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  1. I left WoWs a week back. Had some gold left so I bought premium time and started playing WoT instead. WoWs just stopped being fun somewhere along the line. Too few ships, maps and uninteresting gameplay I´ll probably check back in a year or so and see if things got sorted.
  2. JocMeister

    New challanges promotes killsteal

    "Killsteal". Reallty? If you do really believe in that concept you are probably better off not playing any kind of online game whatsoever.
  3. JocMeister

    Wargaming... Wargaming never changes.

    Really, think for a second...Why do you think they keep on doing this? (Hint: because it works).
  4. JocMeister

    How WG sanctions glitch abusers? they do not at all

    Who cares about free XP? Bottleneck is credits anyway? I have a lot of free XP but I can´t really do anything with it since I lack credits anyway. I assume this is true for most players?
  5. JocMeister

    Recent AP Changes

    Its been like this since the 5.1(?). Personally I don´t like the changes but I think they might be good in the long run.
  6. I actually agree with this. Have a +1.
  7. JocMeister

    what is wrong with balancer?

    Same things here. Since I got back after Christmas I´ve probably had a 20% WR. Bad rut I guess but I can´t get out of it despite grinding 10 matches last night. Going to drop the game for a couple of weeks before I try again. Bah.
  8. JocMeister

    Is Murmansk too strong for its tier?

    Many high tier players use the Murmansk to farm for gold. So most of the time its good players using it (I´m the exception! ) which contributes a lot I think.
  9. JocMeister

    Is everything ok with FUSO after recent update?

    Try switching to HE when you are up against a good NM player. AP won´t give you much (if any) against an angled NM. Many guns means many hits and the damage will start adding up with HE. I also noticed a lot of BB players quickly uses their repair when the are turned on fire by another BB. I suspect they think you mistakenly have chosen HE and will switch right back to AP...
  10. JocMeister

    What is your comfort ship?

    Murmansk. Stronk ship! Once I get the money (if ever) I´ll buy back my beloved NC though.
  11. JocMeister

    Why I am done for the day ( at least )....

    Sounds like you met my friend from yesterday. He hasn´t been in a divisions on the sad occasions when I ran into him. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/38294-poor-players-in-high-tier-ships/ Only digits in his nick? PS. I´ll start hanging out in the sturmtiger channel. Would love to division up a bit. Currently in a Fuso but have some other tier ships up to T9.
  12. JocMeister

    Poor players in high tier ships.

    Good point about disabilities. Hadn´t thought of that. What about something voluntary then? At a certain point/threshold the game steps in and says "Hi you seem to be having a hard time. May I suggest some COOP play to improve your skills". Then give them something for it. Like repair cost cut down with 80% while playing COOP? This could encourage them to stay in COOP as their repair bills must be horrible in random at higher tiers. Or give them some free flags to use in COOP only? Or just switch them to COOP per default but allow them to switch back to random before each match. I bet some wouldn´t even notice...I´m not trying to sound elitist. I´m not a very good player myself but I at least TRY. Especially when I´m being the top tier in a match. I do that for my teammates. Not for myself. Its extremely frustrating to run across players that have no regard whatsoever for their fellow players. I wouldn´t have minded even for a second if the person described in the first post was the worst player in the world. If he had TRIED to help. But he was playing his own game which is absolutely fine if you do it in COOP. Not random or ranked.
  13. JocMeister

    Poor players in high tier ships.

    This is a bit of a rant because I just had one of the most infuriating matches in WoWs since I started. Two brothers, domination. The game starts with the MM throwing us a bit of a curveball. Enemy team has 2 NCs, 1 Colorado and an NM against our 1 NC, 1 Nagato, 1 stock Colorado and me in my Fuso. The rest is pretty evenly matched. Pretty early in the game its evident the enemy has joined up their BBs and heading on the east side. Me and the Nagato are already heading that direction. The Colorado immediately turns around when asked in chat and joins up with us (kudos to that player). Our NC though...not responding in chat. He simply moves to the West corner very slowly. After that I lose track of him as we start battling their BBs. We call for several times to come help out during the battle but no response. We do pretty good but in the end we are all sunk while a very damaged NC and their NM remains. At this point I´m pretty annoyed with our own NC captain who´s presence could have tipped the balance of the battle. Before I can let him know just how "happy" I am with his playstyle one of our DDs CAP and we win the game. Looking at our beloved NC captain he has gained a whooping 600 XP.... I proceed to look up his stats and what I find is probably THE worst player in history.He has over 300(!) battles in the NC. Average damage is...19,8k. Total over 3000 battles and a WR of just above 40%. This is the 5th time in 2 days I´ve met this guy. First time in his team though (luckily). Now, I usually don´t care that much when people play poorly. I´m mediocre myself (although I try to improve). But when players that are abysmally bad reach T8 in BBs things are starting to get really problematic. When I played the NC I was very often the top tier player in my team. Very often. This also means you have to deliver or your team will really suffer. How many games have this individual been placed as top tier of the 300+ games he has played. His WR of 34% () in the NC speaks volumes. Basically this individual has ruined A LOT of games for A LOT of people. Some kind of minimum requirement should be put in place before you are allowed to progress to a certain tier. Nothing harsh but something to keep the absolute worst players from reaching tiers where they can be really, really damaging and disruptive to the team. If you are really bad in a Myogi, Tenryu or even a Cleveland your team can at least have a chance of carrying you to victory. But when you are top tier BB in a match your teammates can do little to change the outcome. This is very evident when looking at this particular players stats. His WR is dropping dramatically the higher tier he get. From 42% in the Wyoming dropping a couple of percentage for each ship down to 34% WR in the NC. Some people should be forced to play COOP...Rant over...
  14. JocMeister

    Is there some secret RNG or Pentetration nerf to the Fuso?

    I´m getting the same thing although I´m starting to figure her out. Don´t fire AP at US BBs is pretty much the only solution I found. Against lighter armored IJN BBs its working more or less as usual. But against US BBs I´ve started using HE instead even at close range. At close range the sheer number of hits really starts racking up good damage even with HE.
  15. JocMeister

    Is there some secret RNG or Pentetration nerf to the Fuso?

    I free XP the B hull and although its a little better now I have to say I´m not very fond of it. As you say its a good cruiser killer and I´ve sank more DDs then I have done in any other ship...but the guns are really awful against other BBs. I guess I´ll get used to it eventually but right now I just want to get to the Nagato.