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  1. 1st 7 kill game of the day :)
  2. 2nd 7 kill game of the day :)
  3. Hey, Just apologising to planetary for dropping off the face of the earth while we were in division today - computer died, hdd failure followed by smoke and melted cables... Please pass on the message as I've no way to get on the game atm. Hopefully will find a solution soon! Cheers, Anchors
  4. Clan size increased - Taking applications!
  5. Anchors_Away

    For the love of god fix the RN smoke bug

    I've had this a few times on the Minotaur in the last couple of days... Infuriating! You don't get any other consumable that has a random chance of being nerfed by 50% on use. You feel the effect more I'd say on the neptune or minotaur as it's likely to mean certain death with their citadel size. Can't be working as intended - Please fix!!