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  1. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    Let me tell you this from an old timer in the forums here: You disagreeing but being respectful earns you quite the amount of respect from the community! At least it does on my part. There are enough players here that come to the forums to complain, you want to help them but they just keep rambling/whining on. So for some forum veterans it's the default state to expect that every new poster that brings up a topic in a more than ranty manner is ... special. Who can blame them? If you find at least 10 posts a week about how week class X is, you tell them it's not, but they keep ignoring it, is quite frustrating after all. Your last sentence is spot on. It's shooty shooty with boats. And it's perfectly ok to seek fun and entertainment, we all do. It's just different things to everybody that make it fun. Yeah ... low tiers are different. Smaller maps, much more fast paced, fast forward action. Equally ok. There are some pretty well designed ships in this game. Italien fleet is somewhat around the corner. Italian cruisers should be one of the four new lines to be introduced this year. And if you search the forums there's somewhere an Austro-Hungarian fan made tech tree. We'll see what WG does with those ships. My bet is we will get a pan european tech tree for smaller nation's naval forces. Greetings
  2. Normandie

    Nothing wrong with that, it's just so different from me, because I double check every screen, every information window ... if I wasn't such a lazy bastard I'd even keep track in a neatly excel sheet about missions and stuff. Mostly because I like to follow a progress over a few weeks. But thanks! Greetings
  3. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    Remember the old Isokaze/Minekaze? That levels... probably. The thing is: +-2 MM isn't nearly as bad as you paint it. I'm inclined to say, that if I could do it, then it shouldn't be that hard to repeat for other players. But I'm also someone that sees it as a challenge to be a Königsberg in a T7 matchup. I get that from your comment that this isn't everybody's cup of tea. Greetings

    Well ... point 4 is interesting. I mean, how is that going to work? A checker implemented in the text chat and if a division doesn't write something they get kicked from the game? Also: If OP has an idea on how to reliably reward team work I think WG is interested in learning from him. Greetings
  5. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    Which would be another point towards the list that the MM change (with protected MM from T1 to T4) was a rather bad idea. If you have +-2 MM right from the get go, you learn different stuff. Iirc the reason why WG introduced the protected MM was to deter sealclubbing (taking a T5 monster and run rampage among T3s). Gretings
  6. Normandie

    Sorry for chiming in, I don't mean to sound condescending in any possible way , I'm just cruious, but ... how? Don't you pay attention to what happens in the post battle resultscreen? Or in your notifications after a battle? Greetings
  7. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    The T5 in a T8 battle thingy aside (apart from a very very strange MM hickup, there is 0 possibilty to land in a T8 battle as a T5 ship), yes you hit a wall when facing T6/T7s. Yes it may be tough, but it's not nearly as unmountanable as it may seem. Especially as a cruiser you're becoming more and more a support ship, so try to play to that fact. Edit: Wait, was the other player a T5 in T8 or were you the T5 in a T8? Greetings
  8. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    Hmmmm thanks for the link. I know about T5 CV protected MM. The thing is, I saw T5 CVs in T8 battles, BUT since I didn't pay attention I can't say if both CVs were in a division (possible) or not (equally possible regarding my memory). Greetings
  9. No BBs don't get better MM, but: There's more of them. It's weekend. Edit: Weekend meaning, that a lot more players are out there trying to play their T10 ships (recalling S_Os comment that EU has the largest T10 population) Try tracking your games over a longer period of time and on weekdays / off hours and see if something changes... Will start tracking myself as soon as I'm free on my schedule. Greetings
  10. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    Got a source for that one? According to the game the top tier ship of a division is responsible for the tiering. @Crysantos can you dig anything up? Greetings
  11. Remember IEarl's story...

    Really a shame. 11 reports and all gone in one battle.... either my nerves are getting thinner or there's simply more idiocy out there. Greetings
  12. Manual drop not working [NOT tier 4-5]

    Okay this is going to be a tale for https://www.reddit.com/r/talesfromtechsupport/ 1. Where did I blame it on the mods? I asked if you had mods installed. Simply because some mods can cause errors. Simple fix (done by you) could've been to uninstall mods and see if the problem is still there. 2. Official Modpack by WG. Don't want to install that? Fine, but don't be surprised if customer support ask you for one. 3. A simple bug report about how exactly the issue came up, what you did while doing so, is somewhat mandatory. But I see, you expect everybody to read your mind about what's going wrong on YOUR END of the game. In that case. Have a nice day, but don't come crying if you won't find any help. Greetings
  13. Manual drop not working [NOT tier 4-5]

    You don't have to record it! That's in the game you just have to activate it via the WG Modpack. Then the game will create a replay file. But if you can't provide basic support information, tell me, how should anyone (including WG support) be able to help you? That's like screaming at the tech hotline that your computer isn't working and when the support guy ask you for additional information you answer: "That's not my job." Geez.... Greetings
  14. Manual drop not working [NOT tier 4-5]

    Still no Screenshot or Replay? Greetings
  15. Repair/Servicing Costs for T8+

    This is intentional. If there'd be no service cost (or lower than previous tiers), nobody would remain in the mid tiers. According to WGs definition of the service cost. Service cost are independent from you taking damage or not, so there is little reason to conserve your health if a battle is surely to be lost. In that case charge and try to dish out as hard as you could. Greetings