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  1. GarrusBrutus

    Whats the deal with players like this WG?

    @RAYvenMP I envy people who haven't been in a team with this guy.
  2. GarrusBrutus

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    Luckily you've already played 786 games in the "pre-nerf" Stalingrad. By the way I think you're severely overreacting. All your efforts for nothing? Why so? You have the ship. Is it unplayable suddenly?
  3. GarrusBrutus

    Future Clan Battles [idea]

    @Freyr_90 I like the idea. This has been the fourth season and something has to change in order to keep things fresh and interesting. If the format stays the same for the next season a lot of people might refrain from playing entirely.
  4. GarrusBrutus

    To join WG requirement

    Inb4 the police comes and says "this thread has been closed due to non constructive content."
  5. GarrusBrutus

    Queue in a Stock Tier 7 Cruiser

    I feel you man. It can really suck the fun out of the game and make the grind feel like a chore. I'm for example grinding the Z23 and even fully upgraded I feel at such a disadvantage to other ships in the numerous tier 10 matches it gets. That's why I try to fully upgrade my ships as much as possible before taking them out in Randoms. Coop/operations are also really good for that, if you're into it. Ps. getting one shot in a cruiser (especially a manoeuvrable tier 7 cruiser) across the map means you were spotted and shot at, yet you remained sailing in a straight line or you were stationary. Both situations are... less than optimal I'd say.
  6. GarrusBrutus

    Queue in a Stock Tier 7 Cruiser

    I never said you should play ships you don't want to play. But stock ships aren't fun to play. Premiums are always fully upgraded, so why not play them until you have enough credits to upgrade your stock ships? Meanwhile you went ahead and skipped tier 9 almost entirely. Maybe should've saved some freeXP to upgrade stock ships?
  7. GarrusBrutus

    Queue in a Stock Tier 7 Cruiser

    Meanwhile you have 15 premiums.
  8. GarrusBrutus

    Queue in a Stock Tier 7 Cruiser

    You have some freeXP saved?
  9. GarrusBrutus

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    Since apparently players that have rerolled after reaching Tier 9 are just as good as newcomers I doubt it is a big problem for the newbies to encounter a couple of ..... "veterans".
  10. GarrusBrutus

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    No because people will still get wrecked by her guns they deem OP. Only if her dispersion gets nerfed to BB dispersion "CuZ iTs A BB" will they stop whining.
  11. GarrusBrutus

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    Because it is still rare. Because it is still strong. Because clanwars is fun (most of the time?). Musashi Missouri got nerfed with the bb AP to DD nerf. Alaska and azuma idem plus fire duration nerf. Flint and black got nerfed with the smoke nerf.
  12. GarrusBrutus

    Stabbed in the back!

    Azuma hypuuuuuu.
  13. GarrusBrutus

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    It is if you always repair your first fire.
  14. GarrusBrutus

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    Come on man. Take a joke. Nobody was laughing at you, they were pointing out a linguistical mistake in a comical way. I make mistakes as well since English is not my mother tongue. But I'd want to hear if I said something funny.
  15. GarrusBrutus

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    It is when it's in line with other hightier battlecruisers. Would be weird to have Alaska and izuma with 60 sec and stalingrad with 45 sec. And seriously, does this make the ship less powerful or less fun to play? No. Sure, average survivability numbers will go down a bit but nothing drastic.