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    Alternative CV treatment

    Why make things complicated, WG already solved the Tier 4 seal clubbing in CVs in RTS days. Just remove manual drops from T4 CVs
  2. Daniboy3000

    Looking for (semi-) competitive clan

    Hey thanks for all the offers I found a new clan, this can be closed.
  3. Hello, I am looking to join a clan with roughly the same skill level as mine. Mostly I'd like to find some people to division up with in random battles. Playing some clan battles, would also be nice, preferably in high storm / typhoon level. But due to the ongoing season I would not mind not being able to take part. My stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/529934600,Daniboy3000/ I can offer a large variety of Tier X ships aswell as decent experience in game. Competetive wise I did not really play the last two clan battle seasons, most games I had were in seasons 3 and 4. In addition I took part in King of the Sea 8. Due to currently being in the process of moving, I might not always be able to play. Feel free to contact me, if there are any further questions. Greetings Daniboy3000