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  1. pumpkin just too expensive for that money you can buy a new game
  2. Budslayer

    World of Warships Cinema Tour

    Best video wargaming
  3. Budslayer


    only test
  4. Budslayer

    Match Making + 2 - (Tier)

    tru i always end up in a +2 tier match also to many dd's sometimes tere are 5 dd in a match omg.
  5. good advice kill your cv before enemy do for cv players dont play it simple so every 1 going to complain.i even dont care pink .
  6. i never played cv so this mission for me i can forget anyway. so thx on the noob ho made this events. first on last update ty steel all me doublooms that i put in fubuki and put it somewhere i dont like and now this wtf there are doing i dont now.
  7. Budslayer

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    yes i have a problem whit that we spent ours to get there and now you get free for doing sh it.
  8. Budslayer

    New Japanese Destroyers

    ty playing whit are mony
  9. Budslayer

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    i also put mony in it to get there and ty put it now where ever ty like i think ty me not do this going to ask alawyer about mony iseu
  10. Budslayer

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    b u l s h i t extra captains will cost you some doubloons ? i hade full capt skill on the fubuki ty dont have the right to put it somewhere els , i will make the choice where to put cp skill. worked to long to get there. this is all b u l l s h and be warned i em not the only 1 ho is mad
  11. Budslayer

    New Japanese Destroyers

    tru i also play them work verry hard to get even cost me mony i never play a dd whit 2x torp also lost me capt skill and i never wonted the kagero even not now how have ty the right to put is somewhere els where i put mony in .we need to do complaint and ask mony back jap dd's are nerf to plenty times.
  12. Budslayer

    MM bul s

    Matchmaking is bulls just in game always killed whit me tier 6 vs tier 8 boem i em out every match whit 2 tier up from now on i just go to port wen i em in a 2 tier up match dont care any more where the fun 1 min of play fu.
  13. Budslayer

    tired 2 tier up

    getting tired of playing most of the the time against MM 2 tier up. if i end up in i game if there 2 tier up to bad for the rest i go port.
  14. Budslayer

    premium payment

    whats the use if i pay for exemple 24 our of premium if i only play like 2 our day ? cant ty make it only wen you play the counter go of ? for me its to expensief i cant play 24 our!!!
  15. Budslayer

    Fail Divisions

    f uck update MM tier 1 up me [edited]