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  1. GarrusBrutus

    Nearly 2019, and we still have detonations in the game

    The "feature" throws gameknowledge, situational awareness and smart play.... *cough* skill *cough* right out of the window. Now I understand when you get a free kill every now and then it doesn't bother you, but when you're trying to win a close game, getting detonated is pretty annoying. Since you cannot prevent it by playing good or smart. And every now and then you'll run out of detflags. Oh well. Since the majority of the playerBase is more focused on enjoying the scenery during a battle than playing the objective, no wonder this is the outcome of this poll.
  2. Maybe because not everyone cares about the historical accuracy of this game. :)
  3. GarrusBrutus

    Nearly 2019, and we still have detonations in the game

    This should be the soundeffect when I detonate or when I detonate someone else.
  4. GarrusBrutus

    Nearly 2019, and we still have detonations in the game

    And here you are, replying. Is there nothing else in life that needs your precious time more?
  5. GarrusBrutus

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    I'd happily take on a CV+Worcester+mino div if they're all 40% WR players. But its all down to the player skill. Three unicums in one team will most likely win. Three potatoes will most likely lose.
  6. GarrusBrutus

    Will *edited* my account

  7. GarrusBrutus

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Great. Bought the camo. Can I get a refund???????????? What the actual duck is this? "It is statistically superior to its tier counterparts." Yeah, great, now it is statistically worse than it's tier counterparts. *slow clapping*
  8. GarrusBrutus

    Salem Radar

    Would be pretty OP now wouldn't it? Same ship as DM with a straight up better heal.....
  9. GarrusBrutus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Last second kill secured us the victory by turning the points in our favour. succeskid.jpg
  10. GarrusBrutus

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    Pics or it didnt happen.
  11. GarrusBrutus

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    Do I see 2 HOME Lightnings there? That is your answer.
  12. GarrusBrutus

    History of clan base activity

    Maybe have a talk with them before granting them privileges to make sure only you are in charge of investments? Or at least make sure it is agreed upon before any investment is made.
  13. GarrusBrutus

    Let's meet and play

    Is there a forumites discord?
  14. GarrusBrutus

    So what's next?

    Don't let the photo fool you. In reality it is not that big, banana for scale.
  15. GarrusBrutus

    In game economy

    Good that OP comes to the forum to ask for help in his endevours to create a higher credit income, but i gotta say... @pulpgamer_zd if you invest almost "4k battles"-amount of time into this game in the timeframe of three years and you're still struggling generating enough credits, I wonder: 1) Why did you never consider buying some premium time during periods you play more games than usual. Holidays for example. 2) Why didnt you ask sooner how to increase credit income? Since I hope you know most of the answers already. If you don't: you missed out on a lot due to lack of information. 3) If even 3,5k+ battle-players are unfamiliar with this info..... imagine the other 95% of the players who have less battles/are not on this forum. Oh boy, well done weegee.