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  1. kim__gunner

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. Description When in free camera mode after being killed the "Move camera to target object" will not work when pressing the space bar. 2. Reproduction steps Start game, get killed, press left shift to free the camera to move around the map. Put crosshair over team mates ship and press spacer bar...nothing happens! 4. Expected result Should jump to the aimed at ship when I press the space bar.
  2. kim__gunner

    no copensation after being tk

    ok thanks
  3. kim__gunner

    no copensation after being tk

    Ah, ok never thought of that but I should still get compensation shouldn`t I or has something changed.
  4. kim__gunner

    no copensation after being tk

    Hi, I got team killed today and recieved no compensation. And in the post battle results screen team score tab the team killer doesn`t show -1. Is this a known bug?
  5. kim__gunner

    Team Killer status.

    I also went pink last week and returned to normal on the 5th match.
  6. kim__gunner

    post battle screen number

    Ok, thanks.
  7. kim__gunner

    post battle screen number

    Hi, can someone tell me what the number in the after battle, team score tab screen shot represents, it`s not my service record level which is 12 and it`s not my carma which is 17. thanks kim
  8. kim__gunner

    Pink rule changes seem a little crazy

    I`m a DD player mostly and since 0.5.5 iv`e done 2 accidental TKs and have not turned pink.
  9. kim__gunner

    [] [MOD] Smoke boundaries

    15+ games in DD`s, seems ok now.
  10. kim__gunner

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    8 kills and still managed to loose.
  11. kim__gunner

    [] [MOD] Smoke boundaries

    I`ve installed this mod and find that the torpedos malfunction on IJN DD`s. I fire 1 salvo then go to fire another one and nothing happens, i have to switch to guns then back to torps again to get them to fire and that doesn`t work all the time, so had to uninstall it.
  12. kim__gunner

    Ships carousel bugged

    Same here.
  13. kim__gunner

    Replays upload to youtube

    Ok thanks for the replies
  14. kim__gunner

    Replays upload to youtube

    Hi, I have replays enabled in wows, how do I convert the saved *.wowsreplay file to upload to youtube?