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  1. I'm sure that he meant he'd gone down to turn the main power supply back on running.. but that^ was hilarious
  2. Just found out in reddit. Seems it's only in NA (what a surprise) for the time being. If you have any add info, please share
  3. I got it damn it! Thank god it can be redeemed later on. Vacation time!
  4. meh.. openned 3 packs and only 1 invitation code (see below if anyone wants it). rest were for some pretty sh1tty games as i saw. Anyways +1 for the info 2FTV-92AN3-W7VVU
  5. sarcasm

    Hello ppl, are you sure it's the game and not somenthing else that is messing with your machines? I'm playing in a 3-year-old laptop and i'm all good with DX11 enabled. "Stable" 40-60+ fps / 32ms on medium-low graphics (can't handle more with that heatwave over here). Win 7 Ultimate / Geforce gt720m / i5-4200m @ 2.5GHz / 4gb RAM
  6. Rumor has it they'll start second half of June on T6 only. Not many days left to find out
  7. Any info on this? What does it do? The difference with the smoke counter?
  8. I just love how all accusations of cheating (not for you OP), glitching and every other "x-files" situation happening in wows does not have a replay or even a freakin PrtSc to go with.
  9. replay or it didn't happen
  10. I also confirm this "bug" whatever it is. i tend to use a lot shift and WASD hax and when they didn't work together made me wanna break the sh!t out of my keyboard. thankfully it's not my keyboard problem
  11. BUMP Still, anyone?
  12. U played a match in another ship, u died, back to port, u chose S. Dragon, u went in a match, u lost but u were top XP. You lost 1 star from the previous game in which u weren't top XP and it was displayed after 2nd match has ended.
  13. Must be ur mod combo. try them one by one and see which conflicts with it