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    still slots open!
  2. _L_o_k_i

    Join Company Gamers Today!

    Company Gamers We are actively recruiting like minded english speaking players. we are predominantly from the UK but have people from all over the europe Semi casual clan, though we made it to Typhoon league in S1 of clan battles. Aim to do so again or get to the hurricane league so we are after a few more active players Mainly active in the evenings 6 - 10pm GMT (though people are online outside those hours Mature clan, age range 26 to 50+ (though exceptions are made to those outside that range) Lots of banter, profanity etc We still use Teamspeak, so have a working microphone Daily division games We have been around ingame since the start of open Beta. So if your active most nights, dont mind using teamspeak (still), pm me in game _L_o_k_i or join our teamspeak IP:, No Password, someone will be along to meet you shortly.
  3. _L_o_k_i

    Join Company Gamers Today!

    Company Gamers We are a gaming community who like to enjoy a laugh while playing games together. Our main focus is to enjoy our games and make some new friends. The main focus of the community is to give everyone a fun gaming experience with some friendly competition. We have daily division games and do countdowns in order to try end up playing against eachother. We have been around ingame since the start of open Beta. What do we offer? _____________________________________________________________________ - 512 Slot Teamspeak server. Teamspeak Adress is: companygamers.net - Featured website (under Construction) - Meet some new friends - Mature friendly community, average age is around 25 - Daily divisions and alot of activity -No Obligations -Team Battles/Clan Wars _____________________________________________________________________ Requirements to join us: - Minimum age limit of 17 years old ( exceptions can be made ) - Preferably to have a working microphone - Not part of another clan/community/group that supports the same games as us. Other than that everyone is welcome in our community _____________________________________________________________________ Join us at www.companygamers.net
  4. _L_o_k_i

    Join Company Gamers Today!

    join CG ! We offer: Team Battles, Clan Wars, Divisions, Solo Play, Events, Chat, Team speak address companygamers.net. Come join us.