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  1. Now you're just being prejudice Yolo DDs who die first then say NEXT NOOB TEAM are just as bad
  2. October's turret rotation is so bad that I had to install the turret rotation module lol... Also pr0tip for anyone who is having problems with her armour: pretend you're a 9 gun BB as the last turret gives away too much angle. Which is actually very similar to Nikolai except the OP ship doesn't do MM vs ships that can punish her really hard.
  3. It seems Ceasar trades a few knots of speed for +2 guns and some armour. The guns themselves are competitive, they feel punch and accurate from what I've played of her so far. If we're still comparing October to Ceasar, the Italian is far more responsive to play whereas you really need to fight at the controls of the RU ship to get what you want.
  4. Someone said "Remember 1905" the other day RE this subject.
  5. Hmm true, as I actually enjoyed myself during the RU Cruiser grind. Even stuff like Budy I thought were decent ships... And yes lol Moskva concealment and the need to angle very specifically vs single targets! Don't ever go B first on any Domination maps if you want to live more than 3 minutes Moskva playstyle isn't massively different, just better armour to compensate for being possibly one of the most visible ships in T10.
  6. Basically same tactic as KGV and Monarch! Medium ranged, angled HE spammer. You just need to stay alive as long as possible, the damage will stack up. Lion rarely gets the superstar 30k+ Devastating Strikes but the HE spam and fires stack over a long game for some impressive figures. I've been on really low damage until the last 5 or so minutes where the HE spam just seems to accumulate to big numbers.
  7. I've neglected my Kongou time recently, as I've been using her T7 successor HMS Hood quite a lot. Meh fast BBs should be a speciality, they're far more common now than a year ago. KM BBs, Dunkerque, Hood, Ceasar, and probably more on the way! I still remember grinding both IJN and USN BB lines, both of which are not fast until T8 onwards.
  8. See what others say but I'm a fast BB fan. I'll happily take a loss in firepower/armour for speed. Nothing beats being able to choose engagements and October isn't well armoured enough or well gunned enough to be that slow. Your mileage may vary however! I'm sure I've seen you in a battle though!!
  9. I've had October Revo about a day now and games in her are frustrating as hell. Both Oct and Caesar have pretty poor armour (although both do have turtleback). RU BB's issue is it's a sluggish ship in both speed and turret rotation. The turrets need 46s to rotate 180 degrees WITH Expert Marksman compared to the 36s of Ceasar without, add that to the reverse turret configuration (as in you can't rotate the front 3 turrets from left to right like a Nelson/Nikolai, 2 out of your 4 turrets will always have to rotate right around in order to point the other way). For me she's no fun to play. Ceasar is comfortable to play as she's just that much more responsive. 10 guns of a higher calibre does just fine.
  10. Not the best no but FP is 100% vital. If anyone doesn't believe me then go play BB right now and test FP and no FP back to back, since respec is free for a few more days atleast. The difference in DoT damage is huge as a lot of the time you can safely let 1 fire burn out with FP equipped but without it everyone will start two fires on your middle section and your ship will take big damage.
  11. CE and FP is fast becoming the two essential level 4 Captain skills for BBs imo...
  12. Eh wut?! How does anyone respond to that... Maybe it's awesome to believe the Monty is the OP T10 monster?
  13. Out now!
  14. Get a 14 point captain with Manual Secondaries and AFT, then learn when to push. 11km secondaries are always fun. Preferably you want 18 points some day so you can add Fire Prevention onto that. If you do go Bismarck, please don't be that guy who camps at the back firing the derpy main guns with no effect...
  15. Not again...