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  1. ToTheMetal

    this is why the mogami rules

    76k damage isn't exactly what I'd call "carry"
  2. ToTheMetal

    Some interesting info around the world

    The question was about RN ship lines, not individual premiums.Again, the linked post, 2nd response (2nd quote) does confirm that RN comes this autumn in some way or form.
  3. ToTheMetal

    Some interesting info around the world

    I'm pretty sure I've heard from some dev stream that the next line definitely won't be CLs.Although I've heard that another line is planned to be released this summer and I guess that would be German BBs
  4. ToTheMetal

    Some interesting info around the world

    No clairification. Some british ships approximately in the autumn.
  5. ToTheMetal

    Clan Recruitment: Tora Tora Tora!

    Hmmm. I'd like to play a couple of battles with ya and see if I want to commit. Here's a short overview of myself: USN DDs abuser, Atago and Atlanta owner, playing the game since August 2015 (although mostly episodically until ~February 2016). Ships I own: Out of eligible ones would be Atago, Benson (and potentially Atlanta), not many, I know. Some IRL info: Fluent English speaker, 19 years old, slothful uni student. Playing games since the age of 8 I have quite some experience with lots of different games and I'm overall pretty competitive player. Here's my WarshipsToday profile: https://warships.today/player/529886123/eu/ToTheMetal Be sure to drop me a message (or reply here) if you'd like to put me through my paces!
  6. ToTheMetal

    Dragon Kings now Recruiting [EU 18+]

    Is there a way to play with you guys without actually enlisting? Kinda get to know who you are and if it's worth my time?
  7. Тему скорее всего пидорнут, ибо ветка форума англоязычная
  8. ToTheMetal

    [GNBAerroon] Week 2: Guide Contest + Replay Contest

    Can I submit a guide in .doc format? I feel like the number of symbols restriction won't be enough to cover everything.
  9. ToTheMetal

    Alanta buffs ?

    Replace Atlanta with the Juneau (her sistership). Juneau had better armor (comparable with Cleveland afaik). That would be a good start, at least you won't get hit for 600 with every American 5 inch shell.
  10. ToTheMetal

    Atlanta and her position in the game

    Yeah I've read that. Turret buff isn't gonna help her by any means.Why isn't smoke gonna be OP? As I said: torps. Atlanta takes way too much time to speed up and maneuver if there are torps coming. Moreover unlike american DDs she's much bigger so she's gonna be much more vulnerable to blind fire. Not to mention you need to get into range of your guns, pop smoke and hope the enemy won't just leave the range of your guns in next 15 seconds.
  11. ToTheMetal

    Atlanta and her position in the game

    Yes. This is one of those "I've bought an Atlanta and it sucks" threads. But first of all I have almost 100 battles with it and score 1.8k WTR with it with 1.6k account average. So I do have a pretty good idea of what ship is and what it's capable of. Following the Warships Today statistics the Atlanta has lowest average damage and winrate among all tier 7 cruisers. (Yes, less than Pensacola and Yorck which are notorious for being huge piles of garbage) http://warships.today/vehicle/4288591856/eu/Atlanta What's even worse is that she scores less average damage than every single tier 5 cruiser with the only exception of Furutaka. http://warships.today/vehicle/4289640432/eu/Omaha How good is that? It's pretty terrible. Especially accounting that people actually pay money for it. (And I wouldn't say that the amount is insignificant) What's even more interesting about it is that now we have the Kutuzov, which is basically Atlanta 2.0 but a tier higher and with a smoke screen. And it does everything poor Atlanta is able to do but better. Well, I guess most are well aware of what Atlanta's weaknesses are: terrible arc and shell travel time with poor firing range, non-existent armour, CA maneuverability with a survivability of a stale DD, barely existent torpedoes. Speaking of arc it may be an advantage in some cases but most of the times I either run into 400 meters tall islands that block absolutely any fire or an annoying old bug which sometimes doesn't allow to shoot with proper elevation while you're locked on a target behind the island but because vision is obstructed and you have to aim at island. Disregarding the target I'm locked on shells often fly into an island because the scope is at them. Speaking of advantages: odds aren't in their favour: it's solid AA and good firerate perfect for killing DDs. That's it. What does the mix of those pros and cons mean? The Atlanta right now is absolutely unable to deal any considerable damage unless the opponents are basically braindead and/or distracted. Why did I mention Kutuzov before? It has a smoke screen. It's very similar to Atlanta: lots of guns that are small and fire relatively fast, but with a much better range. I do understand it's tier higher but as we've seen before Atlanta realistically worths tier 5, not 7. So what's the main problem? There's too few cases in which Atlanta is actually able to deal damage. You need to get close (11km) to have some hope of hitting your target unless it moves away in which case you need to get even closer. You need to somehow avoid opponent's fire because 2 citadels from a BB put you down. You need to somehow get close to the destroyers to kill them. You need to.... And what do you get in return? Yes, you may be lucky to pick off multiple DDs in the game. Yes you may be lucky to deal some damage to battleships and set them on fire if you're even luckier (5% base fire chance gets decreased to actual 1.5-3% depending on your target and her mods). How to fix it? Give Atlanta smoke screen. Or better range and firing arc. You may now be like "I've had enough of invis DDs firing at me, I don't want Atlanta to do the same". I do get it. But as an Atlanta driver I may assure you: if there's a singe torpedo spread coming yout way while you're in smoke there's no way you're not taking at least a single torp. Moreover Kutuzov has only 1 base smoke charge which gets boosted to 3 which may still not be enoguh for a 20 min long game. Would that be OP? Not really. Would it make Atlanta more reliabe and consistent and would it take the feeling of "looks like I just got scammed" from those who own it? Yes.
  12. ToTheMetal

    Buff Atago dpm and range

    Well I dunno if you're able to handle Atlanta Atago shouldn't be a big issue for you.
  13. ToTheMetal

    Buff Atago dpm and range

    Have you ever tried Atlanta? If not yet once you do I'll get that Atago is not the worst premium option out there.
  14. ToTheMetal


    Atlanta definitely deserves some kind of a buff. She's 1 out of 2 high tier premiums that are supposed to make money and the only american one. The problem is that she doesn't. She's too inconsistent when it comes to dealing damage cause she may just not be able to. She has poor range with insanely high shell arch, poor mobility, poor survivability and doesn't have any consumables thay could cure those downsides. She's a good ship to have due to her AA capabilities but she's an insanley bad ship to make money with. I'd personally not mind trading off a portion of my AA in return for increased firing range and/or smoke screen. I'd really like to see some love about her. She's an awesome ship but has too high risk yet not very high reward.