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  1. Want to buy "The WAAAGH!" flag (preferably for doublons). Only Flag! With no additional items. Direct sale, no auction.
  2. Amaha

    Birthday Gifts

    "7 days of Warships Premium Account" is not really attractive, but is still something. "2x Supercontainers" this is always good (regardless laughable drops that I usually get from it, but still good). "1x coupon that provides 100% cashback" is literally useless (with patch 0.8.0 game become unworthy of my money).
  3. Amaha

    Szóste Urodziny WoWs - Super Kontenery

    Pod względem zawartości "superkonserw", jest to najgorsza(?) rocznica.
  4. Amaha

    Important message for the community

    I play this game from some like middle of open beta, and I can openly bet with You, that this kind of situation will happen again. It might not be same way, but sooner or later WG will break their promises.
  5. Jakby komuś nie chciało się kombinować nad odpowiedziami, to poprawnymi są:
  6. Amaha

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Yea yea, I heard and read that nonsense about historical accuracy (can't count how many times). This don't work in this game. Sorry. At their current state, subs have extremely low to none game impact. Mostly because lack of speed (And yes, Im know that the real ones was even slower). This makes them literally boring. Less that aircraft carriers, but still boring. And I'm agree with Your last line. Don't put them in the game.
  7. Amaha

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Currently, there is not a single one ship in the game that have "strong AA". Not even those You mention. Decent, at best. But strong? NONE! Back to topic. Submarines - they need more speed. While situations when cruisers and destroyers outruns you are ok, then when majority of battleships lews you behind makes this class even more boring than current aircraft carriers are (with is the most boring class in the game). Surface ships - all units need to have ASW. I can't count situations when in battle stays ONLY ships whit no ASW and just sails above / near subs doing nothing useful. This is just boring wast of time.
  8. Amaha

    Nasze osiągnięcia

    Nawet nie wiem jak to skomentować... Jakieś pomysły?
  9. Amaha

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    Then I'll just stay with 1.720.261 (at the moment of posting this message) literally useless Free Exp. I want to have her (and most likely I'm not the only one who want), but considering stupidly huge cost of dooblons in my country currency and Disaster of 0.8.0 update (it's not topic for that, lets just stay with that short sentence), that's not gonna happen.
  10. Amaha

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    Oh, sorry. My bad. You are right, it was 750.000 Free Exp. But this don't change the fact, that I'm ready to pay 1.000.000 Free Exp for her, I can even double the original price and pay 1.500.000 Free Exp.
  11. Amaha

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    Want to buy Missouri for her original price (750.000 Free EXP)!
  12. W kwestii celności głównych dział, IV i V są gorsze niż Mikasa. Dodatkowa ma kiepski zasięg, a p. lot. jest tylko dla ozdoby (niby coś tam spada, ale to zdecydowanie za mało, aby odstraszyć nawet "podstawową" IV). Szybkość jak na USN BB z, wydaje się, lepszą zwrotnością. Przyzwoity kamuflaż jak na tę klasę. Zapowiada się bardziej nudna linia niż Niemieckie pancerniki przed buffem do celności dział głównych.
  13. Amaha

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Feel free to ignore that game mode. You'll receive the flag when season ends.
  14. Amaha

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Sorry for text composition, I'm really bad at it. "The Cancer Battles 2.0" ("2.0" to make it easier to describe). Less frustrating that previous version (1.0), but still far from being good and fun to play. Rewards based on numbers of win battles is a good move, but at the same time, keeping antyprogres star system in place, makes this game mode: "Just ignore" (I'm really curious, in what kind of SPRINT you go back...). I've played 12 battles in test season (9 win and 3 lost at first week) and by some mistake or "system error" manage to get Rank 1 in Bronze League, and after reading what was changed I'm can easily write: "No". Three major problems for me (and probably not only me) with this game mode are (in this queue): 1. Antyprogres star system. (at least remove it from Bronze League if not from all) 2. Stupidly overpowered aircraft carriers. (combine AA power of 2 Massachusetts B + Cleveland + Kidd as unable to prevent Lexington from tearing Kidd apart with just 2 "attack wings" or whatever it's called) 3. Matchmaker. (f.e. 3 radars in one team and 0 in other) Since there is a collaboration between games, I'll write title openy. Go and check how Ranks Battles works in Azur Lane. They call it "Exercise". Allmost stressless and really fun to play game mode. Much better that here. Yes, there is a improvement, but is still far away from being good and fun to play. See you in "3.0". PS. Feel free to "hate", it's really fun to read it.
  15. Amaha

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    And here we go again, next heavy "pay to progress" event. I don't even plan to bother with it and definitely will not pay Your highly overpriced sums (in My country currency) for it.