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  1. _CR0ME_

    CV rework appreciation thread

    I had to learn for a Test. Since the rework I stopped playing. My grades improved.
  2. _CR0ME_

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    I hoped they only change the game play of the CVs so I can play what I came for SHIPS... But the AA Sector control is just a pain in the bottom. I guess they did that for these disgusting console peasants. I am the captain of the ship can t I just give the AA order to some kind of officer: " Hey Officer,... ya see that torPedo bomber group there?,... remove them" " Got it Sir!" Also the left/right orientation is lacking for a game where you have to angle your ship...
  3. _CR0ME_

    When is the CV nerfing going to end ??

    I guess no one asked for the cheap AA sector control. Now we have this *insert multiple curse words*. As long as I have this I wish CV *insert multiple curse words*. The only good thing about the rework are the effects(which I think we already had before for a brief time)...
  4. _CR0ME_

    Bug Reports

    So here my bug report: I told the game after uninstalling to only message me if they have fixed this rework mess with the annoying left/right sector control. Now I get spam where they tell me to use my free XP. Go and give your mom and dad a hug.(I am drunk at the moment) This is world of warships not formation flight mode for world of warplanes. Get the RTS style back, because people coming for the SHIPS not the planes. Left/Right sector AA control is close to cancer. Give us an option to use the old system, we are for the most part not pesky console peasants.
  5. _CR0ME_

    CV's in game - toggle "in" or "none"

    This broken HE spamming ship reminds me why the CC rework won t ever be fixed.
  6. _CR0ME_

    CV- We are in for a world of hurt

    I have the feeling this game will turn into the next Robocraft.
  7. _CR0ME_

    I love the cV rework, here is why.

  8. _CR0ME_

    More UK commander faces ?

    Tell it the BBC and they will force Wargaming to make it more "diverse"
  9. _CR0ME_

    Suggestions thread

    They could make an Event for this at the beginning of Ramadan...
  10. _CR0ME_

    Player Numbers. How much are they actually down?

    NoZoup...He is weird, Wargaming could kick him in the bottom and he still would make a point how exciting it is and saves the game and stuff. He has the same problem like we have... we don t know the final numbers. On the other hand maybe Wargaming wants to reform the game to something different and get rid of the "old" player base. Like Gillette wants to get rid of people with beards and lure some soyboys who just need to shave their private parts. Only time will tell how this will work out. I m still in favor of including automatic Anti-Ship-Missiles, and dancing transgender/trap anime ships with and Battle Royale Mode before they add Submarines.
  11. _CR0ME_

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    The whole CV/AA rework is a mess and needs to be balanced. So adding submarines won t hurt anymore. They also should add anti ship missles.
  12. _CR0ME_

    Time to unistall this game.

    Already uninstalled a week ago because there is no way(I might be wrong) that they balance this *insert curse word* within half a year. Also I don t want to play low level to avoid the CV because the did not manage to fix the guns from the Mikasa since release! Now guess how the CV thing will go... Also the sector control is complete *insert curse word* . Control click(or whatever key you assigned to) was sufficient and far less annoying than this stuff.
  13. _CR0ME_

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion: Write me a mail when you have fixed this update because I just uninstalled the game, took the survey at the end and might forget about it. Those who like the update, well... have fun and a good time.
  14. _CR0ME_

    No AA lock on since 0.8.0

    I have the same bug. Also AA doesnt do the same damage as before.
  15. _CR0ME_

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    I stopped playing because it is just annoying. Constantly switching sectors, plane fire spam, no real feedback if I hurt those planes with my AA....