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  1. weekend specials spoiling us too much?

    Don't forget. The Commemorative Flag with the Winter Mystery Missions was already given out last year
  2. Why even bother?

    I don't mind bad players who try and play the game. What I do mind are the low skilled players who camp at the back and blame the DDs at the front who are taking 100% of the risk for the team. The pluses WoT has over Ships is that games are far shorter and one good tank can hard carry.
  3. Wows Christmas event

    WoT has had an Advent Calendar since the 1st of Dec and there's an Xmas Collection that started on Thursday. Meanwhile not even a Weekend Double here. WG playing it safe after last year's debarkle by having nothing
  4. weekend specials spoiling us too much?

    Naff all promotions on the Ships. Gone to WoT for a bit
  5. I'll believe it here when I see it, the most I can see WG giving away is a DoY. Although they did give away the Takao or whatever it's called which is a clone Atago...
  6. Should I skip Izumo ?

    This is the only thing OP needs to know. Zumo teaches you how to Yam. I spend Free XP to get the better Hull. Don't waste it on the engines as they give you no extra speed and the range module isn't a rush either as sniping is for low skilled potatoes.
  7. Can't see either being given out for free even with a lengthy grind... Massachusetts is a £40+ Prem and Salem shouldn't be for all, would be amusing to see all the potatoes in a T10 Cruiser with no idea how to use it however.
  8. Ranger totally underpowered

    1 fighter means that you have to play defensive vs IJN CVs or Saipan. Biggest threat is being sniped as Kaga & Hiryu can both one shot you and Saipan can too if they're lucky/skilled. Ranger has no torp belt lel
  9. Where is the holiday excitement?

    With 10 days before the big day and the next patch likely next Thurs it's hard to say although were the Xmas Convoy thing and the Crates already happening this point last year? Maybe they'll give away bad DoY for everyone?
  10. Where is the holiday excitement?

    The WoT Xmas stuff is fairly impressive, at least they're acknowledging the festival. WG are afraid of messing up like last year so they've decided to play safe and not bother with any promotions this time
  11. Forum Update Incoming

    The changes are fairly nice, meanwhile the WoT forum soldiers on in it's original format...
  12. Christmas containers

    I doubt they'll have the same containers again as Xmas 2015 had different gifts to last year's containers.
  13. Where is the holiday excitement?

    Tanks started early, Advent calendar and all sorts. Normal lol EU service with Ships...
  14. I remember that, it was a good CV duel. Close run in the end. I didn't have too high a damage total no but my favourite CV is the Enterprise so I tend to focus on the air battles more. Still learning how to handle Kaga properly. More CV games should be like that terms of competition.
  15. Question about dd dps

    Z23 DPM is trash, even with 150mm. I've almost grinded the Z46 and I won't be looking back. Take SE captain skill and SI even if you want more healing. IMO even good gunboats shouldn't try to 1v1 other DDs unless you carry a big advantage in HP. Losing most of your HP to one enemy doesn't always help you further the team objectives.