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  1. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    Well of the few games I've played in her I enjoyed the experience. Although she's completely a glass cannon, I imagine people know exactly how squishy you are and will target you first. I'd also guess it'll be worse when the buffs come as you'll be a bigger threat if not killed quickly. But that's all part of the fun
  2. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    As much as I love the Scharn, I prefer the effectiveness of a mid range BB. Brawlers are a bit all or nothing for my tastes. 8km secondaries are lulz in the right MM however as you can troll things like the Kami and even torp it back
  3. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    Well a Massa (T8 USN Prem BB) smashed me for 28k thru an angled nose... An Alasce did 10k to me whilst heavily angled too.
  4. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    The squishiness is real yes. Ashitaka can't even resist 15" AP when angled, don't even mention 16" Guns on things like a Missouri Clanmate of mine is convinced it'll be the top T7 BB when the buffs come. Personally I will still be in love with the Hood as she's the ultimate tank and has better concealment along with superior gun handling.
  5. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    Well they are still 16" guns, I believe they're exactly the same as the Mutsu's guns. As in they shatter easier and seriously under perform vs BBs at longer range. At close ranges (10km or less) they're pretty much as good as full fat 16" AP. Again no quoting, I read it ages ago and from playing that's how they feel to me If the buffs do come then Ashitaka may well become King of T7 BBs as nothing else can resist what's essentially T8 firepower.
  6. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    NOT FINAL, so no one go blaming me when WG don't deliver...
  7. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    Ashitaka 50% off!! Dare I get it before the AP Buffs actually make it out of ST?
  8. AP bombs - a list

    Awesome list, makes me feel guilty for not playing my Big E... Interesting to know who to AP cheese and know to leave
  9. My tin foil hat is squeezing my skull

    Well the RNG in this game is why I think it'll never be more than a semi casual game. Or atleast not a high level pro gaming platform. I'm not saying the game isn't skillful but it's more of a game of risk managment and risk vs reward decisions. Your situation might have worked out in your favour another day and that arguably isn't entirely dependant on the enemy BBs skill or your own awareness due to the dice rolls. That doesn't make a game feel all that fair sometimes.
  10. DD capping, in radar meta, is for the birds

    I play DDs fine at higher tiers... Just observe a few things: DO NOT enter a cap first, let the enemy do it and spot. Going into a cap gives away your location. Look at enemy line up and observe what has radar and where they deploy on the map. Assume their radar range is your concealment distance. Remember a game is 20 mins long, so if something isn't viable then back off and try again. YOLO=Fail. If your team won't support you then stay alive.
  11. My tin foil hat is squeezing my skull

    Well IMO Monty is a prime example of how the meta shifts towards a heavy BB bias at the higher tiers. When you've got potentially100k HP of heavy armour with 12 balanced high calibre AP guns that are actually accurate then other ships often pale in comparison. Higher tier BBs can often laugh off DD attacks as taking 20k of torp damage in 1 salvo is meh as you've got so much HP and you know for a fact that DD will have something like a 2 min reload before they can try again. IJN Cruisers feel especially vulnerable because of the torps on their deck although OP's soft shelled USN CLs are also prime targets
  12. GC is the lulz. I've only played 24 game in her but my WR is almost 88% with an average damage of 90k. Granted I know my way around BBs but that's still epic. It was awesome on release but somehow WG decided to buff its Torp Belt which I really cannot figure out for the life of me why... The best way I'd describe it is that it's a Tier 5 Amagi with very similar accuracy and equivalent firepower vs the targets you face. Nothing else at T4, T5 or T6 can live with you and T7 BBs can be fire spammed. Still though, the potential upcoming Ashitaka buffs might make it a very interesting ship. (WG realise it hasn't sold nearly enough so they will give it full fat Amagi AP at Tier 7, GG other BBs at that tier and lower)
  13. My tin foil hat is squeezing my skull

    I should make a Gif of it or something. Since Ranked has low CVs I went full ret@rd mode with Artillery Plotting room and Spotter so such cheese RNG snipes were possible. Had plenty of decent strikes but only one epic long range sniper shot last season. I imagine WG staff reviewed the replay of it as I doubt I could repeat the shot now. Still a bit of a thread hijack
  14. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    I'll be surprised if WG can actually sell any more Tirps. I still remember when MMs used to be something like 25% Tirpz in every T8 possible game I've assumed the EU server has been fully saturated with them for awhile now
  15. My tin foil hat is squeezing my skull

    Cruiser life... Unfortuantely I've found that dodging late in a Cruiser can almost make things worse as you make your armour thicker and allows BB shells more time to arm inside the ship. I can recall quite a few onw shot deaths in Crusiers where I've tried to dodge and the shells have gone into me at an angle resulting in much lols. Mind you, I wonder how that Zao feels about me 1 shotting him in a Monty from 24km last Ranked Season.