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  1. This is nonsens

    Replay replay replay replay replay replay replay replay replay replay replay replay
  2. People like Stats but which ones matter

    I think what @Exohoritis really wants (and with him alot of highstat players) is enough lesser skilled players to farm "high stats" on yet not to that extend that the match is a.... potato mash. ^^ Just enough potatoes on both sides to be able to extend the match to 20mins and obviously secure a victory at the end. That isn't too much to ask right?..........right?........ never mind.
  3. Carrier APM

    @El2aZeR Just when I thought that my years of epic-combo-button-bashing in Tekken came in handy you ruin it.
  4. Petition to remove storm

    But I can't camp at the map border with a storm REEEEEEEE
  5. The problem with Seal Clubbers

    Ever heard of protected matchmaking?
  6. The worst bot yet

  7. The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    Clanmate got a Kutuzov. REEEEEEE
  8. The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    so that means it is "play" coop day!
  9. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Le Comeback Our friendly Zao got devastating struck at the first salvo. Our shima yolo rushed the other shima for reasons very much unknown. So it is 3 minutes in and we are down 2 ships and 2 versus 1 caps. Things are looking grim. I sense that my teammates are switching to 'save-a-star'-mode. *Epic music starts playing* I will win this game whatever it takes! A Zao gets spotted and eats my 35k volley, so he goes down by my teammates. The believe is back. I rush to the nearest cap where a yamato is posted at the other side. When I am about to enter the cap my senses start tingling and I pop radar. Shima at 7km! Shots out...*blap*. Nice! The guns are turning for the yamato who is passing me broadside. Shots out.... 55k volley! Friendly Hindi finishes him off with torps. We are victorious baby and we celebrate and congratulate each other in chat while the last enemies get taken care of. What an epic engagement and turn of the match.
  10. New consumable for DDs

    The game as it is already proves to be too difficult for most of the playerbase let alone making it even more difficult with more consumables and what not.
  11. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    @Gojuadorai and me tried to carry our teams in our Stalingrads. His team seemed to take the win but were supposedly alergic to capzones, letting my team come back and reach 1000 points first. Funny part was when Gojuadorai and me had a mano-a-mano with a gentle Blyat-kiss ending our engagement.
  12. WTF is with game ??

    @VooDooZG_Nervozni_Purger I see you only played tier 10 the last couple of days and whilst I agree with your main points about the player base deteriorating, matches being onesided, yada yada yada..... you might want to play some other tiers just to see if that gives you new incentive. Sometimes I play some tier 5-7 just to have some chilled games. Tier 10 can be quite frustrating at times.
  13. Does this mean that it would be technically possible to get a solo warrior/dreadnaught achievement even when the enemies have a combined 12 kills at the postbattle results screen?