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    Try restarting the game or uninstalling any mods if you have any. Also try restarting PC as well.
  2. Admiral_Qwert

    Are IFHE Rockets a good idea?

    Hey guys, just some food for thought. Since rockets have pen, can't we have the IFHE skill work on it too to increase pen? Just an idea since rockets work really similarly to HE shells already. Feel free to discuss. Just throwing the idea out there.
  3. Admiral_Qwert

    Distribution of ship classes by tier

    Thanks a lot and yeah, it really is interesting to see how many games each class got even though the data is pretty hard to read on a compound bar chart (I know its a pain for loads of data but adding a value to each sub-bar really helps when reading it! It also helps to compare the charts because each chart has a different scale for the Y axis). From those charts (though with a good spread, unreliable due to too sparse a sample) You can see that number of CV plays has remained similar but steadily fallen. From what I can read, the 31/03/2018 graph that it is ~5000 battles at T10 whereas during 30/09/2017 it was ~9000 and finally 01/04/2017 it was ~8000 which shows how CV numbers have stayed roughly the same however recently it is slowly decreasing (may be due to all the AA power creep and how unfun it is to play CV now with so much AA for many players). In comparison, the numbers (From the stacked area chart - the first one) clearly show a substantial increase in BB players whereas DD numbers have decreased slightly.
  4. Admiral_Qwert

    Distribution of ship classes by tier

    The graphs are really interesting. Thanks for putting them together . If you don't mind me suggesting an improvement, do you have the actual values of each class? E.g. BBs had x million plays whereas CVs had y thousand plays so we can see if the change in percentage is also due to the amount of increasing new players playing it (e.g. BBs) and less people playing it (e.g. CVs) Thanks ^_^. Also to nobody's surprise, all CV numbers have pretty much dropped dramatically until now. :(
  5. Admiral_Qwert

    Strike Groups - 16 Team Tournament

    Can say it is fun ;)
  6. I don't really come on the forums much so sorry for such a late response I guess? Lol and thank you.
  7. Admiral_Qwert

    Christmas Poem Contest

    Christmas has come! Have you got your ships? Ready up your crews! It's time to set sail, Sometimes the horn goes off, This yubari though, it has dubstep lmao, Many ships gave up when the bells rung, And many prizes were won, Sometimes you lose but you just have to keep calm and carry on. ;)
  8. Admiral_Qwert

    Christmas Tree Contest

    :D my Christmas tree merry Christmas and have a happy new year!
  9. Admiral_Qwert

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter please :) Prizes where we have the option: 1. Enterprise 2. Arizona 3-5. 2500 dubs 6. Texas 16. dubs And so, as Tiny Tim said, "A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!" - Author Charles Dickens
  10. nah, we wont have a draw, WGP2D will be Pay 2 Demolish [all the enemies in their path]