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  1. GarrusBrutus

    It's all downhill from now on!

    Im seriously questioning how @CallmeMessi makes screenshots.....
  2. GarrusBrutus

    Fun and Engaging Mechanics

    "I like detonations in this game." - said no good player ever.
  3. GarrusBrutus


    Because that would only encourage toxic elitists to fake statpad ....cheat.... division even more. But on a more serious note: A lot of players are playing solo and/or without a clan for completely legit reasons. Why should they be "punised" more by granting clan and division players even more rewards? Be glad they are even playing and filling in the teams.
  4. GarrusBrutus

    Wargaming should Participate in Clanbattles.

    i think it also has to do with way less participating clans in this season. Atleast at the top... So in order for the MM to find an opponent for these teams they have to look for storm teams. Sadly....
  5. GarrusBrutus

    mid tier italian cruisers

    This ^
  6. GarrusBrutus

    Wargaming should Participate in Clanbattles.

    They "listen" because those instances were major **** ups. The reason Wows keeps ticking is due to the niche market. Which means wargaming can basically do whatever the F they want with the game without people running away. Where would they go otherwise? Exactly, nowhere. If the market was more saturated, as for example in the FPS games, wargaming would be long gone due to really really reeeeeeaaaaaally bad public relations handling.
  7. GarrusBrutus

    Masters EU invitational tourney

    I gotta say, before cvs came into CBs I used to feel quite tense while playing because enemies could pop up at any second. After a night of CBs I used to be mentally drained due to the constant stress of having to stay focused. Even though I miss those types of games, I do not miss the stress that comes with it playing at top level. Now I can play way more relaxed. Even though this made the gamemode less interesting for me. So to me it's a double edged sword.
  8. GarrusBrutus

    Wargaming should Participate in Clanbattles.

    Hence the ever ongoing cv rework. Financially a great success. That is about the only positive thing. Listening is one thing, taking critique/feedback/suggestions is another. I bet they listened to top cv players like El2, farazelleth and Gaishu when they provided feedback and suggestions during the test phases of the cv rework. I bet they listened to the top players when cvs were brought into clanbattles. I bet they listened to top players when ships like Slava, smolensk, harugumo etc. were being brought into the game. I bet they listened to the feedback on events such as PR grind and the NTC. Etc. Etc. It goes on and on and on.... To me actions speak louder than words. And their actions say: we only care about revenue. I know the staff, like the community managers and the developers, have the best interests at heart regarding the balance and enjoyment of the game. Except they do not make the big decisions. Like I said: I know the community managers care about the health of the game. I know the developers care as well. I just doubt the people in charge care about anything else than what number appears on their bank accounts. If the people in charge really cared about their game, things like NTC/cv rework/grindy time gated p2w events/ships like smolensk and Slava would have never been even considered to being into the game.
  9. GarrusBrutus

    Messed up matchmaking

    @Horattio_Nelson ->
  10. GarrusBrutus

    Wargaming should Participate in Clanbattles.

    ... and then they play CBs at pepega level and confirm what they already say: "Everything is fine, 50% of the teams uses bb anyway."
  11. GarrusBrutus

    Unique Upgrades - which are you still using?

    DM. Even after the nerf, the LM is still such a powerful addition to its potential.
  12. GarrusBrutus

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    .......but the main question is: is it FUN to play?
  13. GarrusBrutus

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    Same as when Stalingrad was just released: It was hilarious to farm them sweet sweet tears of all the helpless enemies in a triple Stalingrad division mwuahaha. But it got boring after a week or so. Now you rarely see stalingrads anymore.
  14. GarrusBrutus

    Basic question about CW

    get in an active clan that plays cb first. Way easier than to recruit all those players yourself. There are always clans from all skilllevels looking for players. Mind you: CW times on EU are 19:00-23:00 Wed/Thu/Sat/Sun
  15. GarrusBrutus

    How to play Helena?

    IFHE rework kinda shafted Helena gameplay. Have fun non-penning everything! But jokes aside.... Your main focus should be positioning. Position yourself in such a way that youre protected but you can also disengage if necessary. So for example, already turn your ship in advance and reverse into position so you dont have to turn around to out of a sticky situation. I took two maps as examples of good spots for US CLs. Estuary Haven This doesnt mean that you ALWAYS go to these spots but the terrain makes this common CL spots.