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  1. Isnt the problem unfair exp distribution between classes? Xmen has a good win rate and ok ave dmg (only 7 players per team) but exp is not that good. In a dd you often get higher exp even if you suck. A BB has to be great to end up on top. That said, ranked mode is super dependent on dd caping and BB tanking that I choose those classes to be sure that at least one in the team is doing their job.
  2. Sterbu1

    [0.5.5] Free "Captain Skill Reset" for IJN DDs T8-10?

    Its contraproduvtive not giving resets, since a lot of people wont play the 6,4km torps if they took speedboost (which is what they were trying to change).
  3. Sterbu1

    Premium ships, new players and rage

    I get what you are trying to do, but you are missing out on a lot of fun! Trust me, tier 8 or tier 4, not much difference except bigger egos. Get out there and play the tirpitz like a baws, you cant do it wrong(except sniping from 21km, if you do that then its even more sad than not playing her).
  4. Sterbu1

    Tirpitz Owners :)

    And why shouldnt you? All this crying about noobs buying ships really bore me. Xerkics is right, they make the game survive.
  5. Sterbu1

    Worst Loss Ever!

    Arkansas beta 174k dmg mustve been a massive slaugther. My best dmg game was also a loss, 225k with kagero. But high dmg doesnt mean good teamplay. In my case it was just torping two yamatos and a Montana totally without punity cause they went up without support on my flank when all my teammates where dead. Their cruisers capped from the other side. High damage but too late.
  6. Sterbu1

    Now THIS is close-quarter combat! :)

    He played nagato. I agree, if it were NC I would also be impressed.
  7. Sterbu1

    Next batch of ships?

    I want a tier 8 USN premium ship. We have Atago, MK, Tirpitz. Even Korea has a tier 8 premium. Usn has Sims (meh), Saipan (CV double meh) Edit: but thats tier 7.end of Edit Any good candidates? Buffed Cleveland-class would be much like the MK. North Dakota-class?
  8. Sterbu1

    What do you think of the Kirov

    I just met you in a murmansk didnt i? I had the kirov, we exchanged a volley or two and then your team rolled over ours. Kirovs firechance must be good, its just so fragile and everyone knows it, u get superfocused. Its like sailing the pensacola/konigsberg with discolights, everyone shoots you.
  9. Sterbu1

    What do you think of the Kirov

    Hate it. Mostly get stomped early. But then again New Mexico is my favourite ship (great armor, shotgun, yolo) which is the opposite of Kirov I suppose. Im probably doing it wrong.
  10. Sterbu1

    What's your favorite BB?

    Tirpitz, cause you nerver have to hesitate. Often gets your teammates to tag along for a push. And New Mex, because I once rofl-stomped a fuso, warspite and nagato-cluster at 10km, which says it all.
  11. Sterbu1

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    I see you play USn dds and thats your experience. I play ijn dds and my experience is stay far from USn/ru dds. I fear them, both tier ix and x. ROF will melt you. And at that lvl Ijn has to fear torps as well. But i cant speak for every Shimacaptain, havent met anyone that charges other nations dds alone yet though. When taken by surprise the guns are good, but not yologood. When playing ranked with fubuki(before hp-skill came) I killed a few bensons that way, cause I always had the advantage of spotting them first. But now I rather not engage USn dds if not forced.
  12. Sterbu1

    Is the Tier 6 Budyonny the new king?

    I think point 2 is valid, probably a risk for biased stats now considering grinders have it and the average playerbase havent researched it yet. Its probably a good ship for tier but we will have to wait a while longer for confermation.
  13. Lol, would like to see a replay of that lost game...
  14. Sterbu1

    Q&A stream next week - send me your questions

    Yeah, like many before me said. Really nice form of Q&A. Would love to see this again.
  15. Sterbu1

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    Its probably not a fun game for dds either.