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  1. Tohoseiryu

    Possible Free ship for the EU

    Besides the fact that no server should ever only be the one to get something, the US edition is coming with the same code.
  2. Tohoseiryu

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    Let me dig up the post when I get home, Lima =/= Asus.
  3. Tohoseiryu

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    And once again, Ectar, you still haven't seen the entire story behind it. As I've said, I still talk to Nyx and I still help communicate, so it's not like they dropped dead and stopped talking to me. So far all you've proven is that you have no idea how your own companies products are offered and have manged to passively aggressively insult everyone who disagrees. Thankfully no NA mod is this narcissistic and self absorded. You take lessons from your hero Donald Trump?
  4. Tohoseiryu

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    For the record: There was a major miscommunication between WGNA Corporate and Nyx. Even in game, you will find there is only a regular Marblehead and Lima. There is no special camo or name for the PAX Marblehead, it's just a Marblehead.
  5. Tohoseiryu

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    It's like you didn't even try to look into what you're talking about. I've been in contact with Nyx for months now, and have helped communicate and set up various contests (including PAX Marblehead and the upcoming NA contest Monday) and only have this to say: Don't flatter yourself. NA wasn't given the Marblehead as like a spoiled child after crying that the kid next store got something he didn't, it was planned before Gamescom by us that the Marblehead was to be given out on the forums. The fact that you are implying that it wasn't, frankly, is an insult. Nyx and I have pushed for this and have talked about this for quite a while, and I do encourage you to try and talk with her more before blindly posting on the forums. I've also been informed by Nyx that the Lima ships aren't tied to the Asus event even as they are labeled in game. I got an Asus code from my cousin after he built his computer and made a new account just to test it, all I got was a regular Diana. They are for the BisDev team to do with as they please in future coops, and as of this post, have yet to given out to any company (including Asus) So you don't even know your own product, which gives me a giggle m8.
  6. Tohoseiryu

    Tirpitz cheeper on other servers. Thanks WG

    Then QQ scrub. Let's see how expensive it is on NA.
  7. Tohoseiryu

    Tirpitz cheeper on other servers. Thanks WG

    Na doesn't have it, or Mikasa, or Diana. So why don't you wait a bit? :^)
  8. Tohoseiryu

    WE want A nice ship for OBT Prize :)

    Hayasui is OP. Solid tier 20.
  9. Tohoseiryu

    Kantai Collection kai2

    I married Hatsuyuki <3
  10. Tohoseiryu

    PAX on the Forums! (Win a Marblehead)

    I see similar attitudes on all servers, even RU. Don't flatter yourself. Looking through this thread alone proves the "mild and constructive" approach to be SSDD.
  11. Tohoseiryu

    Kantai Collection kai2

    They said autumn art will be Yukata.
  12. Tohoseiryu

    American auxiliary Cimarron

    It was a game mode in which a convoy entered both sides of the map and each team tried to destroy the AI controlled convoy. Removed due to DD rushing. May be back in the future. Come on iChase, the Alpha forums are visible to everyone now.
  13. Tohoseiryu

    Bismarck class ingame dispersion (Horrible!)

  14. Tohoseiryu

    PAX on the Forums! (Win a Marblehead)

    There seemed to be a miscommunication somewhere. It doesn't have an exclusive camo.
  15. Tohoseiryu

    PAX on the Forums! (Win a Marblehead)

    This thread is great.