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  1. Nelson with 9 16" forward firing guns will be OP at T7, therefore a perfect P2W ship...
  2. Allessandaro

    HMS Mashona NO

    Damn, and there I was hoping for a Tribal class DD
  3. ​Is the Captain on Diana a ginger?
  4. Allessandaro

    Are you buying the HMS Hood?

    No, Gallant tho, yes please!!
  5. Allessandaro

    HMS Gallant

    If the G/H class are going to be T6, I would guess T5 for the A/Bs. Wonder if we would see a tree like: T2: L Class 1912 T3: Marksman, Parker or R Class T4: V & W 1917 T5: A class - hopefully Ardent T6: G/H class T7: Tribal Class T8: U, V or C class T9: Battle or Weapon class - though with only 4 forward firing guns they might be tricky. Personally I would love to see an L or M class here, though not chronological T10 Daring
  6. Allessandaro

    Hypothetical Norwegian Premium DD

    Stord, legendary DD, all that is needed
  7. Allessandaro

    Tier VIII MM completely bonkers

    Why not just make it +1/-1 across all tiers?
  8. Allessandaro

    RN premium ships

  9. Allessandaro

    I don't care how much you hate atlanta spam, it needs a buff.

    Can you stream it ​
  10. Allessandaro

    XP Punishment for selfish destroyers.

    Its the Post of the Year!
  11. Allessandaro

    Advise for Ranked: Strike carrier vs Saipan

    ​Please delete the game, so we don't have to suffer your presence. Thank you.
  12. Allessandaro

    Carrier Commanders and tactical advice

    The 2 games I had the misfortune of Skybuck being on my team. First one he told DDs not to rush to cap, and asked CAs to screen him while he rushed to hide behind an island. Team was so confused everyone went in different directions. Second one, everyone told him to shut up, so he refused to doing anything, letting his planes circle over him for 5 minutes while heading for the edge. So, vote should rather be: 1) Would you listen to a competent CV tactician - Yes / No 2) Would you listen to Skybuck's nonsense - Yes / No
  13. Haven't started playing ranked yet, as I don't feel good enough on my T6 BB, and don't have a 15pt Capt on my Blyska.
  14. Allessandaro


    Poll needs more options. Right now its not as good as New Mexi or Fuso, so needs a slight buff. 1mile extra range and a 10% buff to turret turn speed should do the trick. Edit: Seen the results - how New Mexi is scoring so bad, I don't know. In my opinion its head and shoulders above Warspite.
  15. Same happened to me in my Kamikaze R, all I had was the torp indicator