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  1. When are the meaningful Battleship nerfs?

    Funny... I haven't played in the last two days. Didn't realise my hard carry had such influence DDs are a hard to play class indeed although the formula is easy. Contest caps, spot, don't sit in smoke if spotting and save the BB torping for when all enemy DDs have been sunk and the caps are in your favour. The rest is just experience. Oh and to anyone reading this and wants to DD, don't play IJN until you're experienced
  2. When are the meaningful Battleship nerfs?

    The power to nerf BBs lies in the hands of the individual... Play DD
  3. Best troll-secondary build for Alsace?

    I still advocate FP as a first level 4 BB skill. Everything else, even CE isn't as important I'd argue. Even if you go by the DCP for 2 fires only, FP will mean you actually catch fire on more than one location far less. Whilst full secondary builds might be fun, it certainly isn't funny to burn down to HE spam
  4. Is destroyer commander III set to high?

    This is very easy in PA DDs as you'll always find willing potato BB to damage farm. I got the top T9 or below DD award without really looking for it whilst grinding up to Yue Yang.
  5. What has happend to the Missouri?

    It's BB gameplay, in that they're simply derp you sometimes despite your best efforts... Whilst Missouri is better than most, she still suffers from random wobbly shots.
  6. Did the whole campaign last week finally. Had to Co Op farm the second stage with BB secondary ribbons. Will not play Aigle as I consider the ship trash tier and I've grinded enough. Bitterly disappointed Richelieu camo doesn't have the chicken bow, Marianne simply isn't as lol
  7. The argument for longer vs shorter games

    It's probably about right... Any longer and I'd likely not play as much. The feeling of wasting your time is a fairly big issue in gaming and no one wants to play 30+ mins for a game that's clearly only going one way. That wasted feeling already happens with the current game time too... The nature of Ships means the games can't be much shorter as they take a bit of time to travel to locations.
  8. I'm inclined to believe there's been a stealth nerf/buff whichever way you want to call it. German BBs take huge damage when broadside now as long as you know where to aim and can get nuked like others now. However it "could" be just that WG shows the citadel icon now for broadside German BBs when in reality the damage is still very similar? As before 20k salvos were no uncommon vs bad German BBs it would just never show a citadel and just be normal penetrations. Meh its all RNG anyway
  9. Iowa class guns- upgrade sigma?

    Missouri/Iowa need a bit of re-adjustment. Once you get used to them, they are very reliable guns...
  10. What is wrong with some DD Captains??

    I have to mention once more. I cannot figure out why some DDs will actively choose to smoke themselves up then proceed to sit inside and completely block the vision of their entire team. Said DD will invariably get radar detected or smoke torped then it's pretty much GG for that side of the map...
  11. Battleships are reduced to targets

    Lel OP... BB players just don't know when they're dead. As other classes tend to blow up straight away, the BB gets to stare their own death in the face for a bit before sinking. The unskilled or inexperienced simply don't know this tipping point.
  12. Game complexity grows, game quality degrades?

    I actually think both WoWS and WoT is simply too complex for the average gamer. As a very casual player can yolo but still get kills and probably enjoy themselves even if what they do is completely wrong and idiotic. It takes a lot of time to learn both games properly. I'm a dirty WN8 user in WoT and the amount of people with tens of thousands of games who don't even know basics like avoiding open ground, how to ridge line and when to F**king withdraw is staggering... It's part of WG's model for Random Battles. You can either rage about it or harvest the tomatoes and potatoes all the way to Unicum status.
  13. Target Aquisition Mod vs Concealment Mod

    The last straw for me was using my then brand new GK without the Concealment Module or the Captain Concealment Expert. If you spawn badly such as on the far west side of North you are simply dead from the start. You can't get into cover and people pretty much spot you from spawn so you get focused to hell as there's no other targets available. I waited until a free respec then I used the ship again... Also Concealment saves T8 BB from pain and helps them survive when bottom tier. As BBs are low volume of salvos with a high alpha they are ideally suited to slipping into stealth between shots whereas Cruisers need to fire constantly to hope to get out respectable damage unless they get lucky with fires. Which leads me back to the Cruiser issue: Why bother playing them when BBs are simply more effective for equally skilled players? There's even a selection of BBs that out spot their same tier Cruisers (or come so close it's not worth even playing hide and seek with them). How is it balanced when say a North Carolina can potentially kill the same tier Cruisers in one salvo but they need to HE spam for something like a few solid minutes of sustained fire? I was going to suggest the game is inherently unbalanced but I don't think it's true. Tweaks would fix a lot of the class issues.
  14. Target Aquisition Mod vs Concealment Mod

    Because everyone uses Concealment mod, you're pretty much forced to take it too. WG likely intended for TAM to be for BBs but stealth Battleships are the norm until they nerf the concealment builds they can equip.
  15. IJN Asashio Revisited - Again!

    TLDR is play PA DDs if you wish to troll with DW torps? The T9 thing and the T10 effort the Yue Yang get pretty scary in terms of overall ability... I laugh at the AA of this thing, might as well make it zero.