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  1. Totally agreed with you. Main reason why I open this topic was just saying my opinion to players that is not nice to say to them "you are noob, you cant advise, your win rate low." etc etc.

    When playing football would you follow tactic advice from a player like Messi (A super unicum WoWs player) or John Longbottom who has only played sunday league football with his mates (the average potato in this game)?

    So yeah, if you give me advice in game the first thing i am going to do is check your credibility by checking your stats. Do you have the skills to back up your claim of tactical knowledge. Good chance someone giving well intented advice doesnt know what he is talking about. So i'd suggest you to refrain yourself from giving advice to others as you obviously havent mastered the game yet.



    Answer is: A jockey doesn't have to have been born a horse (Arrigo Sacchi) beside him check also Carlos Alberto Parreira who won FIFA World Cup with Brazil. Parreira is one of the most successful managers to have never played football himself.