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  1. And that's why you only ever see Midways in ranked, if there are CVs in battle?
  2. CV Rework Feelings Poll

    Drop rework and instead just rebalance everything (AA, damage, setups etc.)?
  3. CV Rework Discussion

    This sums it up very neatly. CVs are never gonna play like your avarage battleship or cruiser, unless you reduce them to their artillery armament, they will always be a game within game (the rework just like the current implementation). Using planes to attack works different then using guns or torpedos, so where is problem with CVs playing different?
  4. Ranked Season 10

    Wasn't Sea of Fortune supposed to be a 4-cap layout, atleast according to the website? When I played it today, we had the old clan battle layout, with the double cap A / B...
  5. Arsenal... What am I not seeing?

    You can actually get steel from playing the lower leagues, right now I am sitting on 3K steel which I basically got by playing through storm league. If you look at the missions there will also be some steel for next league, so not only people from typhoon leagues get steel but quite a few more...
  6. Looking for Team!

    Hello, since my own clan is not likely going to able to participate in any tournaments, I would like join / help out for other teams. I am mostly playing cruisers, destroyers and CVs. - I am interested in more or less any tournament format - Times: usually 18:00 - 24:00 (but I am flexible in that regard) - Don't really have much experience in competitive except for 30 - 40 clan battles if that counts. - Ships: - Tier 8: Benson, Lo Yang, Chapayev, Kutuzov, Charles Martell, Atago, Shokaku (also Kiew, Z-23, Ognevio, New Orleans, Edinburgh, Mogoami, Hipper, Tirpitz, Bismarck, Enterprise, Lexington) - Tier 10: Gearing, Des Moines, Minotaur, Hindenburg, Henri IV, Moskva (also Z-52, Midway and I can get Zao or Hakuryu if needed) - Profile: https://wows-numbers.com/player/529934600,Daniboy3000/ - Languages: German / English Greetings Daniboy
  7. [VIE] Recruiting for clan battles

    Hey guys, with the new clan battle season approaching, were looking again for people interested to join in...
  8. How to play Clan Battles

    You have to be in a clan battle division with 7 people in TX ships.
  9. [VIE] Recruiting for clan battles

    Hi guys, we are currently looking forward to participate in clan battles. For that we need more players to join our ranks. Our clan originally came from Naval Action playing for the danish faction, hence the name (Vest-Indiske-Escadre). We are rather small group from different countries across Europe. We regulary meet on TS in the evenings to division up. If you have TS, a T8 ship and are able to speak English, we will gladly welcome you. Anyone interested to join just shoot me a PM. Greetings Daniboy
  10. Server down?

    Same here, division mate is still playing, 7 disconnected ships in the enemy team...
  11. Elimination thread number Two: Tier V

    Bogue (2/0/1): 11 Bogue (1/1/0): 21 Bogue (0/1/2): 20 New York: 20 - 3 = 17 (Some range and speed would have been nice. Im not a BB player though...) Texas: 20 Omaha: 21 Marblehead: 20 Nicholas: 21 Zuiho (1/1/2): 17 Zuiho (1/2/1): 20 Kongo: 18 Neon Disco Kongo Clones: 21 Furutaka: 21 Minekaze/Kamikaze/Fujin: 21 Gnevny: 20 Gremy: 22 Kirov: 18 + 1 = 19 (the guns...) Murmansk: 21 Kazny Krym: 14 Konig: 20 Konigsberg: 23 Emerald: 2