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  1. _CR0ME_

    CV Rework Discussion

    Has the game become playable or is the rework still something unpleasant?
  2. _CR0ME_

    AA Defense Changes

    This is again one of these updates that made me quit. Just give me the old "CTRL click on the planes to get rid of them" system back or something comparable
  3. Have you ever played World of Warplanes?
  4. _CR0ME_

    Is it worth downloading the game?

    I got one week of free premium last month to try out the game after the CV rework ruined it(for me) in February . Despite premium I couldn't bring myself to play much, it was no fun for me (same reason why stopped playing in February). I had no motivation to do those super container quests("welcome back" stuff). Now I got another Free Premium E-mail and wonder if I should even bother installing it. Is the game still an *edited*? EDIT: Don't compare the game (or parts of the game) to diseases. Arty_McFly
  5. _CR0ME_

    When is the CV nerfing going to end ??

    I guess no one asked for the cheap AA sector control. Now we have this *insert multiple curse words*. As long as I have this I wish CV *insert multiple curse words*. The only good thing about the rework are the effects(which I think we already had before for a brief time)...