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  1. i dont cry you cry you said it not me haha
  2. one word its all about he MONEY MONEY MOney
  3. thx sir and also it was a nice experience having you as a division teammate and i hope to play with you more thx!
  4. I know it's annoying but I solve it I uninstall the mods verify the files through the launcher and it worked
  5. hello today i installed the wargamings modpack and i got the error message "critical error occured i have also post a photo of the error message any help will be much appreciated
  6. when i turn vsync off it has some micro freezes and micro stuttering
  7. so me and you PzAbteilung we must wait for them to see our names and manually add it so we must be patience .
  8. for me that i have finished rank 1 at this seasons : 3,5,6 will i get it ?
  9. but you didnt gave me the money i spent and converted 150k free xp to buy the hiruy go for the shokaku and i did that for the team
  10. so what is your problem at the end what do you want ?
  11. ouaou only this
  12. ouaou
  13. in my previous clan i was the PLAGUE the commander is bribing the people to do things for world of warships i mean like go and write negative threads and also false and they are doing this because they are being paid for this so when i saw that i left the clan so dont say i didnt warn you recruits
  14. guys all of that lies its just because i left the clan and some other guys from there left because they didnt like how the commander was acting to them like they are not members and because the other guys that they left with me they enjoy it at my clan and we are having laugh and enjoying it the jealous the previous clan plague dont join them you will see that the commander is spamming all the time with the same message at the recruitment thread only for the members to join him
  15. send me the link in game