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  1. Aroru1

    Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    I think it's more likely that we get something like a pan-scandinavian (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) line, similar to pan-asian line. it would be nice to have one that contains both cruisers and destroyers since if you put all the scandinavians in same tech tree there would be plenty of options.
  2. Aroru1

    Tier 10 Cruiser Choice

    Hindenburg and Moskva would be my suggestion as they can support team, Henri IV is not much of a team player.
  3. Aroru1

    What are your "keepers" (per tier/class) ?

    Not listing premium ships as I keep them all. (10 of them atm). Japan USA USSR Germany UK T2 None T2 None T2 None T2 None T2 None T3 None T3 ST. Louis T3 None T3 None T3 None T4 None T4 None T4 None T4 None T4 None T5 Minekaze T5 None T5 None T5 None T5 None T6 Fuso and Hatsuharu T6 New Mexico, Cleveland and Farragut T6 None T6 Bayern and Gaede T6 Leander T7 Nagato T7 None T7 None T7 Gneisenau T7 Fiji T8 Amagi T8 North Carolina and Benson T8 None T8 Bismark, Hipper and Z-23 T8 Edinburgh Can't say much about T9-T10 ships since only played them in test server.
  4. Aroru1

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Fresh defeat again.
  5. Aroru1


    She is at her best in mid range as her armor is weak and rng sucks in her guns.
  6. Aroru1

    Calling all Campers

    The manual AA is mostly useless in Amagi as her AA caliber is too small for this to work efficiently and even when camping (shame on you) with BB you will sometimes need your secondarys as you are been pushed so AFT is better as its boost both AA and secondarys.
  7. Aroru1

    HE penetration, where can I read the data?

    How about Graf Spee? As she share the weapons with Scharnhorst.
  8. Aroru1

    Calling all Campers

    Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft, 1pt.Expert Marksman, 2pt.Superintendent, 3pt.Fire Prevention, 4pt.Advanced Firing Training, 4pt.Adrenaline Rush, 2pt.Basics of Survivability, 3pt. 19 in total.
  9. Aroru1


    Shes awful at stock but the hull upgrade is an amazing step up. And remember Nagato isn't a brawler.
  10. Aroru1

    Public Test 0.6.0 - General Feedback

    No rewards here either.
  11. Aroru1

    0.6.0. Commander skills opinions.

    A bonus was added to this skill that reduces the maximum number of fire sources on a ship to three by combining the two fire sources that are closest to the ship's center into a single fire source! The good captains in HE spamming cruisers are still bad trouble for any BB captain but this skill certainly helps now.
  12. Aroru1

    the "carry harder!" thread

    This was my most recent game.
  13. Here is my 2 cents after spending a weeked at playtesting for the new commander skills. Rank 1. Priority Target: Good skill, especially for Cruiser captains to know when to turn or not to turn. Replaces the Incoming Fire Alert in my mind. Preventive Maintenance: Good skill for any class of ships except for carrier. Expert Loader: Its been buffed but I still don't see anyone using it. Aircraft Servicing Expert: Good rank 1 pick for carriers that focus on strike loadouts. Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft: If the carriers become a thing again, then we might see this skill used but until then there are better rank 1 skills to get. Dogfighting Expert: Good rank 1 pick for carriers that focus on air superiority. Incoming Fire Alert: Still usefull but Priority Target is a better pick for rank 1 in my mind. Evasive Maneuver: Useless skill as you want your planes back as fast a possible. Rank 2 High Alert: Good skill, especially for Battleship and Carrier. Jack of All Trades: Average skill at best as 5% is too little. Expert Marksman: Still the best rank 2 skill for any ship with large caliber guns. Torpedo Acceleration: If you like the knife fighting in a destroyer or use torpedo bombers then take this skill at rank 2 other wise NO as -20% range is too much for 5 knots of speed. Smoke Screen Expert: Useless skill as there are better picks to take. Expert Rear Gunners: Useless skill as empty bombers are fast enough to avoid fighter, High Alert or Torpedo Acceleration is a better pick at rank 2. Adrenaline Rush Average skill at best as 0.2% is too little. Last Stand: Still a must have skill (unless you are extremely good at dodging incoming shells) to all destroyers and some of the cruisers. Rank 3 Basics of Survivability: Now that rank 5 skill are gone there is more room for rank 3 skills so this skill is useful especially in battleships. Survivability Expert: Average skill as there are better picks in rank 3 skills. Torpedo Armament Expertise: Good skill for ships with long torpedo reload time. Emergency Takeoff: Useless skill as -100% servicing time is too much, if you are in fire you usually are immedianty in danger and don't have the time to wait. Basic Firing Training: Good skill still but its usefulness was reduced way to much in my mind now that it is rank 3 skill. Superintendent: Good rank 3 pick for most of the ships especially at higher ranks where ships have more consumables. Demolition Expert: Now this skill is nerfed and buffed as it is now applicable to all ships but the fire chance is only 2% but its still a good pick. Vigilance: All a round a good skill, especially if you like to hunt destroyers. Rank 4 Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament: Now this skill is a beast to any battleship at tier 8 to 10, it is so powerful and as it only cost 4 points now, not so usefull at lower tiers tho. Fire Prevention: Now this skill is really buffed for battleships but moved to tier 4 but I still take this skill first at tier 4 on a any battleship that are not running a secondary build. Inertia Fuse for HE Shells: Now this is a interesting one, I play tested this alot and found it to be somewhat usefull in high rate of fire cruisers and some destroyers but not so in bettleships. Air Suremacy: First pick at rank4 for any carrier. Advanced Firing Training: Not much to say here as it is still good as it was. Manual Fire Control for AA Armament: If you really hate planes, I meen really hate them then take this, other wise there are better skills to get. Radio Position Finding: Now this skill is OP OP OP for any ships that have torpedos especially for destroyers. Concealment Expert: This was always my first pick with destroyers and sometimes with cruisers but now with Radio Position Finding this skill is reduced to second pick if you like to play stealthy and use ambushes.
  14. Aroru1

    Ship wishlist 2017

    Just one wish. Väinämöinen aka Vyborg. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_coastal_defence_ship_V%C3%A4in%C3%A4m%C3%B6inen