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  1. DreiFiddy

    BUG? Selling items is NOT redacted from price

    On the off chance you don't have enough to cover the whole module upfront you can just right click and sell the first module directly from the ship and then mount the other. Would be nicer if it worked as you were expecting but it's hardly a major issue.
  2. DreiFiddy

    CV: skip the attack animation HOWTO?

    Mouse 1 by default
  3. DreiFiddy

    What ship for coal and for free xp

    Alaska probably the best FXP ship available IMO followed closely by Friesland/Smaland.
  4. DreiFiddy

    Players still able to exploit borders

    People would just use it to suicide as soon as a game doesn't go exactly how they want it to. Similar to water in World of Tanks.
  5. DreiFiddy

    Restore the glory of torpedos, make Shima great again

    Shima is fine the line just has a decently high skill ceiling. It seems to attract bad players too, I guess they start with BBs then think IJN DDs are OP because they eat torpedoes constantly. Whenever I see no camo non-SE DDs it's almost always this IJN DD line.
  6. DreiFiddy

    blacklist? what the [edited]is that?

    Their only solution is to clear your blacklist which I'm not going to do
  7. DreiFiddy

    T10 Wallet Warrior Rant

    Those stats aren't even bad, I've seen people with thousands of battles with much much worse. They also have experience of T10 with that many Tirpitz games.
  8. DreiFiddy

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Please stop removing mechanics that allow good players to outplay bad ones.
  9. DreiFiddy

    Gameplay is now a joke

    The sad part is it's getting worse, and Wargaming have shown ZERO interest in changing it. If anything it's the opposite. Brand new accounts are being given Tier 8 rentals before they even make it to tier 3, Tier 8 premiums being sold cheaper than ever. Meanwhile they are given zero tutorials on how the game works and how to not be completely terrible, resulting in a frustrating experience for everyone involved except Wargamings financial department. I barely even play randoms now unless it's the odd game with clan mates. I log in, but can't bring myself to hit the 'Battle' button because I know there is a large chance I am going to finish it annoyed and frustrated, so I just log out again. If I do play alone it's just seal clubbing in the Clemson because going 1v12 has a much higher success rate at Tier 4 than it does at Tier 10, and it also means I don't have to worry about having premium time or spending any money at all.
  10. DreiFiddy

    Thoughts on the stock DM range?

    I've never felt the need to run range mod on DM, if your are positioned correctly the range isn't an issue.
  11. DreiFiddy

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    It's not time gated you could do it all on the day it released if you wanted to. Even at a modest average of 1500 base XP, it's 34 games, over a 2 week period. The other parts are not difficult to do with the amount of flags and camo's wargaming throw at us.
  12. You have to do a 360 first.
  13. Broke my damage record with the Yamato. Naturally it was a defeat, but was still highest XP in the game.
  14. DreiFiddy

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    I've largely just played Grozovoi since the change (I still need to grind the module anyway) Battleships are helpless, due to grozovoi having a heal I can rush a battleship with close to zero risk (providing they don't have a cruiser sitting next to them), and their potshots when I'm gunboating at 14km are harmless.