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  1. Same here. When i root the Games/WoWs folder it crashes.
  2. gm3ntor

    Weekend is here!

    CVs should be blocked from entering a battle untill the rework. Since they do not work as intended as WG claims, then they shouldn't be allowed too. Ragequit after 5 consecutive losses in teams with TX windowlickers
  3. gm3ntor

    Target Aquisition System Mod 1. Do you use it?

    Nah, i've never ever mounted it on a single ship Cuz 13.6km fully concealed. That's a paddlin'!
  4. gm3ntor

    ST: CE change - interesting?

    the change might be ok, but if it hits the servers, free respec should be addressed too. Almost all BBs might drop this skill for something better.
  5. gm3ntor

    Horrible map rotation in high tiers

    I get North / Northern Lights in about 80% of the games. Yesterday i got 5/5 in N. Lights in same spawn side. Damn it was a boring night
  6. gm3ntor

    British Destroyers Tiers 5 to 7

    Jervis is a beast! awesome guns and maneuverability. one of the most fun ships and totally a keeper. She did wonders with a 6 point capt. imagine riding her with 19... points
  7. For Blueman's Detection mod, is there any way to keep ONLY the detection markers and remove the shell hit and torpedo markers?
  8. Oh! I always thought it changed the classes info at the top only.. thx!
  9. Anyone know this mode? (stacked ribbons on right)
  10. Here mine Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  11. Should the Score timer be enabled somehow? either it doesn't work or it conflicts with another mod
  12. The key words are "kite away". I used to be a crap in it, i thought getting close and hunt for dds was the standard play, but hell NO! Go close fast at the beginning, turn around and keep the engine to 1/4-1/2 till ships are spotted. Keep firing your guns on BBs and AP the sh!t out of broadside cruisers. If you are focused, use the speed boost and go in the darks to heal. It's not a ship that carries to the win, but it can help a lot by stacking dmg on BBs, they try to flee the HE spam leaving room for your teams dds and cas/cls to push. I've gained ~+10% WR plus +15k dmg at the stats of it, playing like this. For me, the crappiest ship atm is the Monarch. bottom tier against T10s on 80% of the games and crap penetration values. One day i had 50 hits for 22k dmg only. I'm a shame to the team when I sail her. Playing it only for the daily bonus till something changes.
  13. Aw man thank you very much! Our teammates just needed a hell lotta push to move. I also did a personal record... most pings on map and shouting to move
  14. gm3ntor

    Aigle marathon, how's your progress been so far?

    got her yesterday. i'll use her only for the campaign missions and then back in the water "grave". just a collection piece and mission specific ship for me
  15. gm3ntor

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Guys, hi.. Calling for help here. Some of you might remember me, either from the Forumites channel or in here. Since the channel is almost dead, at least the hours i'm on, i'd like to know if there is possibility to be added to any of your channels. I'm not calling for Clan recruitment since personal life doesn't let me be that much online, but i definitely need to start playing in a division. Quality of the games has gone down the drain but i have invested too much time and effort to just quit it. I'm not a unicum but definitely not an average player. Currently grinding UK BBs (@ T7) and IJN DDs (@T9), but have quite many variety of ships to play with (most T6 to T8-9) Please send me a pm if you're interested and need to know anything else about me. Rgrds, John