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    Progressing Tasks in Ranked Battles

    Hello, why is currently not possible to porgress with Tasks in Ranked Battles? I understand the restriction to non AI-modes but why exclude Ranked Battles from this? Ranked Battles are just as - and I may say even more - challenging than Random Battles and are of course PvP as well. It would be great if we could do Tasks in Ranked Battles too. Regards Magicool
  2. Everytime I hit Escape or click the settings button in the port this annoying "Watch the video tutorial" message pops up, I clicked every single video by now but everytime i restart the game it ocmes up again. How do do I stop this from happening
  3. Hey I currently play tier IV and V and everytime I get Big Race as a Map I almost wanna go back to port without even starting the match. The map is WAY TOO SMALL for tier IV and V. BB can shoot from spawn to spawn and across the whole map. It's not on ly too small in term os firing range of the TIV and TV ships but also way too tight BBs only can go on one side of the map (or in the center and get instagibbed by the whole enemy team) and when all BBs go there you almost can't turn without ramming allied BBs. I think the map should be TIII maximum. This map is just really annoying at these tiers.