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  1. Ghost_SWE

    Captain names

  2. Ghost_SWE

    Ships that you will bring to Ranked Season 5

    Yes, after the first battle
  3. Ghost_SWE

    Deep Sea Tournament Final

    the clips are privat
  4. Ghost_SWE

    4th Ranked Season Starting on the 10.06.2016!

    Not many at all
  5. Ghost_SWE

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    i remember you gr0pah from the second season of ranked battles. think you reached rank 1 a few days before me =) also seen Aerroon and a few others
  6. Ghost_SWE

    Favourite Ship so far

    I would have to go with the Tirpitz. Although the dispersion can drive you nuts sometimes, it is still capable of doing good damage. I went head to head with a Yamato yesterday and actually won at close range. (could be luck of course) Im really looking forward to the German BB tech tree
  7. Ghost_SWE

    US Montana

  8. Ghost_SWE

    +1000 battles behind, 2 suggestions

    I wouldn't mind a "hard mode" with bigger waves that makes aiming more difficult. Maybe turn down the RNG a notch to not make it too difficult.
  9. Ghost_SWE

    +1000 battles behind, 2 suggestions

    Sounds good to me. Also different languages for different nations. Optional perhaps.
  10. Ghost_SWE

    Flagship-New Game Mode

    What if both teams got a "bot flagship". That way it would be even for both teams.
  11. Ghost_SWE

    how to remove horizontal scope line?

    this makes no sense at all...
  12. Ghost_SWE


    It was just an idea. If some modder looks into it i would check it out.
  13. Ghost_SWE


    Does anyone els like the idea off changing the minimap to look a bit more like a radar? Something like this.
  14. Ghost_SWE

    ranked rank 1 is it posible without aimbot?

    If only it was that simple
  15. Ghost_SWE


    Why not have it so that you can only use it when you are really close to another ship?