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  1. Prem Battle Pass + buying 2 phases. I want more gimmick ships which I rarely play... I bought BP for coal & steel so might as well buy those 2 phases too because dockyard missions will be done just by playing anyways.
  2. Weij0

    CV Spotting

    That's so cute. Se we can choose do we get killed either by a sub or planes, cause we can't just put up a new patrol immediately in case enemy CV just presses a button and recalls planes back to ship. Should I even mention how many ships don't have ASW planes. Maybe they should just tie their depth charges to a balloon or a kite... Also, so nice to have more dual-use stuff. Especially when you have automatized most CV actions (damage con, asw) because, according to your own words; "it was too difficult to players to perform those actions". Yes, pushing a button is hard... for a CV. Rest can handle everything just fine, like using their 'R' key to put out fires/flood or submarine pings and sending ASW planes while steering your ship. Some even manage to fire their guns while doing so. Amazing multi-tasking performance.. But yea, to quote a famous words from Animal Farm; some animals ships are more equal than others...
  3. Weij0

    Your carriercontainer haul

    After getting Brisbane had enough to buy 3 containers and got GZ. I don't play CVs but I always try to get free premiums...
  4. Then that ~6€/mo would be better to spend on doubloons so you can chance xp to freexp... I actually like some series what there are, like Rings of Power, Blacklist, The Boys and ofc Clarkson's farm what aren't on Disney+..
  5. Got her. Other TX options left would have been Plymouth, Austin or Mecklenburg and those don't feel that tempting, Still have 15k steel left.
  6. Weij0

    z-42 release update

    Yeah, but same can be sayed for Elbing too. Z-42 is one of those ships which are strong when allowed to perform its gimmick and when not allowed it's not that fun... so basicly like most of the steel ships..
  7. Weij0

    z-42 release update

    Slam AP into enemy broadside at close range while sitting in a smoke and keeping ships visible with hydro. It's actually pretty good at it. HE otoh, well, same as those german DDs in that other line, nothing to write home about..
  8. Weij0

    Which Streamers/Tubers Float Your Boat?

    Streamers: Flamu, Flambass, Statsbloke, Generaldort, G4ng Youtubers: mostly Jingles
  9. 19, missing Cunnigham. Can't see why I would buy him instead of some coal ships which I want more.. Will get that new one "soon". Then lots of 19-20pt ones.
  10. I expect adjusting happening in 2 weeks.. probably to 2 instead of 3
  11. Weij0

    New IJN Light Cruisers

    Shimanto's turning circle is just slightly smaller than Amagi's, 830m vs 870. At TX, Yodo's turning circle is bigger than Yamato's, 930m vs 900m. So you are certainly right that it turns like a BB.
  12. Weij0

    Languages heard

    Check that you have Voiceover modification: National voiceover+ That '+' is important.
  13. Weij0

    Does not work mod station

    Just re-install it and it works again.
  14. Weij0

    Pirate Santa not unlocking?

    Webpage didn't worked, captain was still locked, but ingame news section worked and I got him.
  15. 16% vs 9% vs 2.5% for ships says me Mega is the one if I need to get lucky. So far: 7 Megas, 2 Bigs, 2 Normals, Prime's 2+2+2 included, Megas: 2 Ships, 80x +800% CommanderXP (4 drops), 20x 160% Credits bonuses (1drop) Bigs: 20x 800% CommanderXP (2 drops) Normal: 3x 2400% FreeXP, (1) 12x 200% ShipXP (1) Ships were Viribus Unitis and Munchen About 12 Megas to go, including Battle Pass rewards. Pls pls pls, Gief Småland... I'll promise to be good and behave if I get that one..