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  1. Angsaar

    How WG sanctions glitch abusers? they do not at all

    If WG decides to remove the excess Free XP gained, they better make sure they only target the affected individuals. Doing a blanket sweep that targets everyone is not going to sit well with a lot of people. It's also a very clumsy way to fix things. A rollback of the server is also a no-go. Means a lot of people going to get very angry. I know I won't be happy if that happens. Means I'll lose my ARP Kongo along with loads of XP on my other ships and stats (for better or for worse). My 2 coppers.
  2. Angsaar

    Feedback Friday Q&A

    Why is this Q&A on Reddit? Why don't they use the official [edited] forums for it?!
  3. I really don't understand how difficult it can be to have the same type of contests here? It's as if the US chew up every last bit of WG's budget and when we ask for something it's "difficult" because "we don't know what you want"? It's like I don't even.
  4. Angsaar coming - fix for the patch

    Ergo, the live testing.
  5. Angsaar coming - fix for the patch

    Yes. That way I'd assure myself it's actually working as it's bloody intended to.
  6. Because that implies there were actually some QA done. Which obviously is not the case here.
  7. Angsaar

    Hidden changes in 0.5.1

    That would explain why the majority of people I've ran across today are firing HE shells with battleships. Even more than the usual Derps you meet.
  8. Angsaar

    Matchmaking completely broken AGAIN?!

    Oh, it's you! Hi! I remember you bitching and moaning the entire match. Even before we started you whinged on about how MM screwed you over and how it wasn't "fair".
  9. Angsaar

    Cheaters in WoW?

    Because of the name... ?
  10. Angsaar

    0.5.1. Patch Notes

    Has to be. 2 millimeters is nothing.
  11. Angsaar

    POLL: Which premium consumables do you use in random battle?

    Such an obvious thing and I completely missed it. :|
  12. Angsaar

    Rage reporting from our beloved captains

    Now you've done it. Was it really necessary to open up that bag of worms?
  13. Angsaar

    That wierd/funny lucky shot

    This happened a while ago, I was in my destroyer. Had a really bad losing streak that day and figured I'd just [edited]around with my destroyer for a match before I call it a day. It was that map with a whole lot of islands scattered throughout. As I race for Point A I blind fire some torpedoes through a narrow gap between two islands, not really expecting to hit anything. A few moments later: "You have sunk an enemy destroyer!" Cue a looooot of angry faces from the player on the other team. A recent match I was in my New York and I fired at some half-HP cruiser at near max range. Not expecting to hit anything but figured I'd at least get the cruiser to turn back, I was a few moments later greeted with the warship destroyed sound. Happy days. And something that happens a bit too often for my liking: Me in my Murmansk. Trucking along, nice and slow when suddenly a wild battleship appears. It uses Armor Piercing rounds. It's super effective! You've been sunk. One-shot. :|
  14. Angsaar

    high ping, unplayable

    The issues I've had with latency in this game have been far and few in between. Today, however, I was playing World of Stuttership. Ping was ranging from 58 to 1200. Some really weird stuff was going on. Normally, it's just high latency but never this kind of fluctuation. It's only World of Warships I've issues with. Pinging the login server gets timed out requests and packet loss every other ping turn. Issue is definitely not on my end on this one.