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  1. GarrusBrutus

    Toxicity in this game is ridiculous

    Well done! Well done! Well done! You have been reported!
  2. GarrusBrutus

    BBs are coward in general and here's why.

    Cowards? Then why do all my GKs in ranked frantically keep pressing W right at the start if the game and die? Cowardice, no. Stupidity, yes.
  3. GarrusBrutus

    MM is a joke

    Hard to do when people constantly lie with their words, whereas their stats never lie.
  4. GarrusBrutus

    The experience of a new player

    Despite all the hate from veteran players it does make sense in the current gaming industry as it is likely the most profitable way of going about game development.
  5. GarrusBrutus

    The experience of a new player

    I started off at 50% as well... Watched some tip&trick and how2play videos and I was already better than more than half of the playerbase. It isn't rocketscience. "Don't show broadside if possible"... 45%. "Shoot AP at broadsides, HE at angled ships"... 46%. "Don't rush forward at the start of the game but scout first."...47%. "Make minimap bigger"... 48%. "Learn what kiting is"... 49% . "Deactivate AA as a DD so the carrier can spot you less easy"... 50%. Good job. You're now better than most players. And just imagine that you have people who main this class, proclaiming how the cv and surface ship interaction is actually very balanced and fun, despite being told its not by basically everyone, including some of the best cv players. Yeah. Go figure. Fun fact. This was the case up until the cv rework, which basically dumbed down cv play so even Patrick Seastar with 45% wr could have some impact in them without losing all his planes first. Catering to noobs at its finest. But in a business way it made sense. They probably sold ludicrous amounts of cvs to players who without the rework would have never touched them. Good for you Weegee, good for you.
  6. But me have many guns! Me want all guns go boom boom!
  7. GarrusBrutus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Average xp says litteraly nothing about player skill. Nobody uses that metric.
  8. GarrusBrutus

    Am I Wrong? (again!)

    like this, target is in gun range but no direct line of sight on you because enemy with line of sight is outside of your gun range= invisible firing.
  9. Risk enters the chat. still vividly remember one holiday when we were kids when my brother verbally agreed to a "peace deal" only to invade my lightly occupied lands. Didn't talk to him for days.
  10. GarrusBrutus

    Expected picks for the T8 CB season?

    BB Vlad/Lenin DD Kiev/Fantasque/Orkan CA? lol
  11. GarrusBrutus

    Roon: where I'm going wrong?

    @Bland_42 its probably this: But to master the Roon you have to understand the role of the ship. Just like the rest of the german CA line, this ship is made to provide fire support from the second line. Yes it has torpedoes, but that doesnt mean you need to rush and yolo. Quite the contrary. To get the most use out of this ship you kite. This means turning away from the enemy and present them your stern while you fire "over the shoulder" at them. Doing this makes you hard to hit and you can easily disengage.
  12. GarrusBrutus

    Cruiser rebalance please.

    Over time cruisers have kinda lost the role that they filled to more suited ships for the current meta: A lot of overmatch bbs, a lot of extremely high dpm destroyers, and not to forget the vulnerability against both cvs and subs, makes playing cruisers harder than before... Why would anyone play a cruiser when they can stay alive longer and deal damage more easily in either Bb or dd? Sure, for veterans it might not be the case. But to BillyBob1977 with his new account, cruisers will definitely not be an appealing class to play.
  13. GarrusBrutus

    Ranked Battle and Ragnar

    @Puffin_ Ragnar is inherently underpowered. It lacks the necessary attributes to make meaningful impact on match result. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. GarrusBrutus

    I'm not sure if this is statistically possible.

    @Corpsetaker if that seems impossible, check this: https://wows-numbers.com/ranking/type,solo/ also, "distribution of accounts by winrates" is rather interesting if you havent seen it before: click for picture
  15. GarrusBrutus

    WTF is this??? (Clan battles)

    So? They also said submarines will never be in the game.