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  1. jimbo_516

    WoWs on the go

    If you travel a lot or simply don't have desk of a size of a fligtdeck of Enterprise you may need gaming laptop. I've been searching for one for over a year. Reading reviews, browsing shops and even testing few I somehow managed to get "loaned". In the end I decided for MSI GS40. It's small, only 14'', very light and very powerful. With 3GB GTX 970M, skylake CPU, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD it loads WoWs in no time and delivers 70+ FPS all the time on highest possible settings. Also been playing Fallout 4 on max settings and it works like a charm. Price was very reasonable £1300. Competitors were: MSI GS60 Ghost - 15'' was just too big and heavy for me Razer Blade - cool machine but too expensive Aorus X3 - great laptop but couldn't justify the price for v5 So if you need gaming on the go I strongly recommend MSI GS40.
  2. Not as good as some above but I'm proud nevertheless. 2426XP before any bonuses.
  3. jimbo_516

    Mod to remove base capture sounds

    I would love if someone with experience in that area would create a mod that removes that damn base capture sounds. Please....
  4. jimbo_516

    General Feedback

    Sounds when capturing/loosing bases are absolutely terrible and their volume is too high comparing to other elements. First time I heard it I jumped it was so abrupt and loud!
  5. jimbo_516

    Blyskawica in the Premium Shop

    I don't care the price It brings memories when I roamed its decks every sunday as a child.
  6. jimbo_516

    Map Theory

    Well written sir! Well written indeed.
  7. jimbo_516

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    I fully agree with you. I spent some time in coop playing with that thing and actually found that my accuracy was worse than without it. The speed and course prediction is fairly accurate in, I guess here, 20-30% of cases. For example, once you have it activated it shows target speed and I've seen for a DD speed changing from -7 to 1500+. The same happens with course estimation. In the effect the circle jumps and moves erratically. If someone without experience will start using it he/she will not know better and will trust it. Hell, I'm not super hero but learnt how to aim the hard way. What I found was that I automatically focused on the circle, even that I knew very well I can't trust it. In the end my accuracy suffered a lot. So I agree with you fully. The aimbot, at least the way it's now, will not make bad player an amazing killer. It may help them to learn quicker but that's it. And objectively speaking, even the code in that script is not very clean and nice I can't admire the creators ingenuity.
  8. jimbo_516

    Sweet Fuso and my 30th birthday

    Oh my, they are letting kids to play this game now? Happy birthday and happy mid-life crisis Getting Fuso helps, if not sport cars are considered typical remedy.
  9. Topic of crew training was raised at least few times but often been dismissed as "WG will not do anything because of money". The below was initially response to another topic but I thought it's worth getting discussion and maybe (just maybe) WG will see it and take some into account. TL;DR: When thinking what could be done in this area I thought what could be done that would not affect WG cash flow but potentially increase it (I don't have share in WG) to increase probability of WG implementing it. WG needs to make profit to pay developers to write code and there is no point on denying that. I would like to propose the following: 1. Increase maximum crew level to 51 (with 50 skill points). Basically this is to allow players to have, over time, fully trained crew. 2. Rescale XP mapping for each level so that level 51 will need total around 1,500,000 XP. As close to 1m is needed to fully research Tier X ship it would more closely match crew development with ship progression so that when one reached tier X crew will be closer to the maximum level. The remaining 500,000 could be covered from Free XP. 3. Allow to spend Free XP explicitly on crew, not only ships or modules. This will allow quicker progression and later progression over 1,000,000 XP after reaching tier X ships. This can increase WG revenue as more players will consider buying doubloons to convert Elite XP to free XP) 4. Add more skills for higher calibre guns, ship manoeuvrability, increase firing precision etc. - we can crowd-source some good ideas. That will increase benefits of having good crew and therefore increase demand for free XP. If you want to read rather lengthy explanation what prompted me to that: What do you think?
  10. jimbo_516

    Why, oh why is there no accelerated crew training ?

