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  1. DreiFiddy

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Please stop removing mechanics that allow good players to outplay bad ones.
  2. DreiFiddy

    Gameplay is now a joke

    The sad part is it's getting worse, and Wargaming have shown ZERO interest in changing it. If anything it's the opposite. Brand new accounts are being given Tier 8 rentals before they even make it to tier 3, Tier 8 premiums being sold cheaper than ever. Meanwhile they are given zero tutorials on how the game works and how to not be completely terrible, resulting in a frustrating experience for everyone involved except Wargamings financial department. I barely even play randoms now unless it's the odd game with clan mates. I log in, but can't bring myself to hit the 'Battle' button because I know there is a large chance I am going to finish it annoyed and frustrated, so I just log out again. If I do play alone it's just seal clubbing in the Clemson because going 1v12 has a much higher success rate at Tier 4 than it does at Tier 10, and it also means I don't have to worry about having premium time or spending any money at all.
  3. DreiFiddy

    Thoughts on the stock DM range?

    I've never felt the need to run range mod on DM, if your are positioned correctly the range isn't an issue.
  4. DreiFiddy

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    It's not time gated you could do it all on the day it released if you wanted to. Even at a modest average of 1500 base XP, it's 34 games, over a 2 week period. The other parts are not difficult to do with the amount of flags and camo's wargaming throw at us.
  5. DreiFiddy

    Is snap shooting/quick scoping with ijn bbs better?

    You have to do a 360 first.
  6. DreiFiddy

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Broke my damage record with the Yamato. Naturally it was a defeat, but was still highest XP in the game.
  7. DreiFiddy

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    I've largely just played Grozovoi since the change (I still need to grind the module anyway) Battleships are helpless, due to grozovoi having a heal I can rush a battleship with close to zero risk (providing they don't have a cruiser sitting next to them), and their potshots when I'm gunboating at 14km are harmless.
  8. DreiFiddy

    Clan Battles: "North" Season - Discussion Thread

    Yes, it starts today, in 5 hours and 56 minutes from the time of my post.
  9. Greetings Captains. We are Bring Your Own Booze [BYOB], we have members from all over Europe and communicate in English. We are looking to recruit some skilled and reliable players for Clan Battles to replace AWOL players and those who can no longer commit to playing every CB session on a regular basis. Last season we finished in Typhoon 1 scoring regular wins against Hurricane clans on our way there. But this season we find ourselves slightly short of players who are good enough to be comfortable getting back to Typhoon and push for Hurricane. We are especially interested in people who are comfortable playing DD (YueYang/Gearing/Z-52) and the BB position would be opened up for the right player. That said, we are mainly just looking for proficient players who own a range (5+) of viable CB ships, and are willing to play full CB sessions on a regular basis. We understand that people have lives outside of the game, and missing some CB sessions is unavoidable, but those who are present regularly will be given priority to play. Stats will be looked at, they are not an exact science, but there is undeniably a difference between a 48% player and a 58% player. The core of our CB team are Rank 1 players in the 55-60% range. Outside of Clan Battles there are no specific requirements of being in the clan, regularly playing Clan Battles is more than enough of a commitment. Our CB players do regularly division up for randoms, but you would never be required to join them, and you will never be required to be on voice comms for anything outside of Clan Battles. We generally use TS3 for Clan battles communication, but we also have a Discord server and optional Whatsapp group for shitposting and Gal Gadot gifs if that's your kind of thing. Anyone who is interested can contact me in game or with a PM here. I also use Steam and discord if you prefer that, but you will need to PM your info for those.
  10. DreiFiddy

    Constant game crashes

    Getting this multiple times per day also (every 10-15 battles or so)
  11. DreiFiddy

    Giulio Cesare - something wrong in 0.7.0

    You can penetrate a main gun, do 0 damage, and also not actually knock the gun out, a 0 damage penetration on a gun is not a 100% chance to disable it. I haven't played my GC since the patch went live, so there may be still something wrong. but the post battle screen can be misleading when it comes to 0 damage penetrations.
  12. Hi, I'm looking to join a clan with the aim of playing competitively in some form, be it clan wars, tournaments or whatever. https://wows-numbers.com/player/529883477,DreiFiddy/ I use Steam daily so that won't be an issue. cheers.
  13. Not sure if this should be here or in Q&A so sorry if it's in the wrong place. The mission United we stand (15k base xp) for the Germany Reunited! weekend was listed as once per day, the other once per day missions have all reset when I logged in, but this one had not. Was this supposed to be once per account and is just a typo in the mission announcement (https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/together-forever/) or am I missing something. Also says once per day in the in-game news section.
  14. DreiFiddy

    [Premium Shop] Storm Wind Camo

    Mods are incredibly easy to install, just use one that removes all camo's. Problem solved.