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  1. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My "best" Normandie performance. Broadsiding ships everywhere. Could not do damage to them. Feelsbadman Also played my first Gearing battle. Ate two torps for dinner so was down to only 128hp. Somehow survived the battle and did over 100k damage. Not bad I'd say!
  2. server down?

    Guys! I can login again, how about you?
  3. WOWS and insomnia: a bad combination.

    I'd fall asleep if I had to wait 18 minutes to get into a game. Or perhaps select anything else but a carrier?
  4. Is that a joke!?

    REPLAY! REPLAY! REPLAY! The people demand proof!
  5. Shout out to WG and the forum warriors

    I dont want people to call me a whiny b**ch either but yet if I act like one they will, strange world we live in isnt it?
  6. Shout out to WG and the forum warriors

    @wot_chikor Have you ever wondered why you are getting recognised ingame? Is it because of your sparkling personality? Is it because you did something great for the community? Or perhaps is it because you are a great player? Who knows.
  7. RADAR

    Not being condescending but just sharing my view on your games (for which +1 for going through the effort of recording and uploading): I think you could've easily stayed out of radar range and avoid your deaths in atleast two of the three games. You took a great risk of sailing into the radar range of the enemies without the real need for it (advantage on points or almost even on points/caps/ships) and paid the price for it. ps. Might have missed you explaining stuff in the audio but couldnt turn the volume up because sneakypeaky at work
  8. Any human being with a brain doesn't want an OP ship to be added to the game because of balancing reasons as well as being dull. I don't know if maybe my message doesn't come across but as i have said before: "blatant self-serving bias of wanting a ridiculous ship"
  9. For the hundredth time: Wargaming should make it not-OP and at the same time fun to play. I guess we all agree that adding an OP ship is not we want right? But at least make it fun to play and that isn't done by slapping HE on it. And yes, it will be a trophy toy for people who earned it. I don't know about you but after this season I'll have played 400+ games to get this ship. Sorry for you if you feel like I didnt deserve it but I'll proudly sail my stalingrad. :)
  10. USS Alaska sighted

    It will take a while before its available so you will have plenty of time to gather moaaaaaarr free xp. Also: does it have the US shell arcs? Can it lob shells like f.e. N-Carolina?
  11. fuso tips?

    Shell air time at 20km is what... 11/12 seconds? If you get shot at that range you are either stationary or a classic "straightuslinus" and in the second case you fully deserve to get blapped.
  12. There are multiple ways to make it interesting to play without making it OP but that seems hard for wargaming to figure out. Now they just made it a clone from another ship with some slight adjustments. Well thanks WG, but no thanks. AP only wouldve brought something new and different to the table. Not in the OP and broken way it was firstly introduced but with some tweaks certainly a viable option. And regarding exclusivity, I agree that ships should be available to all but let's at least give those willing to go the extra mile something to show for it. Like for example a special camo or something. Same as with ranked, where you can wave a flag around showing what you achieved.
  13. People play to get to rank 1 despite hating ranked. For a reward. Either a flag or an exclusive ship. Are all ranked participants 8 year olds you think? Now clan battles is in fact the same system only the reward in this case is a ship. And now after three seasons and almost in reach WG decides to change the ship into a boring TX Kronshtad. That is a kick in the teeth, yes. Do I hate clanbattles? No I love them. I play them for fun. But it does bother me that the "carrot on the stick" (as you say it) i's going to change just before you can purchase it.