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    Welcome Kampa1987
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    Chung Mu

    hehe Some funny people think we work all night. When i run a computer store and costumer turn in their fucked up PC 5min before we close, and call 5min after we open and ask if its repaired. Ye, right! Get in line bro, we need to sleep like normal people. And drink coffee :)
  3. Ty mate. Great gift, I love it :) Mkay So its not alow to say anything that is not positive and perfect. It was constructive criticism and a bit frustration. I am still in the game, and still love it. Still using real money for your good work. And its more than $100 make it 2k But i am over it :) Now I want to become a super tester.
  4. Its Not just aboute the money. Last time my acc was deavtivated, with no warning It took 1.min No warning. Coz i did a stupid misstake. I use alot of money on/in this game.. Closed over 4.000 NOK. AT LEAST Make me wana just play it for free, is almost the same game, sometime even more fun. U better start give some realy specials deal, nok just 30k dublons for 1000NOK, and the rewards are sometime real insults, thats insulting. And for this amount of money you can buy 3 or 4 normal priced games. The 3%, 5%, 10% offers are just dumb and insulting. And never what offers the high end gamers are have use of. Give some real deals that supprises us in the mindblow. Its overrated Crazy prices. I know u wana make a money, but im sure more will use money if its not htat expensive. I know many many players who never spend a dime on the game. It can be more fun and a hole lot better feeling. And is way to expensive. Take a surrvey on it.,and i bet u make more dollars. No one can work for free, I get that, but still the prices are cracy heigh and ppl get tired of using money for so litlle, and abandon the hole game.. After all my spendings, I think i realy desverve a REAL gift. NOT 100db or 5 flags it should be some prices for using alot of money on the game. Real discount. Not he insult in special shop. 10k dubloons and 40k credit into my account, I realy think i deserved it. So im waiting in exitement like a newborn. Good for you it 'alway' will be ppl paying for the game, at least for 'now', but you will earn more for less.. Thats math 1 one 1 Just my opinion. Wainting for my super gift ) Regards, Johnny Eliassen jeliasse1 eliassen356@gmail.com