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  1. rebeL_lu

    Bug Reports

    I feel like the lock on bug has become even more frequent. Really annoying.
  2. rebeL_lu

    Bug Reports

    1. Sound bug: at the beginning of a game, my client randomly(?) chooses an enemy ship, whose gun shots I will then hear as mine (in addition to mine) for the rest of the game, or until said enemy ship dies. 2. enter a game. 3. / 4. I don't want to hear enemy shots for an entire game 5. /
  3. rebeL_lu

    German BB's are making me want to quit this game...

    I did a 28000 damage salvo on a Großer Kurfürst yesterday in my Yamato. No citadels involved... KM BBs are good, but not OP.
  4. rebeL_lu

    Somethinf fishty with the server

    I was wondering if it would stop at 1000. At least I found out now that it doesnt And I am now in an all DD game xD
  5. rebeL_lu

    Matchmaker crashed?

    I think there might be an issue with the matchmaker!? Numbers are still climing...
  6. rebeL_lu

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Never had this before... thats a loss btw.
  7. rebeL_lu

    1 puff bug

    Experienced the bug four times today. Very annoying... Although I disagree with the tone of your post, you made a valid point. This needs fixing ASAP!
  8. The regen is a different one for tiers 3 to 7 though. The stronger heal is available from tier 8-10 only.
  9. rebeL_lu

    HMS Belfast release date

    We can see on the regular RN CLs how the Belfast can be balanced easily: Just put radar and smoke into one slot and it should be fine I guess. Thoughts?
  10. rebeL_lu

    Am I the only one looking forward to the RN cruisers?

    If I only went for the looks, I would be playing Roon only I guess But I am with you on this, they are not the best looking ships. (Minotaur looks like they had a lot of spare parts and needed to stick them all together) Still looking forward to them very much!
  11. rebeL_lu

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    According to the spanish forum, the new modpack is online. The link in the initial post also leads to the 5.12.1 version.
  12. rebeL_lu


    NO still sits too high in the water it seems. Looks odd.
  13. rebeL_lu

    Split Topic: Gameplay > The "Ask an Expert" Thread

    Great initiative by Kurbain! And considering his knowledge of this game is so profound, I would even say some Devs know less about their own game. Good luck mate!
  14. rebeL_lu

    Cyclone Feedback

    I would prefer fog banks over cyclones. Don't last as long, are local and slowly moving along the map. Could that be an alternative? I personally do not like the cyclone mechanic, but am a fan of the idea of letting weather play a role in the game.
  15. rebeL_lu

    5.12 changes

    People will finally have to learn to angle then...