    I think there may be two issues here. First I agree that crew progression is too slow. I have crew on my Pensacola (about 60% way towards tier 8) which is at level 11 if memory serves. I have all useful skills at levels 1-3 and it's terrible grinding to higher levels. This is where things are getting very slow. Just looking at cruiser skills one would use (assuming you focus on <155mm guns) you have: + Basic Firing Training - 1 point+ Expert Marksman - 2 points+ Vigilance - 3 points (only because you need something on this level to get to the next one)+ Advanced Firing Training - 4 points That is 10 points only for basic stuff not counting other skills that covers warnings and damage control upgrades. So the problems seems to be not amount of XP captains are getting from each battle but amount of XP they need for each level which I think this is too steep. Let us look at numbers for IJN destroyers as an example. To have fully effective crew I would need the following skills (this is personal choice so please don't hang the cat on that as it's not the topic of discussion, ok?) Level 1+ Expert Loader+ Basic Firing Training+ Basics of Survivability+ Situation Awareness Level 2 + Expert Marksman+ Torpedo Armament Expertise+ Incoming Fire Alert Level 3 + High Alert+ Superintendent Level 4 + Advanced Firing Training+ Last Stand Level 5 + Preventative Maintenance+ Concealment Expert+ Jack of All Trades To get this I would need to get 39 points. Not even possible so let's cap down to maximum level of 19 and 18 points and do some compromises. To get that 18 points I would need 1,171,900 XP. To get to Tier X Shimakaze and have every single DD in the line fully upgraded I would need 912,040 XP. This is equivalent of crew level 17 with 16 points. So here are problems as I see them: 1. It's not possible to have maximum efficiency crew with all skills you would find improving your performance 2. Researching fully tier X DD will not guarantee crew at maximum possible level Additionally to that I would question richness of available skills. If you are in DD or low calibre cruiser there is plenty to chose from but once you advance to bigger guns it starts being problematic and choice is limited. Seems like the whole skill tree is more focused on early tiers or DDs. (Conspiracy theory: can that be WG plan to introduce more skills later and force people to buy doubloons to reassign points?) As a conclusion I would like to propose: 1. Increase maximum crew level to 41 with 40 skill points. 2. Reduce XP mapping for each level so that level 41 will need total 900,000-ish XP. That will match crew development with ship progression so that when one reached tier X crew will be at maximum level. 3. Add more skills for higher calibre guns, ship manoeuvrability etc. 4. An alternative would be to be able to spend free XP on crew, not ships or modules. What do you think?
  11. jimbo_516

    Need some help with new PC

    I'm playing WoWs on Lenovo Yoga 12: i7-5600U, 8 GB RAM, HD5500 and it barely holds the game. I have settings set as per this post http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31597-max-your-fps-on-older-cpu/ which improved things a bit but I'm usually at 10-30 FPS (when there is more than just ocean on the screen). The worst of all is sound that is so corrupted that I often play with sound off. In 50% of cases it's fine but then the sound systems seems to struggle and adds oversteering, breaking and all sorts of problems.
  12. Could you add "Disable the "F Key" Voices" mod to the pack? It would be awesome. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/51531-0501disable-the-f-key-voices/
  13. jimbo_516

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    This topic is soooooooo long I wonder if anyone pointed out that there is fully functional aimbot in the game. When you aim your torps Somehow no one is complaining about it.
  14. jimbo_516

    What would you recommend fellow captains to read?

    I've just finished 'Hell on Keels: The Saga of Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 12' by Rick Desloge. Although not very closely connected with WoWs it's nice read anyway. Now going through the classic 'The Cruel Sea'. if you want something more fictional there is series 'Destroyermen' which is good fun to read too.
  15. jimbo_516

    Destroyers - is 'smoking' it up a selfish habit?

    Can you expand on that please. I mean, do you do long line of smoke and then backtrack, or release smoke and stop? I've learnt recently that once I deploy smoke it's better to slow down but never thought of hiding inside and sitting there. How long you can stay in the position?