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  1. servus


    wie kann es eigentlich sein das du einen thread einfach Schließen kannst??

    wer gibt dir diese Berechtigung?

    mit welcher Begründung?

  2. Allied_Winter

    [Der Erklärbär geht von Bord]

    DAS ist mir auch erst aufgefallen als das Video fertig war. Aber ja, dass waren wohl alles Zeichen (wo ist mein Alu-Hut???). Danke und irgendwann mal bestimmt. So ... 2023 oder 2024 ... mit dem übernächsten CV Rework.
  3. Allied_Winter

    [Der Erklärbär geht von Bord]

    So, da ist er also, der Tag an dem der Erklärbär von Bord geht: Danke an alle die dabei gewesen sind! Es hat mir viel Spaß gemacht und ich bin dankbar für die vielen tollen Interaktionen und allen die noch dabei bleiben wünsche ich weiterhin viel Spaß!
  4. Allied_Winter

    Stored containers disappearing.

    No worries, mate. It's just ... over Christmas I have other priorities. Plus, I assumed you pinged me, due to me being a moderator (as this happens quite often), so rather it's my bad that I misread your post. But since Yabba took notice, I assume thing are actually not going as planned and will be looked into. Have a good one.
  5. Allied_Winter

    Stored containers disappearing.

    Goooood morning NothingButTheRain! As much as I feel honored to be the first you thought of who could be of help here, I'm also sorry to disappoint you, cause I'm not. For one, I was on vacation for the last 7 days, so I have absolutely NO idea with regards to the new patch and what has been done to the containers. And second, much more important though, I'm not a WG employee. So, best I can do, is ping WG staff. Though I do assume they are on holiday as well over Christmas. So ... give it some time? Maybe? Best course of action would be to open all containers immediately for now. But that's just my outsiders view (as I've never had more than 5 unopend containers on my account). So: @MrConway or @Crysantos, any light you can shed on this one here?
  6. Allied_Winter

    [Der Erklärbär geht von Bord]

    Nabend. Weg nicht direkt, aber aktuell hab ich nicht so wirklich Zeit für's Videos erstllen. Zumal ja der Kapitänsfertigkeitenrework um die Ecke ist und ich einige Themen in Bezug darauf in der Pipeline hatte. Mal schaun, dieses Jahr dürfte nicht mehr all zu viel kommen.
  7. Allied_Winter

    Statement zu den Weihnachts-Containern

    Ein Beitrag musste bearbeitet werden. Bitte bringt eure Meinungen und Gedanken regelkonform zum Ausdruck. Danke!
  8. Allied_Winter

    Santa containers "rigged": WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    One post had to be edited. Please follow the rules when posting.
  9. You can use the coupons from 0.10.0 onwards according to Sehales/WG:
  10. Allied_Winter

    A "Veterans Corner"

    Keep in mind, that this QnA section does not exist in the German part of the Forum AND serves a different purpose in the German forums. The English is aimed (among the quick question) to also forward interesting Q's to the devs. Afaik it was also intended to have the QnA section only open at times prior to a QnA with the devs. The German one is just a first aid question for basically everything.
  11. Allied_Winter

    Was ist aus den alten CVs geworden?

    Sicher, dass das versprochen wurde? Ich erinnere mich nur daran, dass gesagt wurde: Die ungeraden CVs kommen irgendwann wieder ins Spiel. Wann dieses "Irgendwann" ist, weiß wohl nur WG. Klingt für mich aber auch so, dass WG die nicht einfach nur als zweiten Baum bringen will, der sich exakt gleich spielt. Deshalb ... abwarten und Tee trinken?
  12. Allied_Winter

    A "Veterans Corner"

    I'll poke Tanatoy or Sehales. I can speak only for myself: I have familiarized myself with the tools necessary for moderation. Fixing the forums or making it more user friendly (outside of making sure the rules are easily understandable) on the other hand, well ... I'm just as much as a user as you are. And since I never felt the need for such activity streams, I never really looked into it.
  13. Allied_Winter

    A "Veterans Corner"

    Not necessarilly ... if now a newbie comes in and asks about how the current leveling progress for the low levels (account levels that is) I'd have no friggin clue how that'd work. Too long past my time and in the meantime WG switched a bunch of things around regarding these items. So ... apart from having a general QnA Thread for everybody to attend, I don't see a reason for anything limited. Apart from maybe making it in a way that while everybody can ask, only e.g. QP's can answer (which'd limit the forum quite a bit since we have only so little QP's and wait times for an answer would skyrocket). Uhm... honestly I haven't used this feature since ... ever. You'd have to ask something else for how this works or should work. Didn't even know this's there.
  14. Allied_Winter

    A "Veterans Corner"

    Maybe? But a thread named "Veterans corner" implies something very different from "short question, brief answer - first aid" thread. And frankly, to me - until now - all posts came across as if it should be something for veterans by veterans. If that's not the case though, well ... maybe renamed your thread then, and try again?
  15. Allied_Winter

    A "Veterans Corner"

    In the german section it's not a "Veterans only" thread though. It's mostly all types of forumites that have a short question.