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  1. rebeL_lu

    German BB's are making me want to quit this game...

    I did a 28000 damage salvo on a Großer Kurfürst yesterday in my Yamato. No citadels involved... KM BBs are good, but not OP.
  2. rebeL_lu

    Somethinf fishty with the server

    I was wondering if it would stop at 1000. At least I found out now that it doesnt And I am now in an all DD game xD
  3. rebeL_lu

    Matchmaker crashed?

    I think there might be an issue with the matchmaker!? Numbers are still climing...
  4. rebeL_lu

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Never had this before... thats a loss btw.
  5. rebeL_lu

    1 puff bug

    Experienced the bug four times today. Very annoying... Although I disagree with the tone of your post, you made a valid point. This needs fixing ASAP!
  6. The regen is a different one for tiers 3 to 7 though. The stronger heal is available from tier 8-10 only.
  7. rebeL_lu

    HMS Belfast release date

    We can see on the regular RN CLs how the Belfast can be balanced easily: Just put radar and smoke into one slot and it should be fine I guess. Thoughts?
  8. rebeL_lu

    Am I the only one looking forward to the RN cruisers?

    If I only went for the looks, I would be playing Roon only I guess But I am with you on this, they are not the best looking ships. (Minotaur looks like they had a lot of spare parts and needed to stick them all together) Still looking forward to them very much!
  9. rebeL_lu

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    According to the spanish forum, the new modpack is online. The link in the initial post also leads to the 5.12.1 version.
  10. rebeL_lu


    NO still sits too high in the water it seems. Looks odd.
  11. rebeL_lu

    Navigator Mod

    Hello everyone, I can't seem to get either of Navigator mods to work. I am always using the most recent aslains Modpack and it hasn't worked so far in any of the updates. Any ideas how to fix it or if there is any known conflict with another mod? Thanks in advance for the help Greetings, rebeL
  12. rebeL_lu

    Split Topic: Gameplay > The "Ask an Expert" Thread

    Great initiative by Kurbain! And considering his knowledge of this game is so profound, I would even say some Devs know less about their own game. Good luck mate!
  13. rebeL_lu

    Cyclone Feedback

    I would prefer fog banks over cyclones. Don't last as long, are local and slowly moving along the map. Could that be an alternative? I personally do not like the cyclone mechanic, but am a fan of the idea of letting weather play a role in the game.
  14. rebeL_lu

    5.12 changes

    People will finally have to learn to angle then...
  15. For me the navigator Mod is not working at all. Neither of them that is. Any ideas?