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  1. Negativvv

    Jean Bart in Premium Shop and Arsenal.

    It has a rate of fire no other BB other than maybe Scharnhorst can match and Scharn has far less punching power. I don't a Musashi but I do have a Yamato with the Legendary Module. Can't say If you should get it as there might be other coal ships on the horizon. I like my JB however but that's because I really wanted to like the Richelieu but she was a disappointment.
  2. Negativvv

    Jean Bart in Premium Shop and Arsenal.

    Only played a few games in JB but I'm a fan. If you've played the Richelieu then you'll know exactly what you're getting. Except JB has buffed AA and reloads faster both with and without the reload booster. Don't underestimate how having all guns facing forward gives you in terms of tanking potential. It isn't that strong, certainly a Missouri is far better but it was summed up in a LWM review (I think it was her anyway) in that in the chaos of Random Battles a fast BB with decent burst DPM has a lot of opportunity.
  3. Negativvv

    Will old ship models be improved?

    Well the difference between Musashi and Yamato is pretty big in my eyes. WG want you to spend FXP or coal to get the updated model however
  4. Completely this, BFT is a luxury skill. For DDs atleast SE must be the first 3rd level pick. As you can quote all the DPM buffs you like but a ship with 0 HP also has 0 DPM. And yeah SI is decent with heals, smokes, reload boosters etc. I do have BFT on some of my ships but it's usually the last pick. AR is better than BFT as the buffs include Torps and it encourages you to attack!!
  5. Negativvv

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I I already own every single ship I want, including the ultra rares like Missouri, Gremy, Belfast, Nikolai etc etc... No idea why I bought crates as I'm indifferent to stuff like Gascan, Musashi and the above
  6. Negativvv

    The Asashio + B

    Meh I won a Latex edition on BF and it's certainly playable as a troll ship in Random Battles. There are far better all round DDs out there but that's not the point. The best victims are the BBs who are aware of your mega torp power as one whiff of you on a cap means they will border hug and never be a threat again. Asashio paid for itself when I nuked a full HP GK in one full salvo of torps. Was a Devastating Strike.
  7. Negativvv

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    Yes, funny how WG hide the RN's best behind pay walls. Warspite, Hood and Nelson...The upper tiers on the BB tech tree frankly rubbish, even the Conq is a joke. I'd disagree that Roma offers nothing over Silver ships. It's very heavily armoured and the ultra high velocity 15" guns are great if very derpy. Amagi is still the T8 BB benchmark in my eyes anyway and everyone can have her. You'll likely find a lack of cits in Vanguard because the higher tier Cruisers all pack some impressive armour...
  8. Negativvv

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    Uh lol so Massa is too accurate with full Secondary buffs and hits BB belts too often? Lol... Although isn't the point of Secondaries is to crush the smaller ships? I haven't done enough testing myself yet tho.
  9. Negativvv

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    Vanguard is accurate but the shells don't fly the same as Warspite and Hood. It's a frustrating ship and I don't think it can be played like most other BB. I do ok in it but I'd do better in something a little more balanced like an Amagi or NC. Needs more effort for the same result, I'm only persevering because I've paid money for it!! Hood is far better tier for tier. Great firing angles and very tanky once crossed up.
  10. Negativvv

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    Dammmn, going DE instead of SI lol... That is some dedication to the cause Could argue for it as the heal isn't amazing, even with all 5 heals from SI I don't find the ship takes more than about 100k damage.
  11. Negativvv

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    That was a strange game... I expected my team to lose as we lost C big time. Especially as our Missouri called us all idiots despite the fact we fought a decent retreat. Surprised you survived so long actually but that's why I dislike Conq as it's damage doesn't stick. Got 140k damage that game but how much of it was healed or took so long to inflict that it wasn't useful?... GG tho!
  12. Negativvv

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    I hope you're enjoying every last moment with Mrs El2azer before she's snatched from you
  13. Negativvv

    Massachusetts's Commander Skills. :3

    I find Massa with Manual Secs when paired with the Secondary Module becomes crazy accurate when firing Secondaries. Bigger ships seem like they get hit 100% of the time at all ranges... Still debating whether IFHE is worth it or not. I believe its amazing vs mid tier Cruisers but meh vs everyone else. Anyone else got experience?
  14. Negativvv

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Probably Missouri as a BB is easier to play and I can do other things like check FB on my phone or watch football/YouTube videos between reloads