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  1. Serenade666

    Weekly Combat Missions: "303 Squadron"

    I cannot progress the 4th mission any further (get 5 captured ribbons) I capped (solo) 3x with Lightning and Daring, I did 2 cap assist with Roon, I solo capped another with Shinonome. None of those got me any mission progression in this one. I am still stuck at 2/5 captures... Is this only doable once a day? Is this restricted to a type of ship, gamemode, class? Mission does not say so. Bugged. This is annoying...
  2. Serenade666

    Looking for an active Clan

    Thanks to everyone who contacted me here and ingame. I committed today to a clan and will wait for the CD to lift. Thanks again for your kind messages and invitations See you all on the high seas Serenade
  3. Serenade666

    Looking for an active Clan

    Thanks again for your answers and messages <3 I will contact you online ASAP. As today is GOT E3S8-day, I prolly won`t be online tho, I hope you guys understand ;) Thanks again and have a nice day.
  4. Serenade666

    Looking for an active Clan

    Thanks everyone for answering and sending PMs. I will answer as soon as i get online again (tomorrow prolly). Thx and take care :)
  5. Serenade666

    Looking for an active Clan

    Hello everyone, I am a fairly experienced player 5700 battles/58,09%WR/1700+PR that is looking for an active clan with also active players. I am interested in divisioning up (rather fed up with playing alone), I am pretty interested in Clan Wars (got a bunch of TX ships with legendary upgrades) and I am interested in getting better and improve my playstyle bit by bit. So any good advice is taken gratefully :) I am a german bloke, but speaking english fluently and I am not afraid to enter TS3 when needed (divisions, CB, etc. (no need to be TS-online all day, every day `tho)) I am not interested in a "discord-only clan***" and I am also not interested in a clan with an all too tight corset of rules. I am a frequent player (if life lets me, I play almost every day) but I don`t want to be forced to do anything. My RL has too many rules already ;) I am friendly, helpful and I also like to banter. So if you think, this could be an interesting asset, just write here or PM me. Thanks in advance and fair seas. cheers, Serenade666 edit: ***I am still used to Teamspeak and would honestly prefer that, but I will give Discord a try if that`s a deal-breaker
  6. Serenade666

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Hey guys, also here some old soul that got annoyed playing alone (while in a clan). Got some reasonable stats (imO) and all those ships that I care about (meh, some TX ofc) If you like some addition to your clan ...i`d be there