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  1. GarrusBrutus

    Farewell Fourmites.

    I've been in the pits of the official wows discord and its a complete zoo. No thanks. I would rather quit the community than watch 5 zoomers spam anime emotes at each other.
  2. GarrusBrutus

    Smoke Curtain Generator and Mines are not that terrible!

    *Reads title of thread* "Oh boy,, here we go."
  3. GarrusBrutus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I see 50k battles and 38%wr. It's quite ironic when youre top 0,01% player in battles played and at the same time bottom 0,01% player in winrate.
  4. GarrusBrutus

    Jesus fkn Christ..

    So despite having a bad streak you push on and come here to complain about said bad streak? What is your point then? Everybody has bad streaks. Are you also going to make a topic praising your current teammates who helped you achieve a 65% wr or was that all you?
  5. GarrusBrutus

    Jesus fkn Christ..

    A screenshot of a minimap says very little to be honest. What ships are there? What is their HP? What is the score? What is the time? Maybe your teammates did the right moves but cant tell. Im interested in why you dont have shipnames turned on on the minimap.. Gives such vital info. For what its worth: Once you start to take ranked games as 'randoms with fewer people" where you just have to out-farm the enemies, it becomes way more bearable. Nobody plays like a smart player. People just play like randoms. They push in when its nonsensical. They die to stupid ****. Etc. etc. Be patient enough to wait for the right time to punish the mistakes the enemies will inevitably make and you will start to win ranked games. Only the 1% try to win by playing smart, the rest of the players will always make mistakes whilst trying to win harder. See <this example>: 2 caps to 1. Almost dead friendly dd who is too far away to contest A. Petro player is too low hp to cap B and take on schlieffen. 230 point lead for reds and growing. Only a minute or so left until reds have 1000 points. 100% guaranteed win for them, right? ps. With results like <this> its often better to look where YOU can improve instead of looking at what your teammates did wrong.
  6. GarrusBrutus

    Jesus fkn Christ..

    Pushing through a losing streak never helps. Not even super unicum players.
  7. GarrusBrutus

    Should the Kutuzov be restored back to it's original specs?

    No but that ship has DD sized guns, hence a really small smokefiring penalty.
  8. GarrusBrutus

    5 things to shoot

    Are you not entertained?
  9. GarrusBrutus

    Utter Frustration

  10. GarrusBrutus

    Clearly at a disadvantage.

    So, if it's not hard work at all to get into a top tier clan and get those sweet extra's..... why dont you do it? By all means, show us how easy it is.
  11. GarrusBrutus

    Clearly at a disadvantage.

    "I paid therefor I'm entitled to XYZ." Lol. Just lol. Thanks for financing the game... I guess
  12. GarrusBrutus

    How to show battles on the forum?

    Set your account to public instead of private in the account settings on worldofwarships.eu
  13. GarrusBrutus

    Inflated winrates

    Darn it, you might be on to something here.