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  1. Coke_Sniper


    Thx guys,some really helpfull tips <3
  2. Coke_Sniper


    Started to play dd not long ago (currently at mahan),had pretty decent results in farragut,but now at t7, im struggling really badly, guns seem to be wet noodle even against dds,have a real hard time contesting caps due to radar (dont know who came up with this idea anyway :/), im basicly dying at the start of the game. Should i just sail behind people and be smoke dispenser only??
  3. Well the first name of this game was World of Battleships.....
  4. mayby theres an rng factor attached to the RN smoke....
  5. Coke_Sniper

    Got sunk again.

    this bug is an absurd,what else do i have in my RN cruiser exept smoke that i cant reliable on?...:/
  6. Coke_Sniper

    RN cruisers smoke bug

    already died like 3 times today because of this nonsense....it appears that the second bubble dont deploy at all now....
  7. their ap broadside is probably +10k i assume...anyone with rl experience?
  8. Coke_Sniper

    What would you like in the WG store

    Premium ships for about 5e each...
  9. Coke_Sniper

    Battleships = death trap

    There should be an option on this forum, where you can add ''certain'' people (like Figment for example ) to not be able to post in your own topics ))
  10. Coke_Sniper

    Izumo firepower.....

    oh and why hull C upgrade costs 60k??? im getting 12 in aa department,and 4x 127 mm while losing 2 x 3 155mm....this ''upgrade'' shouldnt be more than 20k...
  11. Coke_Sniper

    Izumo firepower.....

    Seriously,i dont know about you guys but i feel that my firepower is at lvl of kawachi.....yes i know its a brawler ship,but even with secondaries upgraded to the max (10km range) the dmg im making is at around 60-70% of previous amagi......
  12. Coke_Sniper

    Thank you, Wargaming!

    WG pr staff??
  13. Coke_Sniper

    OK, seriously now WG.

    Never played Wot and never will,im a WW 2 battleship enthusiast,and paying 60e for a ship in this game is just blowing my mind....
  14. Coke_Sniper

    OK, seriously now WG.

    what he said
  15. Coke_Sniper

    OK, seriously now WG.

    seriously?? 60e for a ship????, triple A games are cheaper than this.....big lol on this one