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  1. True! But, through this we know that such a ship tied XP factor exists and from observation (mostly from ranked) we know that the Sims has a pretty high base XP for very little action done in battle. Thus it's quite safe to say that this is not only a correlation but that the high base XP is caused (!) by a high ship tied XP factor. Edit: I made similar observations with the Des Moines (and even Flamu said at least once on his stream that the Des Moines got way more base XP out of a certain game than any other T10 cruiser would've gotten). Greetings
  2. Each ship has it's own XP factor that is part of the input to generate base XP. So: 1. Actions in battle that generate XP * Ship tied XP factor = base XP (the one in the team list of your post battle result screen). 2. Base XP + Modifiers (first win of the day, XP camos and signals, premium time) = overall XP. From observation (!) in the T7 Ranked seasons we had, it became obvious that the Sims has a high (if not the highest) ship tied XP factors of the game. Greetings
  3. Don't forget: China has the game on its own servers by a seperate publisher with a fictional nation for Japan (iirc), so it's quite safe to assume that the Taiwan ships will come as another fictional nation. Greetings
  4. So far in 12 Kidd games I had 1 T10 CV and 1 T6 CV (which didn't attack me at all), so yeah, while it's nice to have it doesn't come to use very often. Unlike her heal. Greetings
  5. The gretest advantage of the Kidd is not its AA (although even a standard USN DD build without AA spec can harm planes), the biggest advantage is the heal when you're knife fighting other DDs. The problem: Once the enemy DDs are down and there's no CV present, the Kidd becomes a pure support ship. A bit spotting here, a bit damage there, a bit team smoking over there. In terms of DMG done she'll probably loose out to the Benson. So yes, while her AA is stronger tier for tier than any other DD, she has drawbacks when carrying a game. Greetings
  6. A few days back I had a similar discussion on reddit. Let me quote myself on this one: Greetings
  7. Yeah saw that on the Minimap. One red DD after the other entered the cap and ended on the bottom. I was a bit unlucky since our Moskva, Roon and I were the only guys to defend C but it worked. Thanks to heal on a DD USS Kidd: Greetings
  8. Greatest achievement today: After 9 battles (6 Wins, 3 Losses) in Squall we ended up in Gale III. Quite a feat for a fun clan like ours. Greetings
  9. Met @lup3s and @Skyllon today whilst testing my USS Kidd. Judging from battle chat our Minotaur was a bit reckless with torps and almost TK'd lup3s. At least that guy apologized in chat.... Greetings
  10. Was bzgl Project Valor / Rettet die Texas gesagt werden muss, dass WG (zumindest NA von EU habe ich noch nichts diesbezüglich gelesen) die Spenden wirklich zu 100% weiterleitet. Das bedeutet auch, dass WG alle Transaktions- und Kreditkartengebühren aus eigener Tasche bezahlt! Nicht selbstverständlich wie ich finde und ein netter Zug. Boyarsky WG Quelle dafür (für NA): @Crysantos Ich vermute mal das gilt für WG EU genauso? Greetings
  11. Hier mal meine Erfahrung aus den ersten 5 Gefechten: Greetings
  12. In LWM's review der Kidd, hat sie eine schöne Übersicht über die Deltas hinsichtlich der Tarnungen geposted: Etwas runter scrollen und man findet: Die Shiratsuyu gleich auf Oder passt da irgendwo was nicht? Greetings
  13. Äh ja, ich wusste doch ich hab aus den Low Tiers was vergessen. Müsste mir die Stealth Werte der Hatsu/Fubuki dann auch nochmal genauer ansehen. Greetings
  14. Exactly. I love my Sims. And from what I've seen on various previews/streams she'll play like a T8 Sims, so yeah she'll be in my port soon. Although I probably won't slot the Smoke Upgrade on her (unlike Benson) since her AA is too good for that... Greetings
  15. Wenn ich meine "Dreckige Gelb Turm" Bismarck öfter ausfahren würde dann würde ich sicherlich auch dazu beitragen dass es weniger als 9 Spieler wären die mit ihr nicht umgehen können. Aber ich mag meine Kreuzer und DDs viel zu sehr und bin zu sehr damit beschäftigt mit T8 Kreuzern T10 Schiffen das leben schwer zu machen Greetings