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    Abussive player, death threats

    Hmm. In Denmark, where I come from a death threat on the net are taken seriously if you turn it over to the police, but honestly! Threats in an online game are sadly common so the best your friend can do is to ignore it and/or simply reply to the guy with sore looser and then silence. That usually makes the offender go totally nuts and rage quit the game. Try not to dwell too long on bad experiences, as they will occur from time to time. Instead focus on the many fun games you play. Good luck on the high seas shipmates!
  2. Leonidt_Nulles

    New ship preview: Heart of Oak

    Excellent WG keep up the good work and bring us BB players the pride of the royal navy mistress of the sea ASAP! P.S.: You could make Nelson t7 with an engine upgrade, witch would have made sense just before or during ww2.
  3. Leonidt_Nulles

    Do u like the BB Meta?

    Well just play Co-op as i do, then we the bb's does indeed tank directly towards the enemy. With the new co-op playable missions to be implemented, their is really no reason to play random unless you want to be frustrated bu default. Good luck all of you on the sea of fate! P.S.: You could alternatively switch to BB's yourself, that would also solve the problem. Ha ha! Bad joke?
  4. Leonidt_Nulles

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Feedback

    I found it very fun to play and the mechanics worked rather well too. I do however ? the idea of locking the ship even if you win the scenario. True you can unlock it by paying 20db, but that's simply not fair. Make the locked time 10 min instead and remove the pay to unlock function after you won the scenario. Also when you loose don't lock the ship at all. Regarding the rewards: For winning they are perhaps too high but when you lose the reward are way too low. It should be app. 50% of a win not only 10%! The ide of having us/the players fight in t5-t6 ships against waves of higher tier ships is fun, but that 3. wave comes in too early and are in most cases too strong to defeat. Make reinforcements on our side come in earlier or remove the t7 from the 3 wave. That would improve the ods of winning. Otherwise keep up the good work!
  5. Leonidt_Nulles

    Can someone help me with this problem?

    Hmm. Have you updated your video driver, through Nvidia experience? That may help. Good luck on the high seas!
  6. Leonidt_Nulles


    Hood isn't a paper ship. She is a BC like Kongo just a whole lot better. Play her like that and you will enjoy succes. I will surely buy her at the 9 of June.
  7. Leonidt_Nulles

    Are you buying the HMS Hood?

    As a ship collector I will buy the Hood on the 9. of June, and Roma too when she comes out in a just the ship bundle. Guess I will have to live without meat in the whole of June ha ha!
  8. Leonidt_Nulles

    Hood - first impressions

    WG could make the MM chose a setup like this: per side max 4 bb, (0)2 cv, 6(8) cl/ca and 4 dd. That would make a balanced fleet in random battles. Regarding the Hood don't see her as a true bb but as the bc she is and use her accordingly. She is an enlarged Tiger which in her time was an improved Kongo, so she should be t6 and not t7 imo.
  9. Leonidt_Nulles

    Technical Test Announcement

    Yes! this will be very cool I hope as a dedicated co-op only player. Ofc. I will participate asap. A super move WG many thx beforehand. Keep up the good work.
  10. Leonidt_Nulles

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    A week ago I had a single SC and it gave me 50000 free xp. worth 2000 dubloons at the normal exchange rates. I found it a decent reward.
  11. Leonidt_Nulles

    Server Issues - 03/05

    The cute little Hamsters have been fed so the servers are all up and running. Good luck on the high seas!
  12. Leonidt_Nulles

    Server Issues - 03/05

    Thx fore letting us know and working fast to fix it, but plz remember to feed the poor cute little Hamsters, that provide power to your servers every day.
  13. Leonidt_Nulles

    Event Calendar - May

    Hood is an instant buy ofc. But should she not be t6, (as she is just above Tiger/Kongo that is t5), and not t7?
  14. Leonidt_Nulles

    Should I grind past t7?

    Hmm, grinding just to grind is bad. Playing in order to have fun is good. I think you should just select the ships you find the most fun and stick with them being t7 or whatever doesn't matter. In that way you will eventually reach t8 by itself at some point, where you can try out if you like the ships, (and the MM) or not. Good luck on the high seas and remember to have fun it's the most important aspect of playing a game.
  15. Leonidt_Nulles

    Server down

    Yeah server still down so going to play "pet the Elins" (TERA-online) instead, or maybe D3.