can use up every last drop for free if you put Elite XP into training.

    Game is currently a mess. What about premium time ?

    Tank meta isn't completely flipped on its head. It's played largely the same for me the last year or so. Ofc whether that is a good thing depends on the individual player! Unlike here where 0.8.0 made Random Battles fall off a cliff in terms of playability.
  7. Since WG think it's OK to use their paying customers to test their CV rework then surely they should be paying us as play testers?

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    Using the live server full of paying customers is just appalling practice, especially when it has dramatically changed how most games are played these days. WG do what they want to do and ignore community feedback or stall/confuse people with bad Q&As.

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    "Welcome captains, we are aware of your feedback but need more data. Please go to the forums if you are not having fun. See you on the high seas!" That close enough?

    Armada 2.0: HMS Vanguard

    This is from the other Vanguard thread but I feel it should be posted again. My review of it: Vanguard is a beautiful looking ship and that's about all the positives. Ok I guess she handles well, almost Cruiser like and has fast turret rotation along with RN enhanced healing. EVERYTHING else about the ship is simply bad. 4x2 15" guns at T8 is weak, even with a faster reload they do not penetrate all that well. Sure you can target Cruisers and punish them but what BB with AP can't do that anyway? Cruiser punishing ability is hardly unique for a BB. The armour pattern is horrible, the citadel is raised and the ship itself isn't amazingly armoured. Every BB in game should have a raised citadel in order to promote more thoughtful game play but instead you hide this behind a pay wall. Now the main issue, the firing angles for the Vanguard are simply rubbish. If you want to fire all 8 guns you are simply not protected enough with your angle. Other BBs will heavily punish you when you try and work those rear turrets into the fight. Sure, the ship is meant to use the rudder more and you fire the guns in pairs rather than the entire lot in one go but that's an awful lot of work for something that is less effective than pretty much all other BB at the same tier. Don't even mention being in higher tier MM. The ships in tiers above you will utterly punish you with only your concealment as any sort of defence but at some point you're going to have to fire back and you'll find the ship lacking. Guns are very accurate but they need to be since the platform is so pathetically weak. All the above makes Vanguard a very poor choice of T8 BB, whether Premium or otherwise. If you want a good T8 BB then grind a North Carolina or Amagi, put Permanent camo on them if you want and enjoy a superior Battleship experience. Both have hard hitting 16" guns and decent armour without costing you a penny if you wish. They will give you far more potential in game and will reward you too. Cannot say enough how bad Vanguard is and believe me I've wanted to love the ship. I've played Warspite to death and Hood is one of my current favourites. Vanguard needs tweaks (buffs) before anyone else goes near the Prem shop with the intention of buying one.

    460 MM "AA gun"

    Just want to point out how historically inaccurate Hood rocket AA is too... That Yam death throes video is somewhat amusing as those dudes on deck do a hell of a lot of shouting in a way I've only ever seen in Japanese movies. Guess the situation would call for one to lose their head a bit

    Give us the possibility to refund CV

    I think if you wanted both lines you should have dumped FXP into T10 before the patch went live. I've refunded both lines as I want nothing to do with the rework after trying it out... Thought this was a topic about cash refunds for Prem CVs
  13. I've thought about the CV meta more than I've played recently I think the issue might be the fact ships can build for AA. That creates issues as the ship becomes very unbalanced as they exist to troll CVs. Which makes them sub optimal when they get non CV games. Perhaps WG could remove ALL AA modules and Captain skills with a corresponding balance with CVs? That way other than Defensive Fire and Float planes, your AA is what you've got to live with. Surely that will be easier to balance and fairer for everyone?

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    If a team throws early I'll prolong it as long as possible. Even if it's just to spite the suicide "thanks team" players...

    burning dubloons without knowing that ( ! )

    OP issue is valid yes... WoT Aslain mod has a mod where you can lock Gold and FXP so they're never spent accidentally. Would be nice to have that feature here for Doubloons atleast